A Most Dangerous Game

The election is over, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are president-elect and vice president-elwct respectively. Even after the dust around the recounts and lawsuits settle, those two will still retain those titles. America has spoken, and it is done.

Nonetheless, Republicans are playing a very dangerous game or should I say games. Let me explain. I may ruffle some feathers with this post, but this needs to be said.

There was no voter fraud in 2020 enough to affect the outcome of the election. Unlike 2016, there was more attention being paid to security efforts, and that attention appears to have paid off.

Yet, we have Trump and his syncopants going on Fox News with alleged evidence of fraud. Fortunately for America, Fox News is not a court of law. When these allegations are made in court, they have been shown the door all across the country.

So, we have a soon to be ex-president that is afraid of life after the White House. I wonder why? Could it be that “Individual-1” knows that he loses the protection of not facing persecution for his crimes? That is why I suspect he’s going all in on the fraud angle among others.

Notice the recent firings? I believe that also plays into his post presidency. He needs loyalists to remove evidence of impropriety before Biden’s transition team sees it. I hope I’m wrong, but we have already seen him trample the Constitution and then go to the courts to uphold his actions. Think of the future negative consequences of this.

Beyond Trump’s actions, there are the other Republicans feeding the fraud narrative and stuff. We hear reports that in private Republicans are sending congratulations to Biden while supporting Trump’s narrative in public. This is complete cowardice in my opinion. Nobody takes an oath to defend a person. We all took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Republicans can’t be honest however for fear of angering Trump supporters who also happen to be their voters. Think about this for a moment. They got elected by lying, stay in power by lying, and they can’t even tell their constituents that the sky is blue because they’re afraid to cross Trump. Never in my life would I have ever predicted that I would witness such sheer stupidity.

Conservatism has jumped the shark. They believe that everything and everyone is against them and lying to them except for the very media and elected officials they turn to for the “truth”. Others have said it before, and I can’t find a factual counter argument that this isn’t a cult or cult-like behavior. It’s both sad and maddening to see one half of our political system go bat shit crazy, but that’s where we are in 2020.

Don’t believe me, then take their words…

A mask is no more oppressive than wearing a pair of pants. We wear masks in Georgia. Well at least those of us who care about our health and not becoming spreaders of this virus wear them. I also find it interesting that she says it’s her body and her choice while she’s also wanting to strip that same right away from others.

And people proudly voted for and support this. It’s plain stupid. Period.

Where to begin with this pile of fecal matter? Never in the history of America has undocumented people been given any voting right. Never. Green card holders could vote in some municipalities at one time, but I don’t think those laws exist anymore. There’s no way of giving the right to vote to an undocumented person, so why lie?

Republicans have to lie to get their voters to the polls. If Republicans told the truth now, they would be branded heretics and would face a primary challenge in their next election. Cult like. Again. And yet, the GOP voters will listen to this and agree 100% that Perdue is correct.

Last but not least is the 2020 Willie Horton Award recipient in her own words. Incapable of campaigning on what SHE can do for Georgia, she’s pulling out the ooga booga playbook. She can’t run on her record because it’s all stock trades. She’s done zero for Georgia residents while in DC, but she has increased her net worth.

They’re all playing games. Trump doesn’t want to leave office and go to prison. Trump also needs to keep the grift going to help out his massive debt. Other Republicans can’t cross Trump because a mean tweet could tank the Senate control for Republicans.

I constantly hope and pray that Americans wake up to see how they’re being used. I know some will reply that the Democratic Party does it too. If that’s your story, then feel free to write up an essay pointing it out, send it to my email, and I will publish it here for discussion.

We can’t continue down the pathway of dumbassery. Playing with people and their emotions is going to end up with violent acts being committed because there are millions of people who truly believe what they’ve been told by Fox News and Republicans.

There is no widespread cheating. There is no Socialist/Marxist agenda. There are just two different ideas of getting us to the same point.


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  1. I’ve got Erin Andrews’, Scarlett Johansson’s AND Megan Fox’ numbers!

    Ready for some old-school douchebro braggin’?
    Handsome Dick Manitoba claims:
    “I got JACKIE ONASSIS in my pants.”
    also, that he’s “just a clown walkin’ down the street”, and that “edjumacation ain’t for me.”

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  2. Trump’s lawyers are the second dumbest group of people on the planet.
    Second only to the Trump supporters

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    • Cutting and pasting from one affidavit in one state to another with these errors suggest that the affiant who swore to the factualness probably did not read the affidavit and that the statements in the affidavit were not the affiants but someone else’s/

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  3. Today I have a meeting with the GA Speaker to show him why he must invalidate the over 1200 posts made in this blog because of the nationwide conspiracy by those who are Anti-Keep and fraudulently gave Kam a Firstie. I will be speaking later about this on a PBS show and to show the evidence that the cuck Tucker Carlson refused to put on his show. He is a meanie.

    I won the blog

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  4. This pic and the following from my friend in Cologne, Germany (last night)

    “Deutschland waits with bated breath:”

    US-Präsident Trump ist auf den letzten Metern seiner Macht auf einem Rachefeldzug gegen das Land, das ihn nicht wiedergewählt hat. Er will seinem Nachfolger Biden das Leben so schwer wie nur möglich machen, meint Arthur Landwehr.

    Which roughly translates to:

    US President Trump is at the last meters of his power on a campaign of revenge against the country that did not re-elect him. He wants to make life as difficult as possible for his successor Biden, says Arthur Landwehr.

    Andreas Landwehr (born 1959 in Dusseldorf) is a German journalist and recipient of numerous awards; he received an enthusiastic tribute from the BBC’s John Simpson who describes Landwehr as “an everyday hero [with a journalistic focus on] freedom and human rights”, his reporting driven by “journalistic principals” unencumbered by restrictive preconceptions.

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  5. Do I need to talk anyone off a ledge this morning? Well as I wait for an answer, please have a peek at this.


    I’ve been telling folks recently that ALL we need to do is to kindly and helpfully inform every GA Biden voter to go and do it one more time. In theory that is correct. If we duplicate our turnout and they duplicate theirs, we win!

    But per the story above, there will be a concerted effort by younger people to reach younger voters who may have cast a vote for Trump but are among that modest percentage who are not happy with what he’s doing now. It is absolutely worth reaching out to them. Some will vote for Ossoff and Warnock; some will simply not vote for Perdue and Loeffler. Either path helps us and is well worth the money.

    Beyond that I trust that our Senate duo can attack when and how needed, and to deliver a positive transactional message to our voters. Let’s do what we can to help them.

    (I’ll probably let y’all know which volunteer path I’ve chosen, I’m still sorting that out, kinda awaiting orders from Reichsmarschall McCormickschtomper, whose team has been in touch. Win with a winner, right?)

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  6. So the drive in concert says no outside food or drinks. My first thought was to sneak some beer in anyway. Then I thought, I’m 48 and have my kids with me so I won’t.

    But if they don’t have Budweiser. Man.


  7. Fed a steady stream of lies and Trump supporters eat them up and parrot the lies. Tapper didn’t show how dangerous this situation is. What would the GOP to use the same tactics to disenfranchise parts of the electorate all over the country. And yes best believe those will be black and hispanic voters. This is an effort to stay in power by force/cheating instead of “winning” over the voters.

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    • The Republican fascists are backing up state power with armed militias – Sidney Powell called on pro-Trump militias to “retake the country”. There is a long history in the US of the state allying with these kind of groups to prevent minorities from exercising their rights.

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      • exactly. Which is why I don’t like Tapper not showing how serious this is. I know several black people in the media are discussing this. The media rather discuss how to win back Trump supporters. They should be in Detroit now interviewing the people Republican’s are trying to disenfranchise. Imagine how the media would report on this if the same thing was happening to those alleged Trump swing supporters.

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  8. Check on two jobs this morning. Then cut up the bread to make stuffing next week. Then head down to Macon for the Allman Betts Band show.

    Looks like the rain is gonna cancel my outdoor Thanksgiving. So it’ll be just us plus my best buddy. Gonna be a lot of leftovers.

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  9. A flashback to a Jeff Beck group tune due to a jhgm63 post:

    I’m drinkin’ again
    Thinkin’ of when
    You left me
    That happened once so long ago
    I’ve been havin’ a few
    And wishin’ that you
    Were right here by my side
    Well, I’m makin’ the rounds
    And settin’ them up
    A total stranger to myself
    I’m just makin’ a fool of myself

    Yeah Rod Stewart singing and Ron Wood on bass

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    • A technicality, but the election in Georgia has yet to be certified. It must be certified by 5:00pm tomorrow.
      Then and only then will I have a shot of JW Blue that I’ve been saving.

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  10. So, if you have kids or grandkids or are eligible to vote in the upcoming runoff, first get them registered and second get them to the polls, even if you have to bribe or black bag them. Hell, tell them it is a video game.

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