Accountability vs justice

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

“Establish justice”

That was the first order of business for we the people of the United States when the country was founded. In the almost 245 years since the United States was founded, justice has more often been an illusion than reality for the Black community. The illusion is rooted in the constant fight between the Black community and America itself over the most basic sense of equal justice under the law. While we’ve grown from being valued worth three-fifths a single person only for the purpose of appropriating seats for Congress, we still have to fight for rights that others take for granted.

Knowing this, imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday evening to get ready for work. Within the time I laid down to sleep somewhere between 1 – 2pm and got up at 7pm, the fate of Derek Chauvin had been voted on, signed, delivered, read into the records, and Chauvin himself was already in detention awaiting sentencing. I had anticipated the jury would convict only on the lesser manslaughter charge because the evidence was so overwhelming. I had not even contemplated the possibility of a murder conviction.

While this is an astounding victory in the justice system, I am giving it the Nick Saban win treatment. If you’re unaware of his mindset on wins, he celebrates for 24 hours, and then his focus shifts to the next game or opponent. This is the mindset that I recommend the Black community adopt in the fight for justice. While some may say Floyd received justice, this is actually Chauvin being held accountable for his actions.

There’s a difference between accountability and justice. What we witnessed yesterday was accountability. This was one man, one officer being held to task for his actions and nothing more. This verdict will not change the mindset of Minneapolis officers, and it will not change policing in America. Justice will occur when this country decides to hold all people equally accountable for their actions under the color of the law. Sporadic episodes of accountability will not ensure justice, which was the first thing that the founders recognized as a course of action in the establishment of the United States.

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  1. Reading about a fun-loving swinging foursome backing it up at the 9th hole back at JB’s place?
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!


  2. Apologies if someone has already posted this, and I realize it is not Friday but I heard that the Director (Joel Gallen) of the 2004 Rock and Roll Induction Ceremony, did a re-cut of the cover of “My Guitar Gently Weeps”. The performers were Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison and Prince. The re-cut focuses more on Prince during his guitar playing. Enjoy.


  3. The guy who says he was always booked on a return flight from Cancun now claims he knew Jason Bourne was a fictional character.

    Weasels gonna weasel

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  4. Cautiously optimistic about the polling reported here. Of course it’s a somewhat laughably small sample size/large MoE (3.4%).

    for starters it’s not real surprising that a state that narrowly elected Biden would narrowly support him at this point in his term, given that Joe hasn’t really done any major-league stumbling since being inaugurated.

    This, however, did surprise (and delight) me a little bit. Emphasis mine.

    Gov. Brian Kemp’s job approval has inched up from the last time the AJC conducted polling. It was 42% in January and 45% most recently, although the difference may not be statistically significant since it’s within the margin of error. In January 2020, 59% of registered voters said they approved of the job he was doing. […]

    21% of Republicans gave Kemp an unfavorable rating.

    I’m sure he’ll win some of them back, sufficient that they’ll hold their nose and vote for him over “the socialist” But enough to win? He only won by 50K four years ago.

    In the meantime, let’s do our part and keep on convincing our Republican friends that they can’t really trust Deep State Brian who is obviously in cahoots with Dominion, and make sure these voters have got plenty of ammo for their circular firing squads.

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    • 50k votes
      – Jr, Eric and Ivanka showing up to rile the base weeks leading up to election.
      – Pence showing up in Cobb Cty on the Saturday before the election
      – Trump flew in on Sunday to Warner Robbins AFB to rile the tunes
      – and let’s never forget Kemp’s BIG LIE on the Sunday before the election that the Dems had hacked the state’s voting system
      Of course when the investigation didn’t conclude that the state put out a statement but no press conference and not another word from Family Values guy.. Kemp

      Even with the loss that should have been my clue that the state was no longer as deep red as it had been for years

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  5. U.S. Birth Rate Falls To Lowest Point In More Than A Century
    The rate dropped for moms of every major race and ethnicity, and in nearly age group. The pandemic no doubt contributed to last year’s big decline, experts say.

    A couple weeks ago I read an article that sale of birth control devices have climbed up.


    • It’d be a bit of piling on if I were to go back to any/every person who foolishly claimed that we’d see some kind of baby boom due to Covid19 and all those hetero couples forced to spend more time together, why, surely they’ll be bangin’ away with wreckless abandon and having lotsa babies!

      yeah that’s not how it works, folks. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that, plus just plain recognizing that this is a rough world to enter under the best of circumstances.

      Anyway, for this country, I dunno, maybe the answer to slowing population growth is more immigration? Maybe? And perhaps the first people we should admit would be those who are seriously motivated to do well here because things sucked really hard and deep in their home countries and they don’t want to go back?


      • That brings back to memory the time you said something like “how long are we going to pretend that mary is a 30 something suburban mom…” that brought a chuckle from me at the time as well. Heck, I even remember when JB had to confirm to the blog that that I was not Doom. He had verified.

        Fun times indeed!


        • Don’t really remember, but it does sound like something I’d type. And maybe regret later.

          FWIW I tend to take people at their word about who they claim to be, if I’ve not met them in real life. Fortunately the last few years have afforded me the opportunity to make some nice real-life connections. Hoping the next Beer Summit won’t be too long from now.

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  6. Today I am special. I got a 5 page letter from Lin Wood because of my membership in the state bar. Still reading but it tells me that my rights are “God-given” in the US Constitution. I hope I will read more about how the lady of the lake raised the sword….

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  7. LOL. I love dogs. I have two that are like my kids. It’s the worthless owner that didn’t even know his dog was sick throughout the night and left it up to someone else to care for him. Must have been a two bottle night. That gets a thumbs down. My only regret is that you have a dog. Seems such a waste for a dog.


    • What a stupid childish cruel rant so typical of the assholes that are the right. Your lack of empathy and kindness is so lacking. Your hatred for others is exceeded only having your head so far up your ass.

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    • I think you have special hatred for Jeff. He is raising 2 girls (with his wife) and teaching some good skills. Booz or nor booz he is a successful businessman and a family. Why does a dog getting sick makes so upset? Please revisit your thinking about your impression about a person. My son (lives close to him) took him a bottle of whiskey and met Jeffrey and his family and has a good impression of him and his family. I was unable to visit him because of the pandemic. Anyhoo have a pleasant Mother’s day this weekend.

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      • I’ll leave it to you to think highly of him; I think I will pass. But, thank you for the Mother’s Day well wishes.


    • if course..remember media had her being a moderate but that changed fast once she wS in office. She was beside Gym Jordan. She also backed the lie..Remember con’s claimed to be the party of morals.

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    • Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Trump directly orchestrated this whole thing
      Not just a passing comment or two to his cult members in Congress and the RNC who have gone down to FL to kiss his ring and ass but directly telling McCarthy and others to remove Cheney from her leadership post

      Trump is that vindictive and most his cult members, especially those in Congress, are that faithful to their corrupt clown god

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    • Trump discovered blogging – it’s real state-of-the-art 1995 stuff.
      tbf – most of Trump’s ideas of how the world works seem to be frozen in the 80’s. He’s probably wondering what happened to Studio 54

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  8. 5 mile jaunt this morning
    Dew point and humidity aren’t messing around
    Great way to transition into the dog days of summer
    Yeah that’s the grinding ticket

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  9. Sitting in the parking lot of an emergency vet. My vet of twenty years couldn’t help me today for my dog’s emergency. I could punch through a steel vault door right now.

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    • It is frustrating and nothing I can say will lessen that frustration and pain. All I can say as someone who has seen a few dogs lost to illness after investing so much of my heart in them is that they always hold a special place. From the 6 month old who developed leukemia and was gone in days, to the 9 month old who swallowed a rock and did not survive surgery complications to the 15 year old lab, who I helped recover from a leg injury, who served his recipient so well for years, and who just fell over and passed (but literally only after he ate his breakfast). Ignore the asshole bitch that is Mary and focus on your family. I hope your dog pulls through. But if not, your family will need you after the loss of this special member.

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  10. Facebook is upholding the trump ban. But they will revisit the decision in 6 months. What a bunch of ass holes. Ban him his kind of liars for life no questions asked.

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  11. Where have all the elephants gone. . .

    Long time passing.

    Can you imagine a world without elephants?

    Only 50,000 elephants left in the wild.

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  12. “Breaking news: a dumb ass liberal has just reported that Kennesaw Georgia is a ‘major metropolitan city.”

    Geez, what a dumb ass!”


    Why are you always throwing stones?

    I’ll bet your father spent the first year of your life throwing rocks

    at the stork !

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  13. My big boy Rottie was acting funny yesterday. Not eating and wanting to go out a lot despite the weather. By evening he was throwing up a clear liquid. Apparently he kept Jenny up half the night continuing to throw up.

    Going to the vet this morning. Poor guy. He’s such a big healthy dog with a scared look on his face.

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