America’s longest war

Photo via CBS News/60 Minutes

May 31,1921 is a day that has lived in the minds of Black America for 100 years. Now, the rest of the world is beginning to come to grips with what it has been like to live Black in America. The Greenwood Neighborhood was one battle in what has been America’s longest war, the war against Black America.

I can already hear the huffing and puffing that I’m making this up, but if you’re not a Black American, the odds are that you’ve never heard of the following incidents linked here. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the attacks that Black America has suffered. There are many that never get talked about and have been swept under the rug of revisionist history in America. As one former Attorney General said about history, “history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

This is why the whole argument over Critical Race Theory is laughable. CRT is no ooga booga boogeyman that’s going to destroy America. Look at the Britannica Encyclopedia definition for proof.

Critical race theory (CRT)intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour. Critical race theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.

So, CRT isn’t teaching America to hate White people. CRT suggests that we’re all biologically alike and the idea of White America and Black America is something we’ve created that doesn’t exist. The problem with this is that some folks are highly invested in the idea of racial separation, and they will use those divisions to gain/maintain wealth and power in this country regardless of the damage it causes along the way. It’s hard to explain this to people who are incapable of thinking critically on their own and rely on shit peddlers like Mr. Rufo here to do their hard thinking for them.

So, when you damage that “brand” of trying to find peaceful coexistence and make it toxic, what alternative do you leave for those of us who want to peacefully coexist? Bet you didn’t think that far, did you, Mr. Dumbass?

Now, back to what I said is America’s longest war. This whole notion of White supremacy has been a part of this country since Whites came here to colonize the Western Hemisphere. Once again, I know I am going to rile up some people, but the truth isn’t always a pleasant walk through a valley full of lilies in bloom. Whether intentional or not, white settlers imported labor or used indigenous people to do the hard manual labor they were incapable of doing themselves. They had trouble with native crops, so they used Native Americans to grow them. There were rice farms in the Carolinas that were productive because of imported African slave labor with expertise in farming rice.

America’s history has been written to sanitize it of instances that paint the majority in a bad light. The burning of Black Wall Street, Rosewood, and other Black neighborhoods isn’t taught in our history books. The successful coup in Wilmington, NC where a mixed government was deposed with a white supremacist government taking its place isn’t a well known moment in American history either. There are no chapters in American history on Sundown Towns or the Negro Motorist Green Book that explain how travel or even living has been difficult for Black America.

So, consider this whenever you hear people talking about a race war in America. There has been a war ongoing in this country for its entire existence and then some. Not all wars involve guns, tanks, and bombs. The Cold War is a perfect example. Look at those who fear the most by living in a society where we’re all one and the same, and you’ll find those who are active participants in America’s longest war.

America is lucky in that Black America only seeks to exercise our hard earned rights of being American. There’s no movement to exact revenge for the past atrocities committed against us. We only want acknowledgement of the past and a national atonement for how we’ve been wronged and blamed for what’s been done to us. There are still living survivors of this war, and it’s in America’s best interest to end this now before Black America decides to stop turning the other cheek. The last thing this country needs is a very physical and deadly war.

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  2. “The Supreme Court on Monday declined to revive a lawsuit challenging the nation’s male-only draft registration policy as unconstitutional.”
    I’ve always thought women should have to register, and serve in time of war. Then again, I’m a libber from wayyyyyyyy back.
    PS–how do they keep up with where you guys are? I mean, back in the old days, before computers.

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      • Seriously? Guys were supposed to notify the draft board every time they moved? I never knew. Did they send notices periodical and inquire? I’m gobsmacked.


  3. Down stream there was a posting about the cable being cut in Africa due to excessive water causing an avalanche. As the article says:
    “The event would have gone unrecorded were it not for the fact that the slide broke two submarine telecommunications cables, slowing the internet and other data traffic between Nigeria and South Africa in the process.
    And also because of the prescient action of researchers who had lined the length of the Congo Canyon with instruments capable of measuring current and sediment velocities.”

    There’s a reason to spend money on science. We might not be able to understand it, and we do need to ask, and we should be able to get an explanation in plain English. But………at the end of the day, we are stupid if we don’t fund it.

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  4. DeSantis Praises De-Platforming of Covid Critic Rebekah Jones, Just 1 Week After Signing Bill Against De-Platforming

    You can’t make this up
    This clown is easily a Top 5 if not Top 2 or 3 contender for the Repub nomination should Trump not run for POTUS.
    Hell he might be the front runner should he decide to run

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  5. More uber-redundant evidence that conservatives not only have no ideas, but they have nothing left to offer except hate.
    Cookiegate2021 parts 1 and 2
    PT 1. A cookie maker in Texas creates heart shaped cookies that are rainbow colored and say “Love is Love” on them. Cookies?!! We’re talking about cookies?!!
    Conservatives threaten the cookie maker, send hateful messages, cancel orders and almost shut down the business. The next day, the store is flooded with decent humans who support the notion of love and buy the place out. Imagine being so bigoted that you attack cookies.
    PT 2. Kamala Harris is gifted cookies from a small black-owned business. The cookies are shaped and frosted in her likeness. Kamala then SHARES the cookies with the press gaggle on AF2.
    Conservative A-holes then attack her as being a narcissist for daring to possess cookies in her own image, completely overlooking the fact that they were gifted to her and she SHARED the cookies.
    Can you imagine if she didn’t share?
    Again, COOKIES?!! we’re talking about COOKIES?!!
    Good grief!

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    • Will add that for many years now there has been problems with affordable access to mental health care and addiction treatment
      It’s not non-existent but on the local, state and federal level we should do more.. yes we includes Dem / libs / progressives
      I don’t know the perpetrators situation and yes I do hope he gets caught
      And along with his sentence I do hope he gets help
      However I just can’t and won’t downplay these types of acts of violence even though I know on a sociological / macro level that when society continues to ignore or place low priority on crucial issues they just don’t go away… subsequently bad things can and do happen.
      But you still don’t get a pass on an individual level… no no no
      Some people are just nasty and violent. Do I think people are capable of changing? Sure I do but for whatever reason some don’t wish to change even when given opportunity and access to resources to assist
      Shit like the incident above really pisses me off to say the least

      Now I’m off my soapbox… for this issue

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  6. US investigators have recovered millions of dollars in cryptocurrency paid in ransom to hackers whose attack prompted the shutdown of the key East Coast pipeline last month, according to people briefed on the matter.

    We have smarter programmers than the Russians do. Now pipeline can pay the US government a fee for their trouble.

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    • One of the biggest problems of cryptocurrency is the difficulty in tracking it — like bank notes, making it the go-to currency for crimes of all sorts.
      This is a thing that never should’ve been made.

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      • Yep
        There are some intelligent and crafty money launderers who consistently get around laws all over the world
        And they do it electronically of course but it’s ultimately paper currency
        I’d be a fool to think this cryptocurrencies aren’t being abused seeing that the laws and regs are way behind this phenomena

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    • To each their own but those type fights aren’t peeking my interest at all.
      I guess if people want to watch and the participants are making money so be it however I wouldn’t spend a dime to watch

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    • I didn’t have the slightest urge to watch it. I saw a lot of the reactions last night at work when it was over. That’s dangerous to Logan Paul’s physical health if he was knocked out and Mayweather held him up to keep the fight going.

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  7. Mo’s lawsuit, Mo’s problems.
    That’s “Mo” as in Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), who was finally served with a lawsuit over the weekend, more than four months after California Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) filed it in an attempt to hold him, and three others, responsible for their roles in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
    Brooks is listed as a co-defendant in the suit alongside former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani. While the others acknowledged receipt of the legal complaint without much fuss, Swalwell’s attorneys had so much trouble reaching Brooks they had to hire a private investigator to serve the papers.
    The private eye seems to have been successful, judging from a tweet Brooks sent Sunday afternoon in which he alleged the process server committed criminal trespass while delivering the documents to his wife.

    Mo the dumbass. LOL

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    • Mo was playing games. He could have voluntarily accepted service and avoided any issue. He was evading service and sooner or later, you get caught. I hope he gets hit with the costs of service

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  8. White man burning down Walmart. Not a myth.

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  9. Global standing of US fails to regain ground lost by Covid response, poll shows
    Biden faces the challenge of repairing transatlantic ties damaged by Trump as president embarks on first European tour

    Come on people Biden has been the President a little over 5 months. Give him some time. In 2022 vote D and not GQP which will help him to push through his agenda.

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  10. What does the United States have in common with Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Tonga? Well, it is not that we are a small island nation, that is for sure. No, it’s that we’re the only countries in the world without sick leave or vacation leave. The United States, Papua New Guinea, Suriname and “a few South Pacific island nations” are the only countries that don’t have paid parental leave of any kind.

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  11. Since the pandemic began, healthcare workers have been venerated for treating patients with Covid-19, but they have also been attacked for doing their job.
    Five doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients, some of whom asked to be kept anonymous, recount their experiences.

    There are some dumbass people everywhere.

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  12. WTF Alabama!

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  13. Israeli police have blocked a planned march by Jewish nationalists through Palestinian neighbourhoods of Jerusalem after a similar parade last month played a key role in building the tensions that led to the latest Gaza conflict.

    In the Knesset the speaker (Bibi’s ally) won’t hold a vote till next Monday so Bibi can spread trumpian lies. It won’t work and Bibi’s next stop is a jail cell.


  14. The death of the leader of the Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram has been confirmed by a rival extremist faction that said it carried out the killing on the direct orders of Islamic State’s leadership thousands of miles away in the Middle East.

    Guess what folks ISIS is not dead. They are alive and kicking. Be warned they will be back somewhere and some day.

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    • The ideology never dies. It simply modifies itself. ISIS is fueled by the same ideology that spawned AQ, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and others. Bombs and bullets don’t stop ideology, only better ideas can defeat bad ideology.

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  15. I would double that to 40 years, but yeah.

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  16. A controversial new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, the first in nearly 20 years, was approved in the US on Monday, triggering pressure to make it available worldwide in spite of mixed evidence over its efficacy.
    While doctors, patients and the organisations that support them are desperate for treatments that can slow mental deterioration, the usefulness of the new drug,aducanumab, is disputed by scientists. Two trials were stopped in March 2019 because the drugs appeared not to work. The manufacturer, Biogen, said the drugs were unlikely to improve people’s memory and thinking.
    But the company later announced that a reanalysis of more patient data from one of the trials involving people who had taken the drugs for longer showed that a high dose could slow the decline of memory and thinking skills and the ability to carry out activities in daily life. It applied to regulators for a licence.

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    • Hey cons,

      Before you spread lies about others let us fill you in

      on what we heard about you.

      And it’s all true !

      You are racists
      You did storm the capitol
      You are habitual liars
      Biden is the President
      You were going to kill Mike Pence :>)

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    • I think that’s true
      Fox attorneys argue in court that their pundits aren’t to be believed
      Post their own words yet the Foxbots aren’t swayed
      Then we can look at the top example … Donald Trump
      Don’t like how he speaks, don’t like his tweets blah blah … many cons say that yet voted for him twice and will directly and indirectly defend him again and again
      Vote for him a 3rd time if they get the chance
      The Disinformation King is their cult leader

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  17. Trump’s pants was TOTES PHOTO SHOPPED, but Hillary wore glasses for Huntington’s disease or Lupus or because she contracted something from eating LIVE BABIES!

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    • I get that but countering stupidity with stupidity is weak imo
      So photo shop or whatever is idiotic
      There is so much material to go after Trump directly from on his own words and actions
      Heck just the speech in question he yet against demonstrated how much of a pathological liar he is and his cult knows him to be yet they clamor for more


      • And again in full disclosure I laughed at some of the tweets and memes I read
        Just think going after Trump’s real bs which there is plenty is the better way to go


      • I wasn’t trying to single you out as I posted about that last nite.
        There is no zipper and the wrinkles on the front thighs are wrong as our legs don’t bend that way (so I don’t buy the special tailored elastic waistband pants).
        Soooooo, photo shopped or he put his pants on backwards and I will go with photo shopped.

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          • the whole thing is stupid
            Agreed, and I think anyone taking either of these incidents as serious personal flaws of Hillary or Trump is stupid for doing so, but I’m not offended and I will mock those who DO take it seriously.

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          • Rawstory ran with it like a dog with a bone with meat on it
            While I do go to that site sometimes I take most of it with a grain of salt and if I think something might be substantive I check other sites to assist in verification

            Just too much validated info to go at Trump or Rs in general to use those type tactics from my perspective

            So I’m not going to lose any sleep but on the other hand I’m going to call it out for what it is as opposed to just saying they did it first and worst

            And with that I will move on from that stupidity

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  18. May have already been posted but damn…

    The Georgia Republican Party passed a resolution on Saturday to censure Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) after he refused to act on former President Trump’s false claims of election fraud in the state, despite mounting pressure.

    Trump in January asked Raffensperger to overturn his loss to then-President-elect Biden in the state, despite Biden securing nearly 12,000 more votes. Trump claimed that fraud had infiltrated the election.

    Just don’t call it a cult


  19. Kyle Griffin
    Fox declined to broadcast an ad about the violence that law enforcement faced as they tried to stop the Capitol riot, according to the ad creators.

    “We couldn’t have fathomed … even a Fox News would reject an ad that simply condemns the insurrection.”

    That’s odd seeing that several Fox pundits as well as numerous guests have said the problem was mainly outside agitators (BLM and Antifa)
    It’s as if they are fully aware who was the problem and who were some of the main instigators at the Jan 6the cult rally…. (cough cough) Trump, Cruz, Brooks
    Need I go on?

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  20. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced Monday that he’s going to space on the first crewed flight of the New Shepard, a rocket made by his company Blue Origin.
    Bezos ― the richest person in the world with a net worth over $200 billion ― will be joined on the flight by his younger brother, Mark Bezos.

    Now which GF is he running away from this time? LOL

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  21. I’ve seen to comments here and elsewhere about Trump having his pants on backwards.
    It’s funny, so don’t want to say I haven’t laughed, especially when I saw the Criss Cross tweets / memes but my money says his pants weren’t on backwards
    I read and think it’s the case that it’s most likely that he has resorted to elastic waistband dress pants. Nope I’ve never heard or seen of such a thing either, until now.
    He is having a tailor use the same material that would be in his suit pants but instead of a zipper it’s made like jogging pants with an elastic band.
    So again I laughed as well but he didn’t put his pants on backwards and zip them up or have someone zip them up for him
    Come on now

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  22. What’s with Trump’s pants . . .

    That is a clue that he is sinking more and more into lunacy !



  23. Kasim Reed may not be a declared candidate for any office, but the former Atlanta mayor is planning to raise a boatload of money in the near future.

    According to an invitation obtained by your Insiders, Reed is holding a birthday celebration Thursday night, complete with donor levels from $25,000 for hosts and $1,000 for guests.

    The invitation is paid for by Kasim Reed for Atlanta, Inc., Reed’s existing campaign committee. And although it does not specify what the money will go toward, it includes a note about a $4,300 maximum contribution, the limit for city campaign contributions under state law.


  24. 7 years?

    The chant first came to FIFA’s attention in 2014, at the World Cup in Brazil, which resulted in warnings for the FMF.

    Empty threats of taking points away from CONCACAF qualifiers hasn’t worked. The Mexican National team dominates the conference. Either subtract points earned in tournaments, or ban them outright from CONCACAF, as warnings don’t work.
    And that bullshit three step crap at matches is a stupid idea. El Tri fans can use that shit to stop momentum of their opponents.

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  26. We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly, I have yet to engage in a direct action campaign that was “well timed” in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation. For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This “Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

    ~~ Dr. Martin Luther King

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  27. Trump on ransomware:

    “The way you stop it is you go back to a much more old-fashioned form of accounting and things,” Trump said. “You know, I have a son who is so good with computers. He’s a young person and he can make these things sing and when you put everything on internet and on all of these machines — you never see a piece of paper — I really think that you have to go back to a different form of accounting, a different form of compiling information.”

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    • 😆 😆 😆

      Something similar happened over at JB’s with a guy who used the name RB from Gwinnett.
      He copy/pasted one of those chain emails from a RW source, and they addressed him by name several times in that email — Robert Brown.

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  29. This happened on W. Wesley Rd, just a few blocks from my home. You’re right, I’m GD tired of it….and crap like this (a lone Black male with dreads) causes the de-annexation flames to grow wider in Buckhead. Two steps back:
    The crime wave in Atlanta took center stage in the city’s race for mayor over the weekend after a jogger was injured in a drive-by shooting while out for a run in Buckhead Saturday morning.

    Atlanta police said two more joggers in the area reported having shots fired at them, before the suspect rammed his car into another victim nearby.

    Almost immediately, city council president Felicia Moore, who is running for mayor, released a statement calling on Atlanta police chief to attend Monday’s city council meeting to report “exactly what is being done to immediately reverse this trend.”

    On Sunday, mayoral candidate Sharon Gay announced she’ll hold a press conference Monday to add Dr. Cedric Alexander, the former chief of police in Dekalb County, as a public safety advisor to her campaign.

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  30. I was curious about the media organization (TruNews) that hosted Milo in his I’m-not-gay-and-dogs-have-proved-it interview, and it’s run by Rick Wiles.
    This guy makes Alex Jones seem sane.

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    • None of those emails will justify Trump’s lies and downplaying of the virus but damn if they aren’t trying to vindicate Trump by going at Fauci
      Anything not to discuss Trump’s ineptness not only relating to the virus but the entire 4 years he was in office

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    • I read that article from Joe Concha – whoever the heck he is.
      What “damning E-mails”?
      Fauci has a couple of Emails from Feb 2020 that are a little different than what he is saying today.
      Jeez – wait until the Concha discovers what Trump, Pence and all the Rs were saying about Covid back then.

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  31. G-7 Nations Sign Pact To Make Corporations Pay Fairer Taxes
    The pact supports a minimum corporate tax rate of at least 15% to make it more difficult for companies to avoid paying.

    Now the hard part that everyone enforces the pact.

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  32. Originally in the Daily Beast: Dems Worry the GOP Will Try to ‘Benghazi’ Jan. 6 Probe

    What animates that perspective for some Democrats is their experience with the last new committee they stood up. In April 2020, Pelosi moved to create an extension of the House Oversight Committee devoted to the COVID-19 outbreak and the federal response. Republicans opposed its creation, saying again that it would be used to attack Trump, and accused Democrats of abusing their power. Ultimately, the GOP decided to put members like Jordan on the committee.

    In the year since, the panel has done some serious investigative work—like looking into federal pandemic loans—but it frequently served as a main venue for each party to go to war over its differing views on the pandemic.

    Republicans are weighing a similar response now. “It’s fair to say we expect Pelosi to pivot to a hyper-partisan select committee, and if she does, it becomes another impeachment trial essentially,” a senior GOP aide told The Daily Beast.

    “If I were her, I’d set up the select committee to nearly mirror the deal they negotiated with Katko so we couldn’t do that,” the aide continued. “But I don’t think she’ll be able to resist the urge to make a select committee that gives the minority little to no real power.”


    • Dems should stop worrying about the GOP. Benghazi (one of them) cost Hillary being the President. Dems should do the same and make the GOP pay like Ron’s senate seat and other swing districts. In this case Dems have the truth and videos on their side.

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    • It’s a given that’s what will occur however imo it shouldn’t deter the Dems from doing their job

      The Rs already sank a bipartisan commission where they were offered equal representation and subpoena power so flailing and wailing is all they have left .. to that I say eff’um

      I have no doubt Repub shenanigans will rile their base and even help fundraising. I also think true independents (not people who call themselves that yet almost always vote for the same party) are getting tired of the Rs utter bullshit.
      So if the Rs want to demonstrate just how much of a ‘big tent’ clown show they really are I’m all for it.

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  33. Thanks rant for all the quotes from Rev Barber. I have listened to the Rev for the last few years in talk shows. His message is consistent and is for the people on lower end of finances whether they are black or white or brown.

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  34. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States and other countries should talk to countries such as Russia, which is believed to be the origin on some ransomware attacks, about law enforcement and intelligence cooperation “to shut it down.”

    Putin’s Russia does not care for talks. Only way to make them behave is to attack their infrastructure (like oil pipe lines) with our version of ramsomware attacks like we did with the centrifuge operations in Iran. Make them pay for misbehaving.

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  35. Saw the retweet by Bro on the side bar about DeJoy. He is making MAGA a reality. He is taking us back to the good old days of Pony Express. Woo Hoo.

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    • Manchin has a small point about the filibuster.
      On the one hand…
      Since Turtle McFuckface and the conned have basically owned the libs in the Senate for most of the 2000’s, the filibuster has been about the only thing that has kept the libs from getting totally smashed.
      On the other…
      Since Turtle McFuckface and the conned have basically owned the libs in the Senate for most of the 2000’s, Turtle McFuckface will totally do away with it the very next time he controls the Senate because it’s more useful to the libs, than him and his conned malfeasants.

      At the very least Manchie could help make the filibuster a true filibuster, and/or breakable by 60% of the ACTUAL vote.

      Won’t make much of a difference though. Since it will go away next time the conned capture the Senate.

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  36. Come on Condi leave the science to the scientists. Do you want to go to that same rabbit hole the lardo has opened up?

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  37. So the conned want the man who looked at the science, and had to interpret the incoming data on the pandemic in real time, fired…

    And they want the idiot who told them to drink bleach and stuff lightbulbs up their asses reinstated.

    You can’t make this shit up.

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  38. From Rev. William Barber’s mouth to God’s ear . . .

    Let’s be clear: Manchin’s stance is not just against Black people but poor & low-wealth people of every race, creed, color, etc. Connect the dots. Manchin hides behind “bipartisanship,” but he is really a puppet of the US Chamber of Commerce and the corporate elite.

    Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

    His stance against voting rights shows he is also against living wages, universal health care, labor rights, etc. He’s trying to fool you, America, by saying he’s for the VRA but not For The People Act.

    Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

    Part of what he’s hoping for is the compromised VRA will be so weak that it doesn’t have the full power needed, and it will be an easy target for extremist right-wing lawyers to go after.

    Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

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  39. So, our esteemed representative from the 14th has given president Biden until June 31st to give her answers to her questions about Fauci and the Wuhan lab.

    I’m serious.

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  41. Reasons to hate Microsoft – #326,478

    Well – I had an automatic system update and now Chrome won’t load but Microsoft Edge will.
    “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect…….”

    I’m gonna drop this little issue on our IT guy tomorrow.

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  42. Hawks came through after trying to give the game away however it’s one down and three to go

    The best first round series was easily the Clippers & Mavs
    Mavs don’t have much of bench or consistent scoring except for 2 players and it cost them. They gave it a good run but Clippers were the overall better team last two games


  43. I had Falcons season tickets for a while. Believe it or not, I gave them up because that was a lotta party Sundays even for me.

    Anyway, Julio Jones was the most electric Falcon ever. He was highlight after highlight. And I saw Vick a lot too.

    I had courtside at a Hawks Cavs/Lebron game a bout four or five years back. Was standing about six feet away from Julio. He was being so cool and talking with strangers. I didn’t bother him. I snapped a picture but I don’t bother celebrities.

    Anyway, that day at the Hawks he just looked like a normal dude. Then I saw him at training camp with the twins, dude looked like a two story house.

    Thank you Julio. Thank you for every play you made that would make me hug and high five a stranger. Thank you for those consecutive playoff wins against the Seahawks and Packers. Good luck, man. See you at a Hawks game soon.

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    • I hate to see him go, but the last mgmt left us broke.

      Also it gets down to one ball and too many alpha male receivers.

      This Fla kid is a beast. On the highlight reels he beats Ga and Ala db’s like a drum.

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    • Julio when healthy has been one of the best WRs during his career however I wouldn’t have given him a new contract the last time.
      At his age those nagging injuries just weren’t going away and they haven’t.
      Saying all that I don’t blame Julio for getting all he could because it is his body taking the punishment.
      But as we have seen many times these late career deals such as the last one Julio signed usually don’t turn out that well for the team or player.
      But yes I thank Julio for being a great player and Falcon…. wish him well as a Titan.

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  44. My Twitter feed is such an anti-Manchin crap-tsunami today I can’t really think of anything to add that’s remotely original.

    Except maybe…

    Joe is kinda like Dick Cheney and the Vietnam era draft.

    He has “other priorities”.

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  45. I don’t care if the whiny wimp wore his pants backwards or not. He looked like a buffoon because he is a buffoon. He is still a threat to our Republic and so are his supporters, also, buffoons.

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  46. Posted on the FB by a trumpy friend (and they say it’s not a cult):
    “For all the “Great Researchers” out there in the “Truth Community” who rail against anyone who says President Trump is a “Good Guy” and that he comes from a Godly line, and not an Illuminati one…
    Well, this is for you…SHILLS…
    In 1902, Elizabeth married Friedrich Drumpf, a man from Kallstadt Germany, a few miles away from Germany’s oldest city, Trier, a city founded by ancient Assyrian settlers 1300 years prior to the Romans, who they intermingled with around 6 A.D.
    On 10/11/1905, Elizabeth and Friedrich gave birth to a boy named Fred (33 in gematria).
    Fred Christ Trump married a woman named Mary on 10/11/1936.
    Mary (same name as Jesus mother) gave birth to a boy named Donald (119 in gematria) Trump (88 in gematria)…119 + 88 = 207, or in Gematria, 27 and the Dark to Light Reverse is 72 (3 Days and 3 Nights)…1+1+9 = 11 and 8+8 = 16, and 11+16 = 27 or 72…
    Donald was born under a blood moon.
    Donald was born exactly 700 days before the founding of Israel.
    Elizabeth Marie Christ (Donald’s paternal grandmother) died on 6/6/66.
    Donald J Trump is equal to 888 in gematria (english).
    Jesus is equal to 888 in gematria (greek).
    Donald has 7 family members.
    Donald was elected into office on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s 7th year, 7th month and 7th day in office.
    Donald skipped the 7th debate.
    Donald beat Hillary Clinton by 77 electoral votes because of 7 faithless electors.
    Donald’s first press conference after becoming president was 77 minutes long.
    Donald was exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old exactly 7 hours into his first day in office.
    Exactly 7 months from Donald’s inauguration, a total solar eclipse occurred, the first since before 1776 (which is 888 + 888).
    All these events in Donald’s first year happened in the Hebrew year 5777.
    On 7/7/17, Donald J Trump met with Vladimir Putin for the first time face to face, when Putin was exactly 777 months old to the day in the year 5777.
    The name Donald John Trump means “the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a war drummer.”
    ALL of this is VERIFIABLE…ALL of this is TRUE…Deal with it Satan…”

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