What if…

Screenshot of the WSBTV app @ 3:21pm 7/11/21

After watching the GOP evolve (devolve depending on your perspective) into a hard right authoritarian party, I’ve convinced myself there are two types of conservatives. There are the puppeteers consisting of groups like the Federalist Society, Fox News and others. Then, there are the puppets which is basically everyone else. This specific grouping is a topic for another post, but kinda relevant to the scenario that just popped into my head.

While sitting on my back deck and enjoying a summer breeze, I logged into the app pictured above, and that’s the image that greeted me. Notice the top 3 stories AND the red banner? Yeah, I did to. That got the gears in my head to spinning at about 12,000rpm, well beyond the redline of 10,000rpm. *(Just glad that I didn’t burn my brain down in the process…)

Anyway, travel with me along this high heat induced scenario for a while.

The GOP has been playing the long game for decades when it comes to ushering in their dream conservative utopia in America. We’ve seen the Southern Strategy employed. We’ve seen Newt Gingrich and others literally break the government and how it functions. We’ve even witnessed what could be described as a practice coup attempt. But what if this all has been a well coordinated, well thought out strategy from the beginning?

Conservatives love their guns, right? We’ve seen through statistical analysis that more guns leads to more gun violence. Yet, conservatives have been gaslighting Americans about this for decades now. “An armed society is a polite society” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Look at how we respond to gun violence today. There’s so much of it that it doesn’t even trigger much of any response from the public. We just accept it and move on.

In addition to gun violence, we’ve become apathetic towards government corruption. The previous administration was arguably one four year long stream of corruption depending on who you ask. We were thrown from one issue to the next without ever getting to the bottom of any one thing via thorough investigation. Six months after an insurrection against the Constitution, we have yet to see a single enabler held to account. And, we just continue on living like this is perfectly acceptable.

Next, there has been a string of court rulings made by Federalist judges and others that have potentially set the table for the scenario I thought of. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the Voting Rights Act turned into just an act. There have been other rulings that have been setting the table for the conservative utopia as well from LGBTQ, police enforcement, and other issues.

One ruling that kinda disappeared but plays a major role in my scenario was the border emergency ruling that favored Trump. Remember that one? The SCOTUS basically allowed the president to appropriate funds for building a border wall when the Constitution states that is a responsibility of the House of Representatives. With that precedent, a sitting president can claim any emergency and appropriate funding for his/her declared emergency no matter what Congress does.

So, let’s get to this scenario:

It’s 2024, the next presidential election cycle. In 2022, Democrats lost Congress because of state election laws that were upheld by the SCOTUS. Failing to enact federal legislation on election saw a conservative rout in 2022 at the all levels, local, state, and federal. Now, the #3 person in the line of presidential succession is a hard core member of the GOP.

Now, 2024 has the look of a make-or-break election for Democrats. Through some major miracle, Democrats manage to somehow retain the WH and gain a few seats in Congress but not enough to flip either house. Conservatives are incensed that Dems managed to hang on and immediately start the accusations of voter fraud.

Now, the disaster starts unfolding before our very eyes. States begin to overturn the election results and declare the GOP won because of fraud. Democrats appeal to the SCOTUS which obviously rules in favor of the GOP. This leads to nationwide protests in December and January.

So, we end up on the day of January 6th again. Nationwide protests have now become centered on Washington DC for obvious reasons as everyone is anticipating the GOP tactics. What nobody anticipated was the following.

As the EC certification process goes off the rails as expected, the FBI receives a threat they deem as highly credible and evacute the VP and others while also locking down the WH. The threat is investigated and implicates the president and vice president in a plot to “overthrow” the government and remain in office, sound familiar?

Firmly in control, the GOP quickly labels the entire Democratic Party as domestic terrorists and eject them from Congress and the White House using section 3 of the 14th Amendment. This puts the then Speaker in charge. As there is no law or precedent on the books to address this, the Speaker is free to make up the rules as they go with a compliant SCOTUS in their back pocket.

Far fetched? Yes. Likely to happen? I would think not. Then again, I didn’t think America would have a political party openly embracing white supremacy and authoritarianism in 2021. Anyway, that’s my dive into conspiracy theories for the day. Happy Birthday Jeff!! 😁


Can someone please hide Trump’s phone or change his Twitter password?  I guess he does not understand what a solar eclipse is does he?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, temporarily blocking the light necessary for life itself.  It is only temporary and the sunlight returns to continue the circle of life.

Using the logic of his retweet shown above, Trump is claiming that he is temporarily blocking the life-sustaining light that Obama provided to the world and will move out of the way so that Obama can continue to shine.  In other words, Obama is the light and life giving while Trump is dark and void of life.  SMDH…

I could continue on and on with this, but I imagine that you get the picture.  If anything else, this meme is poking fun of Trump more than it makes him great.  As Trump has posted and retweeted numerous things that have done the same, I doubt that he recognizes how much he demeans himself on social media.

Will someone in DC please fight to save America and destroy that phone or change the Twitter password?  Please???


Because sometimes, posts just write themselves…

That’s cold.  That’s also funny.  🙂


The Urban Dictionary was quickly updated.  Folks don’t play around with humor.

Doggone it Joe!!!  You’ve really gone too far with the practical jokes now.

You too Bill???  C’mon man.

We are all covfefe now.  Thanks Obama…

Kudos George.  I’m sure the twins will get covfefe scholarships to cover their college educations.

Geez, now we’ve opened up a portal for wizards and stuff.  Destruction of the world in 3.. 2… 1…

Sorry Tiger, you have to use covfefe in moderation and under strict guidelines from your primary doctor.

Yes you do.  You’ve come close to breaking Twitter today.  Thanks for the laughs.

To prejudge or not, that is the question

My wife sent me a link to this video prank a while back.  I think it goes beyond just a mere prank and shows more about how we interact with each other.  The group’s name is Linkin’ Bridge, and they have their own Facebook page for those interested in their music.

By instinct, we all tend to fear the unknown.  When we don’t interact with each other, we tend to fear those we don’t interact with.  It doesn’t matter whether the group is Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish, rich, poor, or whatever other demographic group you wish to put there.  It’s natural and a hard instinct to overcome without working hard to override it.

Maybe, just maybe, people will see these videos and realize there’s more to people than what we see on the outside.  Until you know what’s under that visible layer, you don’t know if a person is a friend or foe, harmless or a threat.  If we treat everyone as a threat, then we end up running the risk of actually turning them into a threat by alienating them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy Kwanza, or Happy Holidays to whatever holiday you celebrate.  If you don’t celebrate any, then have a great day and I wish all the best of what’s left of this year and all of next year as well.

Don’t mess with the meter maids

I came across this prank video, and I got a good laugh from it.  I’m still in a good place after my trip, and I refuse to deal with any hard, thought-provoking issues right now.

So, I’ll post this one here.  Sometime this week, I’ll see if there’s any photos from the trip that I can post here without revealing family or friends.  I may address the Confederate Battle flag issue as well.  Who knows?

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh.