It is finished

It’s Friday night, two days before Christmas, and the one phrase that has been going through my mind all week is “It is finished”.  It’s been a long week full of twists and turns, but it’s almost over.  After this one ends, however, another one begins.

Monday, the Electoral College electors met in their appropriate state capitals and cast their votes for the 45th president.  Of course, this was basically an exercise in formality as we already knew who would be voted as the next president.  My first thought on Monday was “it is finished” because I wouldn’t have to hear any more about this damned campaign.  This is my 7th presidential election that I’ve voted although I remember them all the way back to Reagan in 1980.  This is the first one where I have not seen people defend their choice proactively.  Instead, every defense I’ve seen of electing Trump devolves into some rant about Clinton or Democrats.  What does it say about our incoming president when not even his voters can affirmatively defend their choice less than two months after making it?  Buyer’s remorse already?

Tuesday, I took the youngest to the doctor because he was sick.  The test results showed a positive Type-A flu AND positive for strep.  So, for the past few days, I’ve been playing daddy doctor trying to get him back into fighting mode.  We have a date with the TV, snacks, and Alabama Crimson Tide football on New Year’s Eve, so there’s no time to get sick now.  Today was probably the best day as he only went into whine and shut down mode only once.  Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m going back to work tomorrow since mommy is off.  He should be back to full strength for her (bless her soul).  Nah, he’s really a good “big boy” as he calls himself as he’s not a baby anymore.

Then, there was the video making the rounds of the mother and daughter getting arrested in Fort Worth, TX after they called the police to report her 7-year-old son getting choked by a neighbor.  They were charged with resisting arrest, but I’m still scratching my head as to what the initial charge would have been for there to be an arrest to resist.  Maybe I’ll ask my family members who patrol the streets to see if they can help me out with this one.  I always find it hard to grasp getting arrested for resisting arrest when you haven’t done anything to get arrested for in the first place.  Had that been my 7-year-old son, the charge would have probably been aggravated assault or something worse.  Anyone who has the testicular fortitude to put their hands around the neck of any of my children had better be ready to deal with me once I arrive on the scene.  It’s going to be a long and detailed discussion about the who, what, where, when, and why.

Finally, I came across a…  umm…  I don’t know what to call it other than an opinion piece written by Chris Kluwe in regards to his feelings about the incoming president.  If anyone in America honestly feels like they don’t have any f**ks left to give at this point, it’s probably because Mr. Kluwe used them all.  Seriously.  After reading his post, I went to and put an order in for a case of f**ks.  I received an automated response that they were on back order because of Chris Kluwe.  I understand his feelings, but at this point, “it is finished”.  We can’t un-elect Trump.  We can only ensure that our actions help those who need help while trying to make sure those running the country doesn’t screw things up.

For those who follow the life and teachings of Christ, they should remember the last words he spoke before he gave up the ghost on the cross.  In the book of John Chapter 19, the story of the crucifixion is laid out for all to read.  His last words were written in Verse 30, “It is finished”, according to the King James Version.

After going through all I did this week, after seeing and hearing all that came before me, I realized that this is just the end of one phase and the beginning of the next.  I have my anxieties for the future.  I worry about the effects that the potential future changes will have on my friends, colleagues, and even my family.  I won’t allow myself to get discouraged by thinking about the future though.  I’ll just roll up my sleeves to get ready to tackle next week because that one isn’t finished yet.

Thanks for reading as always.  I know there are lots of different blogs to read, but I really appreciate those who take the time to stop by and read my vents and musings.

Have a safe and wonderful:


  • Saint Nicholas Day (Christian)
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
  • St. Lucia Day (Swedish)
  • Hanukkah (Jewish)
  • Christmas Day (Christian)
  • Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christian)
  • Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish)
  • Kwanzaa (African-American)
  • Omisoka (Japanese)
  • Yule (Pagan)
  • Saturnalia (Pagan)

Just want to make sure I don’t forget anyone or leave anyone out.  If you don’t celebrate holidays, then just be safe anyway.  There is far too much crazy going on in this world to not be cautious.



21 thoughts on “It is finished

  1. Right now if I don’t stop fretting about this election, I will go insane. But I will fight…somehow. I can’t let the country my dad spent 28 months in a Japanese POW camp for go down with a dollar sign stuck up its butt.


    • Don’t give up. Not at all. What you have to do is adapt and fight back using their own rules and tactics against them. There are very few who are truly excited about the future right now, and it’s evident in that there are very few people who put forth any positive defense of voting for Trump. It’s all negative about Clinton. Remove her, and there’s no debate.

      I won’t allow the sacrifices of any of our family go down in a ball of flames.


  2. I’m trying! At least I’ve stopped crying so much, so often. Have also pretty much stopped reading/watching most of the pundits & on line news sites. I still fast forward every time I see that nasty face, while calling it filth & slime. Then I see the cabinet it is appointing. Okay, time to watch something cheerful. 😱😳🎄🤓 Happy whatever you celebrate, Brosephus and kitty27.


    • I try to stay away from opinionated information as much as possible. It’s not easy as most “news” is nothing more than advertising bait to increase profits for the media outlet.

      It’s okay to cry, but don’t let others kill your resolve. At this point, I’m hoping that Trump continues to waffle on his rhetoric. If he flip flops long enough, then maybe we can avoid the worst of things.


  3. Thursday night I was up late finishing one deadline. Friday I was up about 0400 and began another, got to bed at about midnight,, up early again, finished at lunchtime, then began cooking for the family get-together. Funny how these things fall on the guy who knows the difference between a knife and a spoon. Most of the time. So I just finished with six pounds of Swedish meatballs (family recipe that goes back way past 100 years), 4 pounds of kaldomar (Swedish cabbage rolls, simple, beef, rice, onion, nutmeg, wrapped in cabbage leaves. Heaven.), Then a chocolate cream cheese pie. With egg whites and whipped cream folded in, sitting on a chocolate graham cracker crust.

    So I came in to check my email and found this. What a nice respite. My exhaustion doesn’t begin to match with the utter travails some people face every day of their lives. Then I got to the paragraph “For those of you who follow the life and teachings of Christ” and the calm perspective fell back in place.

    Thanks, Brosephus. You made the end of my day restful. Hopefully you and your son will rest well tonight. He needs to start banking energy for Christmas morning!


    • Thanks Paul, from the sounds of it, my stomach and I should be with you this weekend. 🙂

      One thing I’ve never ridiculed President Obama about was his statement about people clinging to their Bible and guns. I may not be bitter all the time, but I try to never stray far from the teachings that I grew up with. It’s easier to weather a storm when you have an solid anchor.

      Enjoy your Christmas. I’m hoping to have the energy to survive here. I don’t anticipate getting much rest.


  4. What no greeting for a poor old atheist? LOL
    Have a merry Christmas.
    It is hard to deal with strep. Believe me I had to go through with mine when he was young.


  5. Didn’t both candidates get a lot of votes that were really against the other candidate? I considered both candidates to be very dangerous, but in different ways. I decided that the danger from Trump included an increased risk of nuclear war, and that this was a bad enough downside risk to vote for Clinton. In a more normal election I would have voted Libertarian, on the theory that it was a better use of my vote to send a message that might help nudge things in a better direction than to try to choose between two undesirables.


    • I’ve read different assessments that make the argument about protest votes. Given the abysmal approval ratings for both, and that seems highly likely.

      I voted for Clinton because I think Trump’s ego is going to be very dangerous for the country.


  6. As far as worrying about the future of the country goes, here’s my view. If we do not reverse course in time, mixed-economy statism will eventually mess the world’s economy up badly enough to bring civilization crashing down and usher in a new Dark Age. The United States is a very important part of what happens, but is not the whole story. Whether we elect a Republican or a Democrat in any given election on any level may affect the pace of this process but will not fundamentally change it. It is hard to tell just what effect Trump will have on the pace of this process. Rather than fret about something over which I have very little control, I just do what I can in my own small way to nudge things in the right direction, continue to live my own life, and hope for two things, neither of which is guaranteed. I hope people will reverse course in time. I hope that at least my wife and I will be able to enjoy a functioning civilization for the rest of our lives.


    • I would normally suggest that the president doesn’t have as much sway as people think. With Sir Twitter Fingers coming into office, we can pretty much discard all the old knowledge as it will be useless in trying to determine what is going on.

      I’d suggest stocking up on antacids and nausea meds to last for a while.


  7. On your last topic, Christmas has two meanings. One is Christian and only Christians would want to celebrate it. The other, traditionally worded as “good will to men”, can be celebrated by anyone. I’m an atheist and I celebrate “good will to men”. But I can understand that some people would be uncomfortable with the holiday’s association with Christianity.


    • Well, I”m a Christian and I don’t consider Christmas to be any more of a religious holiday than is, say, Lincoln’s birthday. And Christmas isn’t ever the birthday of the Christ anyway. In fact, no one even know WHEN he was born, except roughly maybe the year. I know of nothing in the New Testament that says we should be celebrating the birth of Jesus at all. So Merry Christmas (and you don’t even have to BE Christian to celebrate the birth of a man who had a great impact on the world!)


    • Christmas is so hyper-commercialized that I don’t consider it as religious, and I’m a born and raised Baptist. I like to keep my religion separate from secular life especially considering that people have differing views and beliefs on religion. Just my view though. It’s more like a man-made holiday as opposed to something gleaned from the Bible.


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