Because sometimes, posts just write themselves…

That’s cold.  That’s also funny.  🙂


The Urban Dictionary was quickly updated.  Folks don’t play around with humor.

Doggone it Joe!!!  You’ve really gone too far with the practical jokes now.

You too Bill???  C’mon man.

We are all covfefe now.  Thanks Obama…

Kudos George.  I’m sure the twins will get covfefe scholarships to cover their college educations.

Geez, now we’ve opened up a portal for wizards and stuff.  Destruction of the world in 3.. 2… 1…

Sorry Tiger, you have to use covfefe in moderation and under strict guidelines from your primary doctor.

Yes you do.  You’ve come close to breaking Twitter today.  Thanks for the laughs.


13 thoughts on “#Covfefe

    • I completely understand and agree. I try to avoid doing anything significant using my phone because I’m more prone to mistakes when using the touch screen keyboard. I can’t begin to tell how many misspelled words come up as auto-complete on my phone because of this.


  1. Covfefe is actually an acronym, but there is some dispute among scholars as to what it is an acronym for. Here are some possibilities:

    A communication during the period of colonialism in Africa, from someone who was seeking verification for his claims about a battle:
    “Can’t observers verify French Equatorial fire exchange?”

    An advertising slogan for some tourist trap:
    Come over vacationers, find everything for everyone.

    A list of categories Trump may belong to or may wish to belong to:
    Con-men overlords victimizers fraudsters extroverts fanatics extremists.

    Someone’s description of Trump:
    Comatose obnoxious vilifying fabricating egomaniacal foe emerges.

    Some scholars think this list is inadequate and have solicited additional suggestions from the public.

    I haven’t seen anybody explain how they know the language involved is English.


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