America needs an enema

That was one of many great lines delivered by Jack Nicholson in Batman.  At one point, I would have suggested that Washington DC was that town.  Now, I think this entire country is constipated.  Just look at the way people interact with each other.  Check the differences in how media is disseminated or viewed.  We are in a state of utter chaos, and much of it is of our own doing.

For starters, VOX ran a very interesting article on the difference in news coverage on the Trump/Russia issue between the right-wing media outlets and everyone else.

The past week of Trump scandals for people reading mainstream news outlets has gone something like this: President Trump fired the FBI director who was investigating his campaign’s connection with Russia — and then the next day, Trump shared classified information with Russian officials.

But on conservative news outlets, the narrative was very different. It was about an FBI director whose firing was long overdue, and a liberal media desperate to take down Trump.

You can find the entire article here, and it is well worth the read.  The gist of the article shows that we are living in two different realities.  People who only get their news from one source or from within their own safe zone are talking entirely different incidents with people in other news circles.  When you hear Trump supporters dismissing the news reports, it’s not a defensive measure in as much as they believe something totally different because of what their media is telling them.

Then, there’s the sheer flood of “leaked” information.  As a federal employee, I find it difficult to believe that my colleagues have suddenly found it impossible to do their jobs without potentially violating the law by discussing classified information or other things.  When administrations change, the appointed positions change.  The rank-and-file workers don’t.  I was hired in under GW Bush, and if I remain until retirement, there’s no idea of how many other presidents I’ll serve.  That said, the person sitting in the WH doesn’t change my work ethic one bit.  I still try to do my job to the best of my ability now as I did when I was first hired.

The amount of the leaks makes part of me think it’s intentionally done to sow discord.  Let’s face it, there is enough discord in America right now to circle the world about a dozen times.  People are literally at each other’s throats.  A right-wing white supremacist killed two people on a commuter train in Portland after hurling slurs at two passengers who were thought to be Muslim.  There’s all kinds of crap going on everywhere, and it seems like it will only get worse.  The pejoratives fly out of people’s mouths like breath on a cold winter morning.  We’ve found out that even the FBI had false information that was meant to disrupt the system.

This country needs to take a massive dump.  We need to purge all the bulls**t out of our system.  Some of us need to be reminded that, regardless of ideological beliefs, we are not enemies.  I cringe whenever I hear Americans referring to fellow Americans as enemies.  I don’t even refer to football rivals as enemies.  That word carries powerful and dangerous connotations.  Someone needs to find an equivalent to a giant bottle of Fleet, shove it up the figurative ass of America, and squeeze that mofo until it turns to powder.

We’re full of sh*t, both figuratively and literally.  We cannot continue as a country like this without doing damage to our society as well as relationships to our allies.  If we don’t unclog the system, something is bound to happen.  We’ve gone from being an example of democracy to looking like a disturbed red ant hill.

I don’t like it.  I don’t like it one bit.  I honestly hope that the investigators take thing seriously and act appropriately on their findings.  If nothing has occurred, then everyone should be able to see the information from the investigation to see where that conclusion was drawn.  Likewise, if there was any bad behavior between Americans and outsiders to influence the election, there should be no sparing of the powers of the judiciary to give America the justice we deserve.  That’s the only way we will begin to remove this sh*t from our system in order to recover to what we were before.


7 thoughts on “America needs an enema

  1. Excellent post, and you are so right … I have been guilty of this also. Our nation is more divided than at any time, at least in my lifetime. In fact, I am not sure how we will heal and bring people together again, so great is the divide in ideologies. There is no longer a middle ground, and hate seems to be the order of the day.


    • I wish I knew the path forward. Years back, I thought we were on our way to division like the 1860s. Where we are now is much worse in my view.

      Instead of regional or state differences, the divisions are basically door-to-door divisions. There are even families split down the middle now. I don’t see it changing anytime soon when the president himself feeds into the hate.

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  2. Back on April 12 Jay Bookman had a post about the causes of the divide in our politics. It included the following paragraph.

    “And again, the true source of that resentment isn’t political in the first place, which also means it cannot be addressed through politics. Its inspirations are demographic, generational, economic, technological and religious. It is also a reaction against a media culture that conservatives find increasingly antagonistic and dismissive, and often, I’ll admit, for very good reason.”

    The point in that last sentence deserves more attention than it gets. The antagonism and dismissiveness may be increasing, but they have been around for a long time. This is what has made many on the right mistrust and resent the mainstream media. This is probably the main reason such a total split developed in who relies on what media. The farther it goes, the harder it is to fix.


    • That antagonism runs on a 16 lane superhighway. As much as conservatives are antagonized, they dish it out back in spades.

      I try to not be dismissive of anyone or their views. At the same time, I’ve lost tolerance for people who simply want to troll or sow division themselves. It’s perfectly normal to disagree and have different viewpoints. Disagreeing doesn’t mean that we have to act disagreeable though.

      Jay has his moments where he raises valid issues. You wouldn’t know that when half of his comments are about the AJC being a liberal rag or something else negative about liberals.

      I would need to be convinced that there is a fix at this point as I don’t see how to reverse things.


      • Discussing politics won’t fix the divisiveness because the problem is not political. Jay has identified some reasons why this is true. I maintain that the real root of the problem is widespread mistaken ideas about epistemology and the foundations of ethics.

        Although many people mistakenly view Ayn Rand as primarily a source of political ideas, her most important contribution is clarifying the foundations of ethics. She has also made important contributions to epistemology. Once these ideas are widely enough understood and accepted, this will allow fixes for a lot of things, including the divisiveness. But this is a slow process.

        The big unknown is, do we have time for this slow process before our civilization comes to grief, or will it take the rise of a new civilization before mankind has a chance to do things right?

        I have tended to assume that if our civilization comes to grief, it will be because of the accumulation of destructive government interferences with business and the economy. But maybe it will be because the divisiveness gets out of hand.


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