Quit crying about things you cause

Today is the 163rd day since the first death from CoVID-19 was initially recognized. Since February 29th, at least 163,000 Americans have died from CoVID-19 related illness. There have been more than 5 million confirmed cases here in the US which is millions ahead of the second most infected country.

As glaring as these numbers are, they are not a true reflection of the true toll CoVID-19 has taken on the US. As we’re gearing up for back to school, we are getting news that just under 100,000 kids have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the past two weeks alone. Even with all we see and know, there are parents still demanding their children be allowed to become vectors by attending school in person this fall.

Now, today’s buzz is surrounding the cancelation of college football. Many smaller schools and conferences have already come to terms with reality, and now it appears that one of the Power 5 conferences is ready to do the same. This didn’t have to be our current reality, but this is where we sit as a country now because of the failure of those elected to steer our government.

We don’t deserve a football season based on how we’ve addressed this pandemic. We don’t deserve any sports or leisure events. We haven’t done the necessary work to curtail the spread of this virus to the point where it is remotely feasible to consider leisure activities.

Firefighters don’t declare victory over a house fire as soon as they hook up hoses and get water flowing. An airline pilot wouldn’t declare crisis averted just by putting on his oxygen mask if his plane loses pressure at 38,000 feet. In all emergency situations, there are protocols and steps we take to not only recognize the problem but to actively work to resolve the emergency as quickly as possible without the loss of life/property of those involved. We failed this task with coronavirus.

Gov. Mumbles announced a new testing site at Hartsfield-Jackson today. That sounds good, but what will testing accomplish when we’re not using the results of the testing to mitigate the spread of the virus? Testing thousands every day is useless when the results are not known for 2 weeks. There’s no way to know how many additional infections are created within that time frame. When he refuses to implement steps to slow the spread of CoVID-19 so that testing can help us reduce spread, Mumbles is complicit in the spread of infection and death.

I’m also sick of the Freedumb Vectors™ who traffic dumbassery and put the lives of first responders and medical professionals at risk. People want to claim that wearing a mask is cowering in fear while they can’t go to the grocery store or even leave their home without carrying a loaded handgun or rifle. If wearing a mask is living in fear, then quit wearing seat belts, helmets, or other safety gear. Stop buying guns to protect yourself or your family. Quit paying premiums for medical and life insurance too because that’s living in fear of in case something happens.

We claim to be the greatest nation in the world, the beacon of freedom to all. In reality, we’re a country with our fair share of incompetent idiots who are riding the coattails of our predecessors while pretending they’re responsible for the success from decisions made long ago.

I say this because I used to think that it took years, even decades, to realize the outcomes of decisions made by our government. I’ve been proven wrong because we’re living with the failure of decisions made by a chaos goblin who lives only to better himself while destroying those who do not show fealty to him and those who enable him to run amok unchecked by constitutional norms.

Things didn’t have to be this way. They are because of selfish individuals who refuse to acknowledge reality and science and instead choose to feed chaos and conspiracy. We reap what we sow. Those of us who make the tough decisions and sacrifices will not see the fruits of our labors as long as it’s not a united front from everyone.

If you want football, in person school, or even vacations, then do the hard work and earn the reward. If you’re not going to do the hard work, then don’t complain about the results you don’t get.

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  1. I’m wondering if I should bother to watch some of the shitshow tonight, in real-time. Maybe even via the Republican YouTube channel so it’s totally unfiltered.

    (I assume their YT thingie livestreams it, although a quick look–and no, I won’t link it here, eff them–it’s not real clear where one finds yesterdays’ prime-time festivities, which ain’t how I’d do it…)


  2. Less drama, more mama . . .

    A day late and a daughter short !

    Kellyanne Conway resigns as family feud goes increasingly public

    This is what happens when you put power and money above family.

    Smellyanne put Trump ahead of her family and now she will

    reap what she sow.


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  3. Scathing words from the FIXER . . .

    He has a dire warning for us all.

    American Bridge 21st Century

    The people who know Donald Trump best are sounding the alarm: our country cannot survive four more years of a Trump presidency.

    In our latest ad, a former member of his inner circle & “fixer” —

    — has a dire warning for us all. #RNC2020

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  4. University of Alabama has over 500 new corona virus cases since it opened last week. When are they shutting down in person classes?


  5. If you haven’t been watching the NBA playoffs in the bubble, you are missing some good games. Last night watched LeBron drop a 3 from 36 feet away.

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  6. Listened to a small portion of Nikke Haley’s speech.
    She lacks the swagger of Kamala or Val or Katy Perry and any number of D woman.
    If Haley has any notion of running for the top job, these D women will grind her to minced meat. LOL

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  7. The pièce de résistance tonight at the RNC. . .

    Melania (don’t touch me)Trump will give her biggest speech in four years.

    Can she convince skeptical women to vote for her husband?

    The bigger question is will she give a coherent speech or

    will she just repeat Michelle Obama’s speech again?

    Where the hell have you been Melania?

    Being your best?


    • The scowl seen around the world. . .

      Melania Trump caught on camera scowling during inauguration

      She had not even stepped foot into the white house !


  8. A Florida taxi driver, who believed false claims that coronavirus was a hoax, has lost his wife to Covid-19.
    Brian Lee Hitchens and his wife, Erin, had read claims online that the virus was fabricated, linked to 5G or similar to the flu.

    What a bunch of idiots.


    • Ignorance is a deadly disease, it will get you killed . . .

      Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere

      ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

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  9. Big mouth in the house . . .

    Kimberly Guilfoyle’s mouth operates faster than her brain !

    She is the type of person you should never put on a speaker phone.


    A hoe is not just a garden tool.

    Kimberly Guilfoyle shouts much of her Republican national convention speech


  10. You can’t put a flower in an @sshole and call it a vase. . .

    Last night the cons tried to re-write Trump’s record.

    Do they think we are Boo Boo the fool?

    Good words won’t cover up ugly actions.

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    • “You can’t put a flower in an @sshole and call it a vase…

      I have never thought of anything that clever before, and I am putting you on notice that I’m stealing it for personal use.

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  11. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine to market will be hard. Getting Americans to use it will be, too.
    Americans’ distrust in scientific experts and institutions was percolating long before this virus. Partisan politics during the pandemic made it worse.

    It is like 3% of anti Climate Change sow doubt among many people.

    In the case of developing a suitable vaccine for covid by real scientists will take time. But these minority of so called scientists are giving the real scientists a bad name.


  12. NBA star LeBron James’ group plans effort to recruit poll workers for November
    A group of prominent athletes fighting voter suppression will collaborate with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

    Never piss off a gentle giant. You here that Laura and Donny boy?

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  13. Damn. I love Jay uncaged.

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  14. When they show you who they are……..

    It was bound to happen, but that doesn’t make it any better.

    Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock was Zoom-bombed on Monday while addressing the Hall County Democratic party online.

    Candice Dyer, a writer and party volunteer, said things went “as haywire as possible,” starting with trolls who jumped on the line and started repeatedly hurling the N-word at the Black pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

    Others spouted nonsense from the QAnon conspiracy theory. Then came the graphic porn — “various hirsute people masturbated for us,” in Dyer’s words.

    “It was a cacophony of the worst of human awfulness, in response to a dignified public servant and person of faith,” she said. “I feel broken-hearted.”

    In a Tweet late Monday, Warnock wrote that a “hateful few won’t stop us from going everywhere and speaking to everyone.”

    “It is more important than ever to hear each other out – that’s what I’ll do in the Senate,” added the pastor, who is among 20 candidates challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

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  15. In her first TV ad of the fall campaign, Handel delivers a strident, law-and-order message using footage from protests in Atlanta that turned violent. Says Handel, to camera:

    “It’s hit too close to home. Standing up for law enforcement used to be a bipartisan issue. Sadly, today, it’s not. My opponent – she’s supporting those who attack police, playing partisan politics and making things worse.”

    The ad makes no mention of George Floyd or Rayshard Brooks, whose deaths at the hands of police sparked the unrest. But the video pointedly shows McBath marching beside a sign that reads, “Some KKK wear hoods but most wear uniform and badge.”

    The McBath campaign notes that the event depicted by the Handel campaign was a “unity march” that also featured the mayor of Roswell and that city’s police chief. In fact, in the Handel ad, that’s Roswell Police Chief James Conroy walking beside McBath, said campaign spokesman Jake Orvis. The “KKK” sign was the work of a bystander.

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  16. ahh but Pompeo didn’t meet with Trump on an airplane so it’s all good.


  17. Speaking of T-shirts. If you missed the John Lewis ones, let me know cause I gotta keep them going and I’m not afraid to keep buying more. Good trouble, baby.

    The Warnock Ossoff T-shirts I might do some iffin any of y’all are interested.

    My piece de resistance the Bonespur Bunker Bitch T-shirt and the My Congressman John Lewis T-shirts are easily available at Bang On in L5P. I believe they have what is called, the Jeffrey EAV collection there now and if you’re so inclined can call them and ask for any of my designs. Did I mention, I know fashion?

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  18. I’m in the Palmetto State this week and all I can say is that I live in a different reality than some of the people I am meeting.
    Trump is doing a great job
    Biden is both a puppet and suffering from dementia
    Dems want open borders and to give free rein to MS-13
    Pelosi wants to give money to people who don’t work

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  19. Ok. Second day of school. Online. So the kids had a great day yesterday. They hung out at mom’s office with her, her business partner and the accountant. All a bunch of awesome ladies. Plenty of space and all the technology they need.

    Gonna do it again today with only one difference. Gee? What could that be?

    Glad you asked. One of their teachers after one day of school is now in quarantine. Yes. One flipping day. But I made too big a deal and got emotional about opening school back up.

    I don’t want to be right. I just want people to be safe. Anyway good luck to the teacher and Happy Tuesday.

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