Oscar Diversity

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I sat up and watched the Oscars.  In case you didn’t know, there’s this whole ruckus about diversity going on and how no actors of color were nominated for the major awards.  I’ll say that after watching the show last night, the Oscars and the Academy have a much larger issue with diversity.  That, or I just don’t understand what the awards show is all about.

Beyond the whole issue of race, why is it that only about 6-8 movies dominate the nominations each year?  Given the number of awards for different technical aspects of the movie making process, I find it hard to believe that those 6-8 movies encompass the best of the best work for any given year.

Why does the best screenplay adaptation have to come from the movies up for the best movie award?  Could it be possible that a movie had a phenomenal screenplay that was poorly executed by an equally poor acting cast?  Could some sound mixer done a hell of a job in a movie that didn’t make millions?

When you can convince me that those 6-8 movies are the best of all the best parts of a movie, then you can discuss the actors and personnel doing the work.  Racial makeup is the least of the issue with the Oscars as far as I’m concerned.  I have no desire to watch The English Patient or The Danish Girl, but I have seen The Martian and Unforgiven.  Not all movies appeal to all people, and the awards should reflect that.  Then again, the Oscars is nothing more than Hollywood patting itself on the back.  I don’t think the public really has as much input with it as we think we do.



5 thoughts on “Oscar Diversity

  1. Hi, Brosephus. I am glad you are back; I hope I am! Have been shut out of commenting here for quite some time. So,this is a test!


  2. Thanks. Re Oscars, have not watched them for years, tho I do check who/what is up for the awards. Since I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since The Bucket List, I haven’t heard of most of them or the actors. Growing older does have a (very) few advantages. 😏


    • There’s always movies that I’ve never heard of as well as movies that I’ve seen or wanted to see. I’m not sure how the process works, but I find it highly dubious that, of the thousands of movies released each year, there are very few worthy of being recognized for their contribution to the entertainment industry.

      That’s why I quit watching most of the award shows long ago. They appear to be nothing more than self-gratifying exercises in hubris as opposed to seeking out and awarding those who put out a truly remarkable product.


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