Friday Night Music: 1/6/23

It’s 5pm here on the East Coast, and it’s Friday. Time to let the stresses of the week go for a few hours a day just soak the evening away in melodic bliss.

Well, unless you’re Kevin McCarthy. His stress is only beginning.

In spite of this being the 2 year anniversary of the Trump Insurrection, I’m not doing this for them because fuck anyone trying to overthrow the Constitution. I’m sending one out to Rep. McCarthy because he’s had one messed up week.

I briefly thought about Let’s Do It Again by The Staples Sisters, but that’s too funky for the shitstorm Kev’s living right now. Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping was also considered because he’s getting right back on that horse repeatedly after getting tossed flat on his face into a pile of manure.

I finally found one that’s worthy of Kevin in Beck’s Loser. So, in honor of all slick guitar licks everywhere and the losers associated with them…

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  1. Jeff is driving lessons to his kids.
    My question whose giving him driving lessons. 😁😁😁
    Couldn’t help that one. Sorry Jeff.

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  2. Well, I just had my day ruined.
    I tested positive for Covid 19 on Tuesday morning and I’ve been relegated to the spare room since. I got on Paxlovid on Tuesday evening and took my last set this morning. I’m feeling pretty good.

    MrsPaul is high risk, so I came out of the room and took a test.
    Followed the instructions – saw the liquid line spread on the test strip, past the test part (no color change), past the control part (deep pink) and thought “hey, I’m negative”.
    Ah – but it’s a 15 min test and, around the 11 minute mark the faintest pink line showed up at the test part.
    Back to quarantine for another night.

    We follow CDC protocol in work – go back 5 days after the symptoms go away – which means I get to wear a mask for the next week.

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  3. Last Friday a nasty storm passed over our area. There was power blink couple of times and fried my modem/router. Went to Spectrum got their modem and router (two separate pieces). The storm also knocked out the internet from 3 in the afternoon and didn’t come back till noon Saturday. Still I couldn’t get any internet and so they sent a tech guy. The guy found out that the brand new modem was bad and he switched out with one he had in his van. Then everything came back about 4 in the Saturday afternoon. Wheee.


    • My mom had a tree come down on her house in Rome. Luckily, there was no damage done to the house. The tree was about as old as I am. I remember the both of us being the same height when I was in elementary school.

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      • The tree was about as old as I am
        That’s young…
        My grandma had a couple of Rhododendron bushes outside her kitchen window and it became a tradition for her to have a picture of her, my mom, my brother and I taken in front of it every summer – might have been for her birthday.
        Those bushes stayed about the same height as my brother and I in every one of those pictures, and it must have been over at least 20 years.

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      • It’s good to hear that no damage was done.

        Thanks to the magic of Google street view, I check out the flat I grew up in every so often. The tree in the front garden is basically my age (we were the original tenants and moved in when I was <1 year old, my Mum was pregnant with my brother). It's now about 2x the height of the 3 story flats.
        We were on the ground floor – and the building is brick built (the council knew how to build them back then) – so no harm would be done to the former ancestral home.

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  4. Did some biking today. One of my best buddies helped me pump up the tires, oil the chains and gears and wipe em down. Damn gorgeous day. Took a little ride. Feeling alright.

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  5. Goodby goal by Bobby Firmino. I’ll miss that smiling face next season. His replacement is here. Mid three played real good. Jurgen don’t take Elliot out of the lineup till he needs some rest. RS has another midfielder in the 18 yo Bajectic. All they need Fabinho’s replacement when he hangs up his cleats. When Harvey is there TAA defensive job becomes easier. Woo hoo.

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