Post 2016 Election: First thoughts

My first thought at 2:50 am on November 9th, was “What the f**k!?” when I rolled over in bed and heard the words “President-elect Trump” come from my TV.  I had always figured it was a very distinct possibility considering that we were voting for two of the most disliked candidates that I could ever remember.  I just wasn’t completely prepared to hear that announcement.  I knew all along that, no matter who won, I wouldn’t be skipping with joy over the thoughts of my incoming boss.

I wanted to write this yesterday, but it literally took more than 24 hours for me to get my thoughts together.  So, here goes…

Take our country back = Make America great again

White America got their country back.  We minorities got the message loud and clear.  Some have called this a “change” election, but I don’t buy that.  This was all about anger and resentment, plain and simple.  Trump basically rode that anger and resentment and used it to his advantage to end up in Washington DC.  The fact that he had minority support does not negate the fact that angry White America is what put Trump in office.  If you wanna accuse me of playing the race card, then that’s you and your opinion.  I’m just calling it as I see it from my perspective, and there are far many more Americans who agree with my assessment.

Look at the increased attacks on Muslim looking people.  Look at the increased intimidation of Blacks by people waving Confederate battle flags.  That stuff isn’t from patriotic duty to country.  That’s from people who hate minorities.  Trump fed that anger, whether intentional or not, and those who supported him are going to expect him to act on those promises he made from the southern wall to banning Muslims.  Interestingly, the ban Muslims part of his platform has disappeared from his campaign website.

America is angry, and rightfully so

As I said, this election was all about anger.  Trump stated “the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer” as part of his victory speech.  Reading social media, some have taken that to be a *wink, wink* to middle America, aka White America in flyover country, among other things.  I’m going to take him at face value as I’ve done for the entire campaign and not read anything extra into it.  The angry people for the most part, however, have been White America though, so there may be some truth to this.

People are angry because of a perceived lack of economic growth and job loss.  Trump has promised expansive growth and bringing jobs back.  That’s not going to happen though.  The only way those jobs come back is if the wages paid in China are paid here.  I don’t see Americans working for $5 a day or something lower.  Immigration has also been an issue.  Immigrants are not the ones passing laws that have led to the top income percentile taking most of the benefits of our economic growth.  Trump has also promised to do many other things, some of them being very unconstitutional from the jump.

The bad thing about acting out in anger is that you usually regret those actions later on down the road.  I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling this will be the case for many people.  I don’t worry as much about the damage that a President Trump with a GOP Congress can do as much as I worry about the backlash when Trump screws his supporters.  People have overlooked his blatant lies and snake oil salesman presentation and have put faith that he’s going to do what he said.  What I don’t get is how does a large group of Americans buy the argument that Donald J. Trump is going to get rid of corruption, or “drain the swamp”, in Washington DC when he has a verified history of less than ethical behavior himself.  We’ve basically sent a billionaire who has taken full benefit of everything he could as part of that 1% to end the corruption that enabled the 1% to make out like bandits.  In other words, America sent the fox to not only guard the hen-house but to live there as well.

Republicans have to govern now

I know this is a long stretch, but it’s been one in the making.  Read any comment section, and GOP supporters brag about how many governorships, legislative seats, and other positions they hold.  Now, they control Washington DC.  There’s no Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Hillary Clinton to blame anymore.  The GOP has full control of it all, and the results are theirs, and theirs alone to be responsible for.  If we see growth based on their governance, then kudos to them.  If we see downfall, then it’s theirs to own as well.  They can’t simply say “No” or uphold legislation now and call that governing.  They have to actually do the jobs they get paid for.

I’m sure that anything negative will come with the “it’s Obama’s or Democrats fault” for the next four years, but that dog won’t hunt.  If Democrats play opposition to the effect that Republicans did against Obama, then it will still mean that Trump’s policies are failures.  That’s what we’ve seen since 2010, so the GOP has already set the precedent.  As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around.  If Democrats act just like Republicans have, I’ll have my criticisms about their actions, but I’ll still blame Republicans for not getting things done as they’ve blamed Obama.

In Conclusion

Do I expect change?  No.  Nothing will change from this election.  America is still going to be America.  Do I expect Republicans to effectively govern?  No.  They couldn’t pass legislation before, and they won’t do it now because the legislation they want to pass will directly affect the very people who put them all into office.  They won’t have Obama or the Democrats to blame for them screwing their own supporters.

At some point, Americans will have to come to grip with the changes that are happening around us.  We lost jobs that are not coming back.  Our economy has gone from a manufacturing based engine to one that is service based.  The wages in the service industry will have to change to reflect the new norm, or we’ll all continue to suffer economically.  We can’t continue to demand change in Washington DC and keep sending the same people back expecting different results.  In other words, the things that we’re angry about are directly caused by the actions we keep doing over and over.  We’re going to have to accept our changing demographics and know that we’re still America.

I’m praying for those who are angry and hope their situations get better.  I know that America will survive and keep going.


29 thoughts on “Post 2016 Election: First thoughts

  1. A friend of mine from India was yelled at today to “GO HOME” while waiting with her daughter at the school bus stop. This has potential to get really ugly. More Black men being shot just because. Women assaulted because grabbing pussy is now acceptable behavior. The president did it after all. All good. Guiliani as AG??? Oh, I want to barf. I may go buy a gun. Someone gets near me or mine. Boom. I am about there.


    • That’s awful that people do things like they did to your friend, but I’m not surprised at all about the behavior. Sadly, I expect things to get worse before they get better.

      While I’m not one to openly advocate violence as an answer to any problem, the very party who is now in control of the government is the same party that has championed “Stand your ground” laws. I see nothing wrong with preparing for the worst and hoping for the best when it comes to personal security. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid dangerous situations. At the same time, some people in the government feel that you don’t have to back down in the face of danger and you can protect yourself if you’re in fear of your life.

      Take care of you and yours, and thanks for visiting and posting.


    • No problem. I’m trying to make sense of it all and figure out how those close to me will be affected. I don’t agree with the decision that America has made, but I am okay with the outcome.


      • Bro…I can’t remember how old your children are, but when they are old enough to start talking they’re old enough to start having self-defense training. It’s amazing how much even a tiny child can do to protect themselves. If I had children I’d look into that. From a personal point of view, I have much more faith in self-defense than in guns for protection. As I see it a gun is no defense if you don’t know you’re in danger. If someone is going to shoot me, I probably won’t even hear the bang…but if they have to get close to hurt me, then they put themselves in the range of what I know about self-defense…which could turn out to be a big mistake on their part.


        • They’re 8, 3, and 2. They know stranger danger, and they’ll make noise like no one’s heard before if they feel they’re in danger. The oldest asked about taking karate classes this week, so it’s something that mom and I have been considering for a while.

          They know to throw whatever they can or do whatever to get away. Guns would be more for mama and Papa bear to protect them at home more than anything else. I still don’t carry much when off duty because I know that any attacks are likely to be quick and close quarter. I’m constantly trying to learn more based on things we see and hear about.


    • I won’t be buying a gun. I was VERY upset when I wrote that and very afraid for my friend and others who could be targeted by the alt-right people now empowered by this election. I did get some pepper spray and have donated to the ACLU and other groups to get ready for the right for the rights of our neighbors and my own. As a middle aged white woman I don’t anticipate problems in my world except for SS and Medicare. But I am protesting in ways I hope will be useful.


      • That’s cool. People are worried now, and I think there’s ample justification for those fears. I’m looking for the silver lining in the cloud, but I think it’s going to take a while to find it.

        Pepper spray isn’t a bad idea either. I’ve been on the business end of a can before, and I can attest that it’s not all rainbows and skittle pooping unicorns there. 🙂


  2. Brosephus, I’ve always appreciated your insights as posted on Jay’s blog, but you’re seldom there anymore. Seems like the only two sane voices left there after the election are Paul42 and PaulinNH, but even they haven’t been posting as often. It’s become a total swamp with all the cons gloating and posting insults at the speed of a meth-induced adrenaline rush. I feel like I have to take a shower after visiting. Think I’m going to drop off Jay’s blog for a while . . . there are more worthy things to do with my time than reading such hate-filled tripe.

    To say I’m dismayed at Trump being elected is an extreme understatement. When I see reports of yahoos calling out slurs and assaulting women because they feel emboldened to do so . . . I just want to go into a cave and hibernate. I plan to visit your blog more often. It helps to think I’m not totally lost in a tsunami of insanity.

    God bless you.


  3. I do congratulate the cons to run on anger. Good luck legislating which needs cooler heads.
    To all the cons just get ready what you wished for. Good luck.


    • Nah, the first post always goes into moderation. It’s a way of keeping bots from spamming the site. It should show now, and any post from that email address should go through with no problems now.


  4. Hiya Bro – I’m sick myself at what has happened to our country. And even though I know that eventually everything you said will come to past, I can’t help feeling as if I’ve woken up in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter has now married the Mad Queen. I’m afraid for my country. I’m afraid that the “race war” that the Breitbart type bigots want so badly will actually happen. I’m afraid that ISIS, who has now been emboldened by Trump’s success, will start to”speak” to a lot of black/brown kids who’ve been abused by the U.S. system for a long time. I’m afraid that the next ISIS attack will be from someone like that little black girl in Mississippi, who was caught trying to join ISIS by the CIA — she stated that what they said made sense, that America wasn’t about justice, it was about Just. Us. She said she was sick of hearing about all the reasons it was okay to kill black men in the streets, but not okay for blacks to fight back. I’m afraid for my son, now 1 1/2 — he has blonde hair and blue eyes now, (he and his sister looks exactly like my husband — two white kids with a tan), but with the mystery of genetics, I have no idea what he’ll look like in 20 years. I guess I’m just afraid. Can’t seem to shake the feeling. Saw a poster who said just 3 words that sums up everything about Trump’s being elected President, “Winter. Is. Here.”


  5. I tried to post this earlier…. Hi, Debbie. I agree, I’m very, very afraid, too. I’m afraid for myself as a Senior depending upon Social Security & Medicare. And I’m afraid for my 7 grands that our planet won’t be clean for them & that they could be drafted into some really terrible war. The Republicans only care about the “elites” and money. The rest of us are very likely to be s–t out of luck


    • Good to see you here, Debbie! I rarely visit Jay’s comments any more because I hat the software. I agree with your despair. My first thoughts were that Americans really are not the decent, well-intentioned people I thought they were. I’ve tried to put that out of my head and give people the benefit of the doubt, but I’m still aghast at their irresponsibility, lack of judgment, and lack of critical thinking skills. I have taken a lot of solace lately in a Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation. The national site has several million members and I only visit it occasionally; it’s simply unwieldy because of its size. But there’s a Georgia group with only a few thousand members. It’s very comforting and supportive.


  6. I don’t come here often because you post pretty infrequently, what with work and daddy duties and all, and whenever I do come I’m always about 3 weeks late for the discussion. But Trump’s announcement about deporting 2-3M people immediately naturally made me think of you and wonder just exactly how big I.C.E. is to be able to do that. That would be a lot of people to go pick up, do some paperwork om, and drive to the bus station, even if they all gave you their home addresses and packed their bags and waited by the door. I’m guessing they won’t all do that. So — do we have 15-20M I.C.E. agents to track these people down and send them out immediately? Or is this where America gets to see the first of the many Trump promises that will go down in flames?


    • To give you an idea of the staffing levels of ICE, we assist them with deportations already.

      Trump’s administration will be a fine culinary arts experience. The kitchen in a 5-star restaurant is probably the only place that will be able to compete with the amount of flaming we’re going to see.


  7. Dunwoody Granny, “Or is this where America gets to see the first of the many Trump promises that will go down in flames?”
    Bingo! (Hiya Granny!) You guessed it on the first try! I simply can’t understand how people allow themselves to be deceived, because believe me, they KNEW what they were getting in Trump, they’ll just pretend later on, once he nosedives, (and takes the rest of the country with him), that they had no idea. The vindictive children put a con man and a charlatan at the highest level of government, and gave him the security codes for nuclear war heads. How dumb is that?

    Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum address

    If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.

    Or in the vernacular, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    Anyone seen the cyanide?


    • Trump is probably a faster acting poison than what America has been using so far. I just hope we don’t get too big a dose in 4 years or however long it is. A nuclear war would be a VERY big dose.


      • Trump is exactly what half of America has been asking for and the GOP has willingly advertised for decades. The problem is that the GOP never really expected to do any of the extreme things they campaigned on, and all the wolf tickets they sold are about to get cashed in at once.


    • I can’t help thinking about Khruschev’s boast during the Kennedy years that American would fall “like ripe fruit” from within. Looks like he might have been right.


  8. Oh and Granny, thanks for the heads up on the “Pantsuit Nation!” I live in Washington State now, (home of the people smart enough NOT to vote for Trump), but I’ll try and find a local chapter here.


    • You’re welcome. I find it helpful. I had trouble looking at the news for most of last week, but over the weekend I got braver and of course saw the deportation business and the appointment of Steve Bannon to be the new Karl Rove, and I nearly swore off news again. But PSN was full of calls to action to fight Bannon, so I spent quite a bit of timr calling the offices of Republican elected officials to let them know how badly that appointment reflected on the GOP’s claim that Trump and the party are far more inclusive and less racist than they are made out to be. I also donated to the campaign of Foster Campbell, a Democrat in a runoff for the Senate seat in Louisiana. Having something to do about all this made me feel a little less hopeless and powerless.

      Hope you love life in Washington. Good on ya for getting out!


      • I think this election offers the necessary compulsion for the Left to coalesce into a issue driven popular uprising kinda like the Tea Party. If nothing else, the GOP will need constant reminding that they did not receive any mandate from America to go full throttle with their ideology.


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