Consider yourself warned

I’m just a tad bit grumpy this morning. Maybe it’s due to cabin fever because of my current quarantine status. Maybe it’s due to other things. However, a tweet this morning from Jim Galloway pushed me over the edge and into that deep abyss where the Angry Black Man resides.

For a reference point, here’s three of Newt’s tweets within the past 24 hours.

Why, why, why? It’s a cold in Georgia this morning Newt, w so why don’t you enjoy a nice warm cup of Shut The F**k Up since we’re in a why mood. I’m tired of having to fight tooth and nail to protect my right guaranteed under the US Constitution from these a**holes. I’m also sick and tired of the media downplaying the dangers faced by my community.

This isn’t some new fangled GOP idea either. Remember this guy here?

Or, how about this guy here?

I know there are people who understand the seriousness of the threat faced by minorities when it comes to voting. However, I am taken aback at how many either don’t seem to grasp the threat or don’t care about the problem at all.

I have an idea, an evil genius type of idea to combat the GOP’s insistence of trying to strip my community of our citizenship bestowed rights. What if the black community could sue the GOP for infringement upon our civil rights? It’s not like there isn’t ample evidence of this from many sources in many different states.

Imagine a settlement of such a lawsuit where the GOP was required to foot the bill for any legislation they pass involving voting. For example:

  • When they pass a Voter ID law, then the GOP, not the government, is on the hook for paying whatever the cost is to ensure everyone has a valid, GOP approved ID.
  • Shut down voting locations, then the GOP is responsible for paying the transportation costs for voters to get to the new locations.
  • Restrict early voting or absentee voting, then the GOP is responsible for paying any missed wages because people have to take off from their jobs to vote.
  • Make felonies out of insignificant crimes, then the GOP is responsible to pay any and all costs for that ex-felon to have their rights restored upon completion of their sentence.

As you can tell, I’m not the cheerful Brosephus this morning. That’s because I’m seeing everything that my parents and others worked for being stripped away because some white supremacists are scared to lose power. I shouldn’t be the only one angry either.

Anyone who calls themselves a patriot should be pissed off at politicians trying to subvert the Constitution or abridge the rights of fellow Americans. Instead, I sit and watch as the media and America itself downplays threats to my community’s rights and ignores outright signs of impending violence such as vandalism involving Black churches carried out by white supremacists.

After all the s**t we’ve gone through and endured together in 2020, don’t approach me with any foolishness. I’m a Black man living in America. I know this. You know this. I will fight tooth and nail to protect this country that some of my ancestors bled to death building up. I don’t care what your party affiliation or ideological lean is at this point. If you present yourself as an enemy to freedom and the Constitution, I will treat you exactly as you present yourself. Consider yourself warned.

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  1. Wowsers. Maybe it’s a good thing Teresa Tomlinson didn’t win the primary against Howdy Doody after all.

    The Columbus Water Works has cited the cost to comply with the new water quality requirements as at least part of the reason for its long-standing objections to a state permit that has been in limbo for years. Its previous permit expired in 2015.

    But challenging the permit has a cost, too. A public records request, produced with the assistance of a new law clinic, revealed that the utility is spending significant amounts of public funds to challenge water quality requirements.

    The public utility has hired outside legal help over the years to push back on the permit, and last summer, it enlisted a high-powered Atlanta law firm, King & Spalding, in its fight with the state agency.

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  2. Twin number two did a class assignment where she had to pick a song about conflict. She had to play the song and explain it. Jenny suggested Hurricane by Dylan.

    In the ninth verse out of eleven verses Dylan uses the N word.

    The song is unfortunately still relevant today. Dylan used the word as an artist to show the juxtaposition of the story of Ruben Carter and the word is attributed to the black community in the song.

    My child has to apologize because the teacher couldn’t take a moment to explain the context and the meaning.

    Another kid in class has to apologize for playing American Idiot by Green Day.

    I am beside myself with anger. The teacher approved the song. The teacher is of the same generation as Jenny and I.

    My child will apologize. The school missed a valuable moment to explain art and our current situation.

    I will be putting off work til later today so I can watch their Zoom classes.

    When the pandemic is over, I will lead a voluntary tour of the Civil Rights museum.

    The last time I took the wonder twins there an older black gentleman who was following along with us came up, shook my hand and thanked me for the knowledge I imparted on my girls as I explained things to them at each exhibit.

    I believe in the kingdom come. All the colors bleed into one.

    I also believe art should move you even if provocatively.

    The slightest taint of racism that I feel has been attached to our family has me shaken with anger.

    I never thought I would ever have to defend my family in a manner like this.


    • Maybe Dead Flowers would have been better?
      How about, A Brick…..Upside Your Head, by Albert Collins. There is some big conflict.

      Don’t sweat it my man. If they have to ask, they don’t understand.

      Good thing they didn’t select Lou Reeds, The Boulevard.

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    • I think the apology should explain the conflict and why the word was referenced in the song. There are sometimes the use of the word is appropriate.

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    • I think a pre-performance heads up was probably in order, in light of that particular word.
      Now, a real challenge would’ve been performing “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.
      Conflicts GALORE!

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    • People don’t get to decide what means something to you

      and what doesn’t !

      “Hurricane” is a protest song by Bob Dylan co-written with Jacques Levy and released on the 1976 album Desire. The song is about the imprisonment of boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. It compiles acts of racism and profiling against Carter, which Dylan describes as leading to a false trial and conviction.

      Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue played a benefit concert for Carter in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, raising $100,000.

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      • Dylan was using his art. The school has rules. I went up one side of history on the teacher and back down on the other side.

        Interesting aside from the MSG concert benefit. Phil Ochs helped put it together. At that point in his life, Phil was an alcoholic with severe judgement issues. He implored Dylan to announce on stage that the NJ governor had pardoned Ruben. It wasn’t true but Phil was hoping the announcement my spur the governor to actually do it. Dylan refused.


        • It’s a great song, and if the goal was to single out this particular case, the choice was correct and now Twin2 knows a little about “suffering for the art”.
          If the goal was to highlight the differences in justice that is dispensed between blacks and whites, I would’ve gone with Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”. A much more powerful and disturbing song:

          Southern trees bear a strange fruit
          Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
          Black bodies swingin’ in the Southern breeze
          Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees
          Pastoral scene of the gallant South
          The bulgin’ eyes and the twisted mouth
          Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh
          Then the sudden smell of burnin’ flesh
          Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
          For the rain to gather
          For the wind to suck
          For the sun to rot
          For the tree to drop
          Here is a strange and bitter crop

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    • I’m not surprised the teacher missed a word..11 verses is a lot review for one student. I understand your well intent but that word shouldn’t have been used. The word could’ve been skipped and then an explanation afterwards or before the song is played is an option. The word does not need to be said to teach a valuable lesson.

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  3. I just ordered myself an Indianapolis Clowns cap. Hanks first team. MLB recognizing the Negro leagues stats and really the league. This means a lot and I think it should.


  4. The difference between Trump and Jim Jones. . .

    Jim Jones had the foresight to know he had no other choice but

    to take his own life.

    Trump knows he is at the end of his rope and he too

    cowardly to tie a knot and hang himself !

    “The one man in the world who never believes he’s mad is the madman.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

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  5. The most disgusting despicable gut wrenching criminal thing in the universe . . .


    There are sick people who want to have leverage over other people’s lives.

    We live in truly unbelievable times.

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  6. Lin Wood’s continued tweeting about Jordan Fuchs suggests that Jordan turned him down for the prom/homecoming dance and Linnie-poo is butthurt.
    No means no, Linnie-poo.


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