Jesse Ventura takes on the 1%

*NSFW Language!!!!

“With great power comes great responsibility, and with great wealth comes the right to b*tch and moan when you’re being persecuted. Not on my watch. I’m knocking the silver spoons out of the number one percenters mouths on today’s ‘Off the Grid.’” — Jesse Ventura

Watching that video, I’d say that he’s well on his way to knocking out that silver spoon.

I don’t always agree with him, but in this video, Jesse lays out many a truth that gets obscured by the corporate owned media.  Thanks to social media sites, such a YouTube, it’s getting easier to circumvent the unwillingness to talk about things that affect Main Street America.  Time and time again, we hear these messages being peddled about how Americans don’t care about income inequality, but we should all stop to think about where that message is coming from before we accept it as gospel truth.

In reality, many Americans probably don’t give a rat’s ass about how much money the 1% earns.  What’s concerning America is when the average people can’t get an honest paycheck for an honest day’s work.  Why is it that people get shut down any time the conversation revolves around income distribution?  How can this country see consistent production increases and the workers who are actually driving that increase are not seeing a pay increase to correspond with everyone else?

CEOs, investors, and others have seen their incomes swell as America has worked and expanded over the last 30-40 years under Supply Side Economics.  Those who preach the benefits of Supply Side tend to only look at how the bank account supplies have increased at the top of the pile without that suggested trickle down effect.  Anybody with common sense knows that trickle down is bullsh*t.  There’s no way possible that the top 1% can spend and consume, by themselves, what the other 99% does that keeps the economy going.  It’s not Warren Buffet’s spending that keeps freight moving on his railroad, it’s the spending of Main Street America that does that.  Bill Gates ain’t buying millions of copies of Microsoft on his own, and he’s not buying millions of PCs that have his software pre-loaded either.  Zuckerberg isn’t the owner of 500 million Facebook profiles that generates his advertising dollars.

I honestly think that Jesse is correct in calling the addiction to money as a sickness.  What they’re doing is no different than a person hoarding magazines in their home.  Maybe it’s time that America all got together and decided to kick those silver spoons out their mouths.  We’ve done this once before at the turn of the century with the robber barons.  We already know what to do and how to do it.  There’s nothing wrong with someone working hard to earn a living just as there’s nothing wrong with going out to grab a drink with the guys.  When that quest for money or alcohol consumes you to the point where you’re damaging the lives of everyone else around you, then it’s time to seek help.


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