Second Civil War

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second American Civil War. If you haven’t already realized it, we’ve been living through a war since December 2008. War has not been officially declared, however I’ll suggest that the moment the GOP decided to go full obstruction as opposed to actually governing in the best interest of America was the day the war began.

I can already hear the questions and see the puzzled looks. “What war?” you ask. “Isn’t war supposed to be violent and deadly?” Well, the Cold War between the US and Russia was fought for decades without direct battle. Likewise, the second civil war thus far has not been fought as a traditional war.

This is a war against the Constitution itself, and the fight became visible on January 6, 2021. Since that time, we’ve had numerous people convicted for their actions that day on charges that include seditious conspiracy against the United States among others. The former president has even called for the termination of the Constitution and being named president again even though he lost his election.

The silence from conservatives about these acts and actions says more than any type of PR press release could ever say. The most any GOP group has done was to delete a tweet mentioning Kanye West. GOP voters continue to vote for the same people to sit in the same offices they held on January 6th, so the voters are just as complicit in the war. I’d even suggest this is exactly what they want based on their voting patterns and history. Georgia re-elected a Rep who has said the January 6th insurrection would have been successful had she and Steve Bannon planned it out. The problem is that she was part of the planning group, and Steve Bannon was in the “War Room” watching it all unfold.

So, the question is when does democracy begin to defend itself? When does the rest of America begin to fight back to defend the Constitution from this domestic onslaught? The time to act is running out as we’ve seen that the courts are willing to erode constitutional rights that get in the way of this rightward march. We also cannot depend solely on voting when we see that half of America is willing to vote for this attack to continue.

I’m not sure of how many people are aware of what’s going on, and there isn’t going to be some massive outcry from media groups either. Corporate owned media and others have paid for what we’re seeing now. There’s no coincidence in the massive spending that’s taken place since Citizens United. There’s also no coincidence in the wealthy having this money to spend because of favorable policies from Republicans.

What we do in the next few months and years will set our course for the near future. We cannot continue to ignore the canaries in the mine like the attacks on the power grid. We cannot keep sending seditionists to be members of Congress. If we don’t act like a country where no one person is above the law, then we soon won’t have laws to worry about.

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  2. Something I miss with not having kids at home at Christmas
    Getting up in the morning and seeing them open their presents

    Something I don’t miss
    Getting woken up at 6 AM – 4 hours after wrapping and/or assembling presents

    As the kids got a little older we came up with a couple of rules
    They could open their stockings without MrsPaul or I being up
    They couldn’t open their presents until we were up and had cups of coffee in our hands
    They couldn’t get us up before 9

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  3. Merry Christmas to all.

    I might be a non-believer but I am a cultural Catholic and there’s a lot right about peace on earth, good will to men.

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  4. We have divided up the cooking around here.
    My job, the bread, glazed carrots, and standing rib roast on the grill.
    22 degrees down here in the swamp.
    I cooked wings one time in Chicago in 3 feet of snow. The grill don’t care.

    Merry what ever you celebrate!

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      • Thanks mon, back to you.
        Me and skyqueen have be dating since we were the twins age, so shopping ain’t easy.
        It’s like song writing. All the good shit has been used before.

        But, I got her good this year.
        A diamond peace sign necklace.
        She’s running around like Flava Flav showing it off.

        I’m proud to be friends with all ya’ll.

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        • That’s awesome. This is Jenny and my 24th Christmas together. Let’s have a good one. Can’t wait to see y’all soon.


    • You can tell her there’s a hot sun beating on the black top
      She keeps talking she’ll be walking that last block
      She can take a subway back to the ghetto tonight

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    • You guys have been colder than us.
      The high was 16 F here on the seacoast yesterday. It’s 14 now, but is supposed to hit 26 this afternoon.

      After buying a couple of things in Portsmouth yesterday, I drove home along the beach road – watched a bunch of people surfing. The water temperature is 44 F and they were wearing wetsuits (which the surfers wear year round up here) but even so, I was shaking my head.

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  5. There’s been an outbreak of burst water pipes across the metro area, most notably Lenox Square mall and the Delta Sky Lounge at the airport.
    Freezing temps aren’t over, and will be with us until Wednesday.
    Leave yer water dripping — BOTH HOT AND COLD — day and night until temps climb above freezing.
    Also, if yer house has a crawlspace, you’ve probably got vents to the outside. Close these vents. You should be able to close them from the outside so you don’t hafta scramble around on yer hands and knees under the house.

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    • Some plumbers are going to be able to buy planes next month.

      Anybody remember the freeze of 1985? It went below zero for two nights. I was building a restaurant in Tower Place and when the temps got above freezing I decided I’d better go check on my house on Merry Lane in Toco Hills. When I got there everything seemed okay so I made a sandwich and ate it standing at the island in the kitchen. I was just about to put everything away and get back to work when noticed a hissing sound. I think I had a total of eight broken pipes. I had to wait for four days for a plumber to get to me. I asked the manager of the fitness club in Toco Hills SS if I could pay him to shower there until I could get my water back on and he was nice enough to give me a free pass.

      Remembering that harrowing experience, I shut off my water Friday afternoon and drained the lines. I’ll probably wait until Tuesday to turn it back on.

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      • The pipes froze in 2014 at my part time residence in NC on New Year’s day. I had left the cold water dripping, but not the hot, and it was the hot water lines that froze.
        It was May of that year when I had all the lines replaced with Pex.
        When I come back to Atlanta in the winters, I always turn the water off.


      • Damn, do I ever remember the winter of 1985.
        I rolled into Chicago fresh out of Albany, GA.
        The fartherest north I had ever been was DC.

        It got down to -27 with a wind chill of -79.
        The double pane windows at the Holiday Inn froze up on the inside.
        Spit would bounce off the sidewalk.
        The company spent thousands to get us artic gear so we could work.

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  6. “For unto us a child was born…”

    Merry Christmas to you all, however you choose (or choose not) to celebrate the day, may it be a good one. With many more to follow.

    I love each and every one of you.

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  7. If you aren’t familiar, a confit (cahn-fee) is something that is slow-cooked in fat. The classic confit is duck. Ducks are very fatty birds and in the French style they are slow-cooked in their own fat. It’s an amazing concentration of flavor.

    Jeff is an exceptional cook, y’all. One of many here.

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  8. I am somewhat less amused now that I understand it’s government attorneys have to have a statement of costs incurred and a motion for sanctions in front of a court on 12/26 at 8:00AM. They aren’t being paid the big bucks. They shouldn’t have to work today or tomorrow. AH

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  9. Hey Bros,

    May all that is beautiful and meaningful bring you joy

    this season and throughout the coming year!

    May God’s love lift you up during this winter of life.

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    • Heavenly Father,

      We thank You for being such a loving God.

      We thank You, Lord Jesus, for sacrificing Your life for us.

      Thank You for being mindful of us and becoming our Savior,

      Deliverer and Liberator.

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  10. I have to admit, one of my guilty pleasures is telling the girls in front of their friends what I was doing at their age. Their eyes widen and their moths go agape as they try to figure out how a 14 year old in the 80s could get a keg. Lol.

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    • Pull it off the back of a delivery truck and haul ass in your dads truck that you had snuck out in while cutting school?

      At least that’s how we did it… maybe not my proudest moment in life. I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough good deeds in the ensuing 40 years to (hopefully) cancel that one out. And I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out on that one by now.

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    • Democrats’ Game: “Don’t be shitty dickheads”
      Republicans: I don’t get it… why doesn’t everyone vote for us??? Oh wait, I got it! They’re CHEATING!! THIS ELECTION WAS RIGGED! RIGGED, I TELL’S YA!!

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    • Cons,

      Are you sure you want to play this game?

      Because if it’s a fight you want, we’ll bring you a war.

      And it won’t be CIVIL!


  11. House is smelling ducky. Jenny is making her awesome mashed potatoes. Got some nice Bordeaux. Should be a lovely evening just me and my three girls.

    Tomorrow, up to the country for a brunch then back home. I’m liking this laid back holiday and with the weather glad no one is coming and we’re barely goin anywhere. Peace y’all and merry merry.

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  12. So normally I post “The christians and the pagans” at this time of year, but I have a new one this year, that most of you should enjoy. Stands may even know it, as I did hear at a church service this year.
    God rest ye Unitarians.

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  13. WTF – Pats find another way to lose.

    1st and goal at the 5 with no TOs left for Cincy.

    What the ever living eff was that play call? They’ve called that 5 out of the last 6 plays.

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    • This is the worst coached NE offense I’ve ever seen.
      Just about every play is barely getting off ahead of delay of game.

      The Pats scored 3 TDs – a pick 6, a fluke and one good one.

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      • The Pats had 3 fluke plays to make it close – pick 6, Hail Mary ricochet, receiver fumble.
        The play calling by Patricia was, once again, abysmal.


    • So, now Paul finds out how life has been for all the fans who weren’t Pats fans during the Brady years. Will it be like Siddhartha venturing beyond the palace walls and learning about sickness, old age, and death?

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      • Nah – the Pats sucking this year doesn’t bother me.
        I’m a GT grad and a life-long Everton fan – I know exactly how it feels to be dominated by your local rivals.

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