January 6th Commission

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Let’s discuss the idea of a January 6th Commission. There’s no doubt that a deep investigation into all things surrounding the insurrection that occurred in Washington DC is warranted and required if we wish to maintain our democracy. This was a direct attack on the Constitution itself as the plan was to disrupt a process laid out within the Constitution to certify the winner of the presidential election. I don’t think it is as much of an if it will happen question as it is a when will it happen.

There has to be accountability for all people responsible. This includes those pictured above who marched on the Capitol Building, those who attacked police officers, as well as those who encouraged and financially supported the entire fiasco. As history has taught us before, a failed coup becomes a practice run when it goes unpunished. So, America must hold everyone responsible for their roles, even those who are elected to office. It’s my opinion they should face much harsher punishment because of their abdication to uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution.

There are some who are trying to derail the whole process, such as this one here:

Personally, I think the January 6th Commission needs to be focused only on the activities surrounding that particular day, and there is precedent for Congress limiting investigations like this. For example, the 9/11 Commission didn’t investigate NASCAR safety due to the death of Dale Earnhardt at the Daytona 500 earlier that year. Nor did the 9/11 Commission branch off into investigating the arrest of Robert Hanssen even though that arrest directly involved national security. So, the idea pushed by Rep. Greene and others is absurd to say the least.

As I am always trying to find common ground, I’ll offer this idea to those who want to expand the 1/6 Commission to include Antifa, BLM, and other occurrences from last summer. I think it would be a great idea to form a commission to investigate ALL these issues. If you want to put them all under the same investigation, I even have a great name you can use.

The Joint Committee on White Grievance and the Browning of America.

Now, before you get your knickers twisted, hear me out. The undercurrent of Jan 6th was white grievance stoked by Donald Trump among others. The actions of Antifa, literally anti-fascists, is a direct and opposite response to the rise in fascist tendencies in America which predominantly comes from White America. The rise of BLM, Black Lives Matter, is a direct response from White America ignoring the value of Black life itself when we’re killed under questionable circumstances by government actors. We can fold the hearings on the Tulsa Race Riot into this committee as well as that was another example of white grievance run amok.

Today’s conservatism has devolved into nothing more than knee jerk reactions intended to piss off liberals and fire up the base. There appears to be little to no intellectual basis in the grunts and mumbles coming from leading conservatives today. A thinking conservative would want to limit the Jan 6th investigation to just that one issue. At the same time, a thinking conservative would be doing everything they could to disassociate themselves with the vein of ignorance that fed the lies leading up to the insurrection. Instead, the leading mouth pieces appear to want to dig themselves into a deeper hole. If that’s what they want, then who are we to deny them their pleasure?

So, whether we deal with the actions of Jan 6th alone or in conjunction with others, we will have to dive into the cesspool of white grievance. That’s just a fact. The whole idea of taking your country back implies that you lost it to “others” when we know exactly who those “others” are. No matter what happens, conservatives are going to cry about it, so we may as well give them something serious to cry about.

January 6th Commission or The Joint Committee on White Grievance and the Browning of America. Choose one of the two Democrats, and get the hell on with it already. They’re both one and the same with only the latter involving a larger timeline than the former.

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  1. East Atlanta, as great as it is, isn’t all African Americans, Hippies, Punks and Queer folks. We actually have a few cranks down here with white grievance. And yes, I flipped an outside table at the Earl over when trying to politely discuss the new voter suppression laws. In my defense, the other guy wouldn’t let me talk. So I went Irish. What are ya gonna do? I just wanted to make one simple point.

    I have a buddy. Born and raised in Ireland. He happened to be over on 1/6. He tried to tell Jenny it was no different than BLM protests.

    Now I’m two generations on one side removed from Ireland and I didn’t grow up there and witness the “Troubles”, but he got a stiff lesson that day. And everyone of these folks need a stiff lesson.

    I essentially told him, a protest over guaranteed rights that have been violated are not the same as wanting to over turn democra-fucking-cy.


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