Because sometimes, posts just write themselves…

That’s cold.  That’s also funny.  🙂


The Urban Dictionary was quickly updated.  Folks don’t play around with humor.

Doggone it Joe!!!  You’ve really gone too far with the practical jokes now.

You too Bill???  C’mon man.

We are all covfefe now.  Thanks Obama…

Kudos George.  I’m sure the twins will get covfefe scholarships to cover their college educations.

Geez, now we’ve opened up a portal for wizards and stuff.  Destruction of the world in 3.. 2… 1…

Sorry Tiger, you have to use covfefe in moderation and under strict guidelines from your primary doctor.

Yes you do.  You’ve come close to breaking Twitter today.  Thanks for the laughs.

To prejudge or not, that is the question

My wife sent me a link to this video prank a while back.  I think it goes beyond just a mere prank and shows more about how we interact with each other.  The group’s name is Linkin’ Bridge, and they have their own Facebook page for those interested in their music.

By instinct, we all tend to fear the unknown.  When we don’t interact with each other, we tend to fear those we don’t interact with.  It doesn’t matter whether the group is Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish, rich, poor, or whatever other demographic group you wish to put there.  It’s natural and a hard instinct to overcome without working hard to override it.

Maybe, just maybe, people will see these videos and realize there’s more to people than what we see on the outside.  Until you know what’s under that visible layer, you don’t know if a person is a friend or foe, harmless or a threat.  If we treat everyone as a threat, then we end up running the risk of actually turning them into a threat by alienating them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy Kwanza, or Happy Holidays to whatever holiday you celebrate.  If you don’t celebrate any, then have a great day and I wish all the best of what’s left of this year and all of next year as well.

Don’t mess with the meter maids

I came across this prank video, and I got a good laugh from it.  I’m still in a good place after my trip, and I refuse to deal with any hard, thought-provoking issues right now.

So, I’ll post this one here.  Sometime this week, I’ll see if there’s any photos from the trip that I can post here without revealing family or friends.  I may address the Confederate Battle flag issue as well.  Who knows?

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh.

Thanks Geico… seriously

If there was ever a way to sum up my opinion of the American political landscape and mindset, Geico just hit a grand slam.

If you listen to the political yammering from the yapping nutsacks, that commercial deftly explains our penchant for hunting for a scapegoat instead of actually looking to see how/if we’re contributing to the problem ourselves.

Kansas has a budget deficit, it’s Obama’s fault for not creating jobs.  The budget shortfall has nothing to do with huge cuts to taxes, you know, the taxes that make up the funding of the budget in Kansas.  Likewise, the same thing plays out everywhere else.

Thank you Geico, for both the nonstop laughter in my house as well as shining a light on political discourse in America even though I don’t think the latter was your intent.

Apology to Coach Saban and the Crimson Tide Nation

We won’t get to show this one off in Walmart thanks to me.

Last night’s loss wasn’t fun to watch.  I had faith that the Crimson Tide would win the game until I came to a realization during the 2nd quarter.  That realization is why I think I owe everyone an apology, and here’s why.

In 2008, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world.  My daughter and I watched football all fall and cheered for the Tide all they way until January 1st.  The bowl game that year was the Sugar Bowl, and the Tide lost to the Utah Utes 31-17.

I didn’t think anything about the loss that year other than it was not the way that I wanted to see the season end.  The next year, we came back and won the first of 3 national titles in 4 years.  All was well once again in the world, and things were as they should be.

The 2013 season saw us lose to Auburn with the field goal attempt returned for at touchdown at the very end of the Iron Bowl.  That loss ended our attempt at trying to win three championships in a row, but we still got an invite to the Sugar Bowl.  Early in 2013, my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world, and she watched football alongside daddy all fall just as the first daughter did.  We are a football family, and Saturday and Sunday means football in our home.  On January 1, 2014, the Tide lost to Oklahoma, giving us two losses to end the season just as we did in 2008.

I was thinking that the 2014 fall season would see us come back and win another championship just as we rebounded from the 2009 Sugar Bowl loss.  Once again, I didn’t make the connection between Alabama, the Sugar Bowl, and Brosephus.

In late 2014 with the football season in high gear, my wife and I welcomed our third child into the world.  It’s a boy!!!  He watched football between naps and feedings, and we were all stoked to watch Alabama play on January 1st in the Sugar Bowl.  This was the first year of the playoffs, and I remember watching Alabama beat Miami in the first bowl coalition championship game on that same field on January 1, 1993.  I just knew that history would repeat again with the Tide claiming another first.

Well, history did repeat again, and the Tide came up short in the Superdome, losing another Sugar Bowl.

If you haven’t noticed the connection yet, then I’ll explain why I’m apologizing.  I know who’s fault it is, and it is the fault of the wang.  Every time my wife and I welcome a child into the world, the Crimson Tide loses the Sugar Bowl.  Therefore, I apologize to the Crimson Tide Nation and Coach Saban for not realizing the power I contain within my loins.  Now that I understand this power, I will use it for good and not for evil.  I will retire the wang and not cause any further Sugar Bowl losses.

My bad…