The GOP and the politics of F.E.A.R.

This should be the GOP’s logo instead of an elephant

This post has been floating around in that empty space between my ears for a while now. I just couldn’t figure out how to tie it all together without rambling on and on and on. It all came together in a blinding fury after I quote tweeted a thread from Asha Rangappa.

Yesterday was the second time that the book Let them Eat Tweets: How the Right Rules in an Age of Extreme Inequality and the witch doctor have ended up in tweets together between she and I. So, now I know I really need to get ahold of this book and read it soon.

Anyway, the book discusses how the GOP basically uses ooga booga to scare voters into giving them power and control over government. In return, the GOP gives away everything to their wealthy donors. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We’ve seen this from the Southern Strategy, to the Willie Horton ad, to the Tea Party, and now to the flaming train wrecking into the dumpster fire otherwise known as Trumpism. It’s always the same. There’s always some super duper scary boogeyman that only the GOP can save us from. It’s the politics of fear.

There’s fear, and there’s F.E.A.R. The GOP uses one to cover for the other. They use those emotionally charged boogeymen to stoke fear and anger in voters so the voters don’t see the F.E.A.R. or Failed Efforts at Altering Reality.

That’s basically what their tactics boil down to. They’re trying to alter reality so they can enrich their wealthy donors and themselves. They throw red herrings and conspiracy theories like revelers throw beads at Mardi Gras to distract people from their true intentions.

The most recent two are accusing Democrats of attacking Trump’s SCOTUS nominee over her religious beliefs when the only people discussing the beliefs are the Republicans themselves. They’ve also managed to get the mainstream media to discuss hypothetical Democratic court packing in the future.

So, what are they trying to hide? For starters, polling shows that the majority of voters want to see the SCOTUS seat get the same treatment that Obama received in 2016. In other words, voters want a say in who makes that selection. It’s far more logical now since the seat opened up just as voting was about to begin.

Republicans are trying to stir up controversy and scare people to distract from their humongous hypocritical position reversal from 2016. They see the writing on the wall for their future and are trying to pack the courts so the wealthy can still reap benefits beyond 2020.

And yes, this nomination is court packing. Mitch McConnell has been packing the courts since 2015. He slowed Obama’s appointments as minority leader until Harry Reid nixed the filibuster. Then when Republicans took control of the Senate in 2015, McConnell stopped the appointment process which led to hundreds of vacancies by the time Trump took office. Had Clinton won, I doubt that she would have had many nominations get cleared through the Senate.

So, the questions about court packing shouldn’t be directed at Biden, Harris, or any Democratic Party member. Court packing has been a GOP tactic on both the federal and state level. Some states have expanded or shrunk their courts to give conservatives advantages while others have tried and failed.

Personally, I’m tired of the fearmongering. I’ve grown weary of the lying too. The ooga booga doesn’t work on me anymore, so Republicans can save face by not targeting me with their lies. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about things, then talk with me about it. I’ll give you the unadulterated reality so you can make informed choices. The days of fear and the politics of F.E.A.R. are over.

No matter how hard they try to change things, reality will always shine through. The cries of Marxism, socialism, liberalism, or the chosen pejorative of the day fail to change the course of humanity and freedom we’ve been charting for more than 200 years. I won’t call conservatism a failure, but the way the GOP tries to execute it will always fail.

Agree or disagree? Drop a comment below.

*Just gotta throw this in for an ego stroke because Asha Rangappa is one of my law enforcement/legal issue crushes….

1,652 thoughts on “The GOP and the politics of F.E.A.R.

  1. But last night’s newsbreak was the best time to inform the country

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nope it wasn’t meant for political purposes…. not one iota….. uh huh

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  2. I’ve had friends call me “big guy”. I’m tall and never thought anything of it. I certainly never took it as an insult or something perverse. I guess it’s funny how language changes over time…

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  3. Please join me and not vote for the “big guy.” BTW, he has a son who’s has to give him a cut if his bounty. Though I did see where the groundhog came out this after. Of course didn’t take any questions.


    • btw, I know that Goopers aren’t supposed to wealth-envy, so it’s kind of funny that Doctor Dick’s attack ads focus on Carolyn earning one hundred thirty seven THOUSAND DOLLARS per year when she was working with those awful [checks notes] Republicans to help them with the Great Recession budgeting.

      Especially when his ER doc gig pays a cool $370K/year these days. Slops at that for-profit Medical Industrial Complex trough, he do. And his brood-mare wifey–who’s maxed out her contributions to the Q-loon above, makes God knows how much as an oncologist treating sickos like me.

      Of course they want more, and the real money is inside the Beltway, and this could be their ticket out of the GA sticks.

      Not that I hate him or… yeah I hate the smug motherfucker at the moment, but I’m trying not to, there’s dozens more just like him who’d do exactly the same thing, probably working far less honorable gigs. I mean I can’t really fault an ER doc. And his hospital, Northside, did a fine job patching me up when I was at death’s door four years ago, I’m sure they hire qualified people and if 370K is what an ER doc makes in America, that’s a whole ‘nother grown up conversation we’ll have to have later if we’re ever gonna get costs under control here.

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  4. Poochie-lipped?

    Trump cultists (I see you Mary) stomping around as they obsessively and desperately anticipate the Hunter Biden story to catch fire outside of the FbB (Foxbot Bubble)…. you betcha

    Dorothy don’t have shit on these heel clickers

    Hunter’s approval rating must be in the single digits and his polling vs Trump really must be in sad shape

    You can bet your ass that after the ground breaking stories this past week I for one will not be voting for Hunter for POTUS or any other office
    Book it !!!!
    Please join me in not voting for Hunter

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  5. Am I better off today than I was 4 years ago?
    Apart from the across the board pay cut all salaried employees took 10/1 because business is way down in the last 6 months thanks to Trump screwing up the economy by having no plan for Covid
    And not being able to see my kids.
    And 2 of my kids and 2 of my grandkids getting sick with Covid.
    And not being able to travel anywhere outside the US.
    And the price of scotch up 25% because the moron-in-chief jacked up tariffs as part of his trade war
    And having the price of steak zoom up because of disruptions in the supply chains because of Covid
    And MrsPaul having to take a 2 week quarantine before she could go back to work after we visited NOLA for her mother’s b’day

    I guess MrsPaul and I are just poochie-lipped libs who don’t appreciate what a great job The Donald has done.

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    • I get my raw material from California. My freight has tripled because of the pandemic. Last year, I was paying about 1000 for truck load and now it is a little over 3000.
      This because a lot of drivers are quarantined. Many have died.

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      • We’re getting killed on the price of high grade steel thanks to the moron’s trade wars.
        And that’s before you get to quotes only being good for 30 days.

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        • A friend of a friend runs a small boutique guitar effects company in Oregon. The moron’s trade wars jacked the price of electronics components that he’s buying from China, and it completely killed his profit margin.

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    • The firm where I work has let go about 25% of the employees over the last 90 days…
      I’m still on a pretty solid footing… (I think), but I feel bad for the families of my ex teammates…
      I’d bet each and every one of those ex teammates is absolutely furious about this alleged hard drive that drunk Rudy is shlepping around to RWNJ “news” outlets…


  6. The FBI mentioned Russia yesterday a little in their press conference but didn’t go into details..Here could be one

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  7. Came across this poll, with these results that give me some serious hope.

    Americans continue to say that the popular vote should determine the winner of presidential elections by a two-to-one majority. Two-thirds say the popular vote should determine the next president (66%), compared to 33% who say the Electoral College should continue to award the prize of the nation’s highest office. This is unchanged from 2018 and 2019.

    Republicans are much less likely than Democrats to favor allowing the popular vote to determine the winner of presidential elections (39% vs. 86%). More than two-thirds of independents (68%) prefer the popular vote. Republicans who report trusting Fox News most are even less supportive of the popular vote than Republicans who most trust any other news source (25% vs. 48%).

    Black Americans (82%), Hispanic Americans (72%), and those who are another race or multiracial (71%) are more likely than white Americans (61%) to prefer the popular vote as the final arbiter of presidential elections. There are no significant differences by education.

    Three in four (76%) young Americans (ages 18–29) would prefer that the popular vote decide presidential elections rather than the Electoral College, as do just under two-thirds of those ages 30–49 (65%) and 50–64 (65%). Seniors ages 65 and older are least likely to prefer the popular vote, but still nearly six in ten (59%) would choose it over the Electoral College. Women (72%) are more likely than men (59%) to favor allowing the popular vote to decide presidential contests.

    The conservatives can’t keep shoveling crap against a tide with a pitchfork forever.


    • The problem with solving this is that doing away with the EC would require a constitutional amendment. If America couldn’t ratify the idea that women have equal rights, there’s no way in hell 34 states are going to do away with the EC.

      The best case scenario is to increase the size of the House to reflect the huge growth in population since the early 1900s when the 435 number was set. It would be somewhat cumbersome, but it would allow for a more accurate representative chamber as well as allocating EC votes by population.

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      • More useless partisan idiots, with no compelling reason to actually work for the people because they have cushy jerbs, fat cat lobbyists whispering sweet nothings in their ears as they slip stack of bills in their pockets, only to retire and be on the government teat with sweet sweet healthcare bennies for life?
        Ummmm… yeah no.


        • If you keep getting useless partisan idiots, it’s not because of Congress. It’s because of the people who vote on Congress seats.

          You can choose to keep the system you currently have, or you can work to dilute the power those partisans have right now. Doing nothing and complaining hasn’t worked, amirite?


      • I know it’s super hard to get an amendment passed, but you add a couple new states, you have a badass Prezzie who twists arms and plays hardball with states to get the requisite number to go along. It can be done.

        Especially since it really SHOULDN’T be all that hard to convince people that their votes ought to, you know, count? You can write off the one-third who are just wankers who’ll never come around.

        Anyway, yeah, of course you gotta increase the HoR size, lots of other stuff to do, I wanna take the freakin’ Senate as we know it out back and have it shot too, as I think you all know, but that’s a much, much heavier lift.

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  8. MSNBC interviewed a black mother in June when she had to wait, in pouring rain, over 3 hours to vote. In October she waited 27 mins to cast her vote. She looked so happy.
    In GA, 2.2 million folks voted which is 20% of all voters.

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  9. obviously it’s pretty easy to phrase this kind of “good feels? bad feels?” question so’s to elicit whatever kind of response you want.

    Also, the wording “are you better off” vs the “are we better off”
    An interesting observation from the Gallup guy:

    “We’ve done a lot of research and have never really found a link between people’s own finances and how the vote turned out,” says Jeffrey Jones, who oversees all U.S. polling for Gallup, including the “better off” survey above. “People are not really self-interested when they think about how they’re going to vote, it’s really sociotropic voting: They care more about what’s going on out there as opposed to their own situation,” he says.
    The material question for voters, then, isn’t “Am I better off?” but rather “Are we better off?” Indeed, that was the true focus of the question Reagan framed 40 years ago, a fact that has been too often missed.

    Reagan, a well known advocate for the collective.

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    • The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter ‘60 Minutes’ from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades,” the statement said.”
      Who in this country would expect the orange doofus to actually adhere to anything that was “agreed to”???
      “Agreed to” either by him or his people?

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  10. You know what was really encouraging about my voting experience just now?
    All the twenty-somethings that were there. Probably a number of teens as well…

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    • Of coarse… Mr. MAGAt (“ya’ll aren’t gonna change my vote are ya?”) was maybe thirty’ish tops… so they clearly weren’t ALL voting for good over evil…


    • I’m seeing some figures that indicates that the 18-29ers are gradually increasing their percentages as voters, it’s risen in 2018 and now in 2020. So your anecdotal experience might be reflecting a nationwide trend.

      Let’s do hope; that’s always been the key to fixing what’s FUBAR with this FUBAR republic of ours.

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  11. <a href=";OH, DEAR!

    The final monthly survey of likely voters before November 3 for the FT and the Peter G Peterson Foundation found 46 per cent of Americans believe Mr Trump’s policies had hurt the economy, compared to 44 per cent who said the policies had helped.

    In addition, only 32 per cent of Americans believe they are better off financially now than they were when Mr Trump took office four years ago — equal to the lowest total since the FT-Peterson survey began 12 months ago.

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  12. 8 million Americans now in poverty because of Trump’s virus failure and 222,000 dead, another 200,000 dead expected.. Over 3 million jobs lost since 1.2017

    Obama virus response playbook disappeared.

    Yes….. so much better off.

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  13. Trump tells Stahl that his health care plan is “fully developed” and will be announced “very soon.”
    He also says he hopes the Supreme Court ends the Affordable Care Act. “I hope that they end it. It will be so good if they end it. Because we will come up with a plan,” Trump says.

    Yep hunterbidenghazi. LOL

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  14. Normal Americans: “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” 56% yea.

    Abnormal Americans aka liberals: “Do you have the poochy lip more today than 4 years ago?” 96% yea.


      • I don’t know about all that
        No offense but when liberals try to co-opt Jesus just as many cons do it really waters down what he supposedly represented imo
        But on the other hand you can take my comment with a grain of salt
        Based on the ‘stories’ – Wise man who stood up against tyranny and for the poor.. sure
        But I’m not so sure about the ‘miracles’
        And I will leave it at that
        But let’s say I have a pretty decent knowledge of the good book and have been to a service or two in my day


    • Mary, here’s a coupla free clues.

      1. It really isn’t idle speculation to imagine that nearly every loyal Trump supporter who’s gonna be asked that question will almost certainly answer “I’m better off DAMMIT”. Not so much out of loyalty although that plays a role, but because they’ve had it drummed into their heads in the bubble. So that’s almost an automatic 35 percent. Plus, duh! lots of libturds are doing fine with their professional gigs. Hell they like working from home, they’re hoping they can minimize the stupid in person meetings. Not all, but plenty. If you’re earning more than about 20-30/hour, and still have a job, that job’s treating you pretty well. If you are among the vast swaths who don’t earn like that of course you’re fcrewn. Got it?

      2. Every single libturd already KNOWS that the one thing that can rescue Trump from his own incompetence is convincing Americans that they’re doing ok in this thing, even though we can all read employment figures and we know a crap ton of our fellow Americans are really, really hurting. And most of us continue to fucking hate this guy and want him gone.

      Got it now? Good. Now find some other dumbshit talking point we’ve all heard already, this is some stale shit.

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      • My inlaws were in awe over all the real estate development taking place in February 2017… It takes a bit longer than 2 months to plan that shit out, but they were still clearly implying that dumbfuck somehow had something to do with it… and on a state level, no less.

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    • “Were you better off 4 years than you were 8 years ago?”
      Normal Americans: yea… THANKS PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!
      “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”
      Normal Americans: meh…

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  15. Tyranny in Sarasota County!’ Florida parents flip out over school mask mandate

    Not tyranny — Gassing and attacking peaceful protestors with federal troops and agents

    And thus ends the right wing nut lesson of the day

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  16. Oh lord…
    In line for early voting… since I never rcvd my absentee ballot…

    Got a mask less MAGAt in front of me. Making a scene about having to take his red hat off… and demanding confirmation that they won’t “change his vote”…

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  17. I think some one posted this tweet the other day. It is worth watching it again. It brought back tears.

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  19. I really really really do not want to watch this stupid ass debate tonight. There’s another episode of Professional Traumatic Brain Injury Team Sportsball Derby between the East Rutherford and Philadelphia franchises, played in that timeslot, maybe that’ll be more my speed.

    Eh, who am I kidding. I’ll probably be half-listening and half-tweeting the crap show and popping in here with the rest of you frigging loo-zahr Brossephussians even though I’ll probably hate myself for it in the morning.

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  20. So much for his promise to the base that he would surround himself with the mostest bestest people.
    Of course that ship sailed when members of his staff either quit or was indicted.

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