Can someone please hide Trump’s phone or change his Twitter password?  I guess he does not understand what a solar eclipse is does he?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, temporarily blocking the light necessary for life itself.  It is only temporary and the sunlight returns to continue the circle of life.

Using the logic of his retweet shown above, Trump is claiming that he is temporarily blocking the life-sustaining light that Obama provided to the world and will move out of the way so that Obama can continue to shine.  In other words, Obama is the light and life giving while Trump is dark and void of life.  SMDH…

I could continue on and on with this, but I imagine that you get the picture.  If anything else, this meme is poking fun of Trump more than it makes him great.  As Trump has posted and retweeted numerous things that have done the same, I doubt that he recognizes how much he demeans himself on social media.

Will someone in DC please fight to save America and destroy that phone or change the Twitter password?  Please???



Because sometimes, posts just write themselves…

That’s cold.  That’s also funny.  🙂


The Urban Dictionary was quickly updated.  Folks don’t play around with humor.

Doggone it Joe!!!  You’ve really gone too far with the practical jokes now.

You too Bill???  C’mon man.

We are all covfefe now.  Thanks Obama…

Kudos George.  I’m sure the twins will get covfefe scholarships to cover their college educations.

Geez, now we’ve opened up a portal for wizards and stuff.  Destruction of the world in 3.. 2… 1…

Sorry Tiger, you have to use covfefe in moderation and under strict guidelines from your primary doctor.

Yes you do.  You’ve come close to breaking Twitter today.  Thanks for the laughs.

Bless their hearts

Going into the first full week of the Trump Era in America, I think I know what Trump’s job creation strategy will be.  He and his administration is going to create unheard of job growth in the media field if for nothing more than publications having to hire mass amounts of fact checkers to deal with the onslaught of “alternative facts” that seem to appear from thin air.

When I first heard that term alternative facts, I had one of those WTF moments complete with the head twist like dogs do when they see something interesting.  Facts are facts.  There is no alternative to them.  They exist or they don’t.

This whole issue came because of the new press secretary trying to defend his boss’ ego by claiming the inauguration was attended by far more people than actually were there.  There was no reason to lie about it.  The inauguration was on TV.  When the POTUS has an ego so frail that he has to lie about any and everything, it doesn’t set a good precedent for his term, especially considering we haven’t made it a full week into the four years yet.

From the inauguration speech to his address at the CIA, President Trump is setting himself up for four years of defending the most miniscule crap that he shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with.  Who cares how many people attended your inauguration?  You are not the most popular president in history, not by a long shot.  If you keep acting the way you do, you won’t become more popular than you are now.

I really want to give this president the same respect as I did the two previous that I served under.  However, I don’t trust people who are habitual liars.  Without trust, there is no respect.  Period.  I will always respect the office, but I don’t have to respect the person sitting behind the desk to show respect to the office they hold.

If we can’t get the administration to be honest about the most ordinary of things, what do we do if/when a crisis occurs and they’re responsible for telling us what is going on?  When the press secretary can’t tell an honest fact and has to spin a tale based on alternative facts, the administration should expect for the press to call them on it.  If you spread manure on a plowed field, you can’t complain about the stench afterwards.

I sincerely hope the media doesn’t cower to the threats of intimidation and other schemes to manipulate stories.  We need a strong press to keep fact separated from fiction.  If not, we risk falling for lies and misdeeds and allowing bad things to happen without any repercussions.  At the same time, the media doesn’t need to try to over hype things just to sell ad space.  This administration appears to be one that will be great for the for-profit media as well as the rest of the press.

I purposefully tried to unplug over the past few days, just to spend time with family away from electronics and such.  When you see those closest to you suffering from anxiety over the unknown, you have to do those kinds of things to ensure that they’re okay to function.  If the next four years are anyway like the past few days have been, we’re all going to need to take care of ourselves and others to stay sane and avoid being screwed over.

Paging Mr. Pot to the meeting room

Oh my goodness.  I don’t intend to spend the next four years talking about Trump, but I honestly wish someone within his circle of influence will remove any and every piece of technology that has access to Twitter from his reach.  I don’t follow Twitter, but it’s hard to not know what’s going on when the President-elect has diarrhea of the fingers on a regular basis.

Today, he decided to lash out at the intelligence community and the media about the allegations made against him in regards to Russia having potential blackmail information on him.

I’m guessing that either he has Alzheimer’s or he has completely forgotten about his own adventures in phony allegations.  As I seem to recall, he’s Tweeted and spewed false and phony allegations in the past himself.

“I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding,”-Donald J. Trump to Meredith Viera on NBC April 7, 2011

On top of that, there’s his penchant for firing off tweets, many of which involved President Obama’s birth certificate.  Salon has compiled a list of all his birther tweets.  Looking at the list, something tells me that it is not 100% inclusive, but I’ll have to go with them as that’s the most comprehensive list I’ve seen.

Given how Trump himself has fanned the flames of ludicrous, incendiary, and patently false information, I have no sympathy for him if or when people return serve to him.  He had loads of fun poking at President Obama, but now he’s in the hot seat himself.  It’s his turn to be the center of attention, both good and bad.  I personally believe in the adage that you get what you give.  He’s flung fecal matter at others for years, so it’s only right that he gets it flung back at him.

Enjoy yourself Trump.  You deserve all the ridicule that you get.  One word of advice for you, though.  Learn to respect people and treat them with respect.  Otherwise, it’s only going to go downhill from here.  You haven’t even taken the oath of office yet, and you already appear to be on your way to stroking out of office.  Money can buy many things, but it doesn’t buy class or respect.  Even being president only gets you so much in respect.  Think about how you and others treated President Obama while he was in office.  It’s your turn.  I hope you’re ready.

Let’s be honest…

18 U.S. Code § 2331: From the Legal Information Institute website

18 U.S. Code § 2331: From the Legal Information Institute website

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado.  I’ve seen people trying to blame the entire pro-life movement for the actions of the one person.  I’ve also seen the pro-life movement trying to avoid being painted because of the actions of a single person.  Personally, I see this as one of those examples of the “chickens coming home to roost” for lack of a better phrase.

I mean, if all Muslims have to disavow extremists who act out in the name of Islam or else they’re considered terrorists themselves or sympathizers…

If Black Lives Matters has to protest every single instance of Black-on-Black violence, ignoring their focus on the treatment of Blacks by the justice system, or they’re branded as troublemakers, thugs, or racial animosity stirrers…

Then, Pro-Lifers who refuse to address the extremism within their own movement, address it in public, and disavow it at every opportunity as all other groups are being asked to do, then the Pro-Life movement is responsible for each and every single act of domestic terrorism targeted towards providers and patients at women’s health care centers.

Point blank.  Own it.

When you constantly stir up emotions in people using over-the-top rhetoric, you should expect people to act out aggressively in response to that.  When you constantly tweak people’s emotions in order to influence political decisions, you should be ready for people who are going to respond to your tweaking.

By the definition above (18 U.S. Code § 2331), which is US law, the shooting in Colorado was an act of domestic terrorism.  Refusing to call it that is a refusal to acknowledge the role we play in fostering such an environment where these acts happen.  It’s not like this is the first or even the second time such an incident has happened.

Bryn Greenwood posted tweets on Twitter about her experiences at working at a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Even though one of the clinics where she worked did not provide abortion services, they were still targeted by extremists from the pro-life movement as though they did.  One only has to say the words Planned Parenthood to get a reaction from some people.

I don’t generally post about abortion or my views on it because of the negative attention that comes with merely mentioning the word Abortion.  However, as a Christian, I feel that I have to speak out against the acts and threats perpetrated on fellow Americans.

If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one, don’t visit a clinic that offers them, and don’t pay for someone else to have one.  That’s your right.  That’s your choice.  At the same time, you have no right to stop any other red-blooded American for exercising their right to privacy and right to choose for themselves.

I don’t think the words “pro-life” and “pro-choice” accurately define the current “sides” in the abortion debate.  We should call them “pro-criminalization” and “pro-freedom” because that’s what their arguments basically boil down to.  If you don’t want abortions to be legal as they currently are, then you want them to become a criminal act, punishable by jail time or whatever.  If you want people to have the ability to choose for themselves, then you advocate for women (and men) to have the freedom to decide for themselves.

If you want to know my personal views, I wouldn’t ask or force my wife to have an abortion.  I’m not going to force any other woman to have an abortion OR carry a child to term either.  If you want to truly cut down on the number of aborted births, then you do that by educating people on all the choices they have to make in regards to health and family planning.  Whether you decide to go the abstinence or contraception route, preventing a pregnancy also prevent an abortion.

If you advocate cutting off funds and funding to clinics that work to prevent pregnancies, are you really trying to cut down on the number of abortions?

Something to ponder…