About Brosephus

He’s a complicated man, But no one understands him but his woman….

I created this site to hopefully become a magnet for adult conversation without all of the petty and ignorant hyper-partisan jackassery that has permeated the internet as of late.  I understand people have opinions, and I don’t begrudge anybody for sharing theirs.  At the same time, a 50 or 60-year-old person should be able to communicate the thoughts bouncing between their ears without having to stoop to elementary schoolyard dialogue.

If you’re wanting to engage in elementary dialogue, this is not the spot for you.  If you are a hard-core right-wing or left-wing zealot, this is not the spot for you either.  I’ll likely address political topics here, as I tend to be quite opinionated about politics and politicians.  I do not, however, intend to let this place become nothing but another website where people shout invectives at each other without as much as a single coherent thought.

Over my years on the internet, I have met quite a few people who have opened my eyes to many different perspectives far beyond what my life would have shown me.  Hopefully, I can return that same favor and give you views from the perspective of a middle-aged, middle class American (*with enhanced melanin).

If you want to know more about me, just ask.  I’m not going to put my personal business out on the internet, but I’ll try to answer any reasonable question that I can without getting too personal.

[Update:  10/14/2013]  As for basic information, I’m a 40-year-old American male with a hodge-podge of ancestry that includes African (don’t know the area or group yet), Creek Indian, and some European ancestry as well.  My family has been on American soil since the 1790s, so I’m just as much American, if not more, than many of the “patriots” that have surfaced in recent years.

If there’s a post that you’re interested in commenting, feel free to post your opinion as I’m here to learn as much as I share.  My opinions are shaped by my upbringing, that of a Black American growing up in the Southern United States.  My beliefs tend to range from right-of-center to left-of-center depending on the topic.  I don’t currently associate with any political party, and I don’t anticipate applying for membership in any of them in the future.  Thanks to those who have posted comments and shared thoughts here.  Thanks also to the WordPress community for making me feel at home.


28 thoughts on “About Brosephus

  1. “My family has been on American soil since the 1790s, so I’m just as much American, if not more, than many of the “patriots” that have surfaced in recent years.”

    This can’t be said enough: the vast majority of African Americans are descended from people who’ve lived on american soil for at least 200 years. There were very few African “immigrants” after 1808 until just a few years ago. Someone descended from native Americans claims an American lineage dating back at least 12,000 years. White people are a bit more recent.

    While I’m at it: Albion’s Seed. The must-read book on the origins of American culture.


  2. Well, the politics of this country can’t keep going like this, something has to change up the equation and I think rafael cruz is just the man to get most people thinking that the republican party has veered into the retarded zone. Democrats need the house, hold the senate, and see what we can do for two years at least.
    On another note, UM versus florida state in tallahasee this saturday will show if the canes are legitimately on the way back to prominence.
    The dolphins are being hung with the curse of don shula and his unceremonious dismissal for jimmy johnson, this might take as long as the curse of the bambino on boston, bummer…


    • I try to judge the individual away from the party, but it’s getting harder and harder to not associate individual Republicans with the crap that’s coming from the right. The longer and longer it takes for someone to stand up to the insanity, the longer and longer it takes for me to take any of them seriously.

      Since my guys have the week off before LSU next week, I’ll have my eyes on that game. Looks like FSU is trying to punch their ticket to try to take the Coach’s Trophy away from the SEC, i.e. Bama.


  3. Well, another day, another dollar and as always, the debate on the bookman blog reverts back to the cons hating everything obama and beyond…groundhog day…still, I agree with most of bookmans perspective – he drives the cons nutz..as if that’s not already the case…have a productive day and thank god football is back!!!


    • LOL!!!! I sometimes wonder if Bookman posts things just to get a rise out of some of his detractors. It’s not quite as funny when you can predict what they’re going to say, but it’s entertaining to see things play out like a rerun of Gilligan’s Island. I agree with you on football though. Gonna change the photo at the top of the page soon. I took that one in Amberg, Germany. It’s time to put a photo of Bryant-Denny Stadium up.


  4. Yes, that’s a good observation…it’s why obama is provides a firewall until 2017, then its Hillary’s turn if she wants it. I’m just pointing out that at this point in time just about every republican alternative would be bad for what’s left of the middle class…


  5. A wise man once told me life’s too short for azzholes…but I digress…The Eisenhower republicans, what happened to them? Imagine…we built an interstate hiway system, strengthened social security and were wary of the military industrial complex. No one was screaming for tax cuts and unions were respected…look where we are now – regression.
    I’m near retirement but those following behind, the game is tougher with higher stakes for the future. the modern republican is not able to process their damage, good luck and keep fighting middleman!


    • The Eisenhower Republicans died off. You now have a generation that has been raised on the false doctrine of supply-side economics. Combined with the Religious Right, they have permanently altered the GOP. Nothing lasts forever, and it’s only a matter of time before parties reinvent themselves. My only hope is that common sense kicks in before Americans allow this country to get yanked so far to the right that things are permanently effed up.


    • I’d say the modern Republican Party is undergoing an identity transition. The thing I hate most about that is that the Democratic Party has become GOP Lite as a result of the hard right shift of the GOP. This country is much better off when the two parties are opposite each other but work together. As for Scout and Del, they’re both entitled to their opinions just as everyone else, regardless of whether they’re right, wrong, or anything else. I’ll leave the partisan stuff to them.


    • Thanks. I’ve seen that information before but not quite like that. Most minority voters are located in urban areas which makes it easier for legislatures to box them into tightly packed districts. In Republican-led states, that makes it much easier to have large rural conservative districts to help ensure a majority group going to DC. I think the best solution would be to do something like what Iowa does, but neither party will purposefully give up power.


  6. Well just damn. Was wondering what happened with you wild man.

    Seems you still simply don’t understand…leave it to me to enlighten you…

    It’s all the GOP’s fault…oooops, I mean it is all Liberals faults….I mean….


    • I had to get away from that place. After a while, the same argument gets boring. I can say what I want here without all that partisan bs. You’re more than welcome to come spar here. I’ll have you defending Democrats before you can blink. 😉


  7. Bro, I just found out about your blog. Good move. I always thought you should have started one.
    I hope all is well with you and the family.


    • I appreciate the compliment. The family’s all well, and I’m pretty good myself. I kinda like this as now I can write what’s on my mind without having to condense things. Thanks for coming through, but I should have sent you the link long ago. Been kinda busy with work and the girls.


  8. Congrats southern comfort (my first bottle of alcohol way back when) miss your great commentary and bullseye zingers when appropriate….good luck


  9. Thank you for the welcome, Kind Sir! Am looking forward to communicating with you. Always missed you there, but got to thinking about you while remembering a song I sang to my babes. Will follow up on that ….


  10. Hi, Brosephus! Josef gave me your current whereabouts. Am glad you are not “gone forever.” I remember that you have 2 young daughters, as I do – okay DID. The older just had her 50th. Must admit I have trouble breathing when I think about that!


    • I’m still around, but I needed a change in scenery. I’ve been kinda busy with work and my girls as well. I’ll probably drop something here every day or every other day as time permits. You’re more than welcome here.


  11. I have a lot to say on this particular episode. First and foremost, however, is the usurption of the battle flag by the hate mongers. Second is those for whom it is the symbol of their ethnic identity to allow them to do so without raising a fracas and half. Those are two issues that require more than a few words to address.

    For this particular incident, however, that was just plain bad manners and setting out to create a problem. A public parade is not the time and place. It was just plain mean, hateful, tacky, trashy, and bad manners.


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