Dueling truths

I just happened to take two screen shots of the home page of the Daily Mail.  On their home page is two articles that are so diametrically opposite that one has to be an outright lie.  I’ll let you decide.


A few stories below, you find this article.

So, which is it?  Did we reduce the airbase to rubble?  If we did, how could Syria launch attacks from the same airfield in less than 24 hours?

I’ve not wanted to accuse the president of wagging the dog, but even that would be better than making our military look like an abject failure that’s incapable of carrying out a basic attack.

Every time I think we’ve hit rock bottom, we manage to roll over the edge and fall even further.   This is a damn disgrace and a complete disservice to the men and women who make up our military.  They deserve a straight answer about what the hell is really going on, and so does the rest of America.


11 thoughts on “Dueling truths

  1. This seems to have been theater. I don’t yet know what the point of it was, but I suspect it will cost the US more to restock those Tomahawks than it will cost Assad to repair the minor damage at the airfield.

    On another subject, Bro, I’m more and more concerned about what I read and hear of the tactics ICE is using. I’m disturbed for the people they’re being used on now, but I’m also worried that ICE is being turned into an army inside America, a nascent SS.

    If you can see my email from the form on your page, I’d be glad to hear from you privately if that’s more comfortable.


    • All countries should have open borders, certainly not the kind of very restrictive laws we have now. The U.S.A. has less excuse for such restrictions than most, since we are supposed to be about freedom and opportunity.
      In addition, such restrictions create problems which some people see as reasons for becoming even more restrictive. (An example of how government interference leads to problems which lead to more government interference.)
      As long as the restrictions weren’t enforced very well, the damage was limited. Over time they have been enforced more, doing more damage. For example, when it became more difficult to cross the border, some people had to change their strategy. Instead of moving back and forth across the border to alternate between working here and spending time with their families, they had to just stay here, and often brought their families to join them. The result was de facto immigrants who were here more by economic pressure than by choice, and who had to keep a low profile, making it more difficult for them to assimilate.
      Trump has led a much more aggressive enforcement of wrongful immigration restrictions. This has required ICE to become more aggressive and powerful. This is indeed dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether you compare it to the SS, the KGB, or what; it’s dangerous.


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