Method or message 

My family received this mailer to remind us of the runoff election for county commissioner chairwoman* that takes place on Tuesday.  Two things quickly came to mind.

First, why do politicians have to resort to stoking fear to gin up support?  If you want me to vote for you, then I have to be comfortable with your policies and decision-making skills. Governing from fear is not effective in the long run and usually leads to mistakes that harm more than they help.

Next, where are there liberal Democrats in the South?  This is Georgia, and my Democratic Party representative, Rep. David Scott, supported the incumbent Republican Senate candidate Johnny Isakson over the Democratic Party nominee Jim Barksdale in the election that just took place.  How liberal is that?

If you’re always afraid of every little thing that crosses your path, how do you intend on governing a fast growing county?  I know this is local politics , but it’s the same tactic that plays out on the national level.

I don’t live in fear, and I don’t want decision makers who do.  I want people who have the ability to see a situation and be able to find multiple ways to solve the problem without causing more damage than doing good.  America wouldn’t be what it is if we let fear dictate our choices.

I guess I could say that she tried to reach out to me as I didn’t receive anything from her competition.  Then again, maybe the Democrat running already knows that I hate getting political junk mail and is really more in tune with my feelings.

*The race is for chairwoman as it’s two women running for the position.


4 thoughts on “Method or message 

  1. Bro: “I guess I could say that she tried to reach out to me as I didn’t receive anything from her competition.”
    More than likely what happened was that she thought you were a republican — if she would’ve known that you weren’t she probably would’ve sent another flier that said, “I’m the right person for the job!! I’ll work across the aisle to get theings done!!” — Instead of “Don’t let Liberal Democrats take Control of Henry County!!” — DDR (said “tongue in cheek” sarcastically


    • I think it’s pandering myself as there is no threat from liberal anything in Georgia, or the South for that matter. The South has always been more conservative leaning than the rest of the country, even for Democrats.

      Fear is not an image that I would want to project if I’m wanting to lead or govern.


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