Two more days

Just as I figured, there was nothing new in the recently found emails.  Director Comey is likely on his way out after this.  I honestly don’t know how he can salvage his career after this fiasco.  He can thank Rep. Chaffetz for speeding up his retirement.
Without knowing what was in those emails, there was no reason to notify Congress.  He should have known that Republicans wouldn’t be able to remain silent on anything remotely involving Hillary Clinton.  It will be interesting to see what’s said about Comey now.  He’s gone from hero to zero and back or vice versa depending on people’s ideology.  He should have just asked my opinion, and I would have said to remain silent until after November 8th.


Once again, another Clinton “scandal” dissolves into a pile of nothingness.  If/When she wins this election, get ready for 4 years of this crap.  We already know what’s coming.  She won’t be able to take a dump in the Oval Office bathroom without it becoming a scandal.


9 thoughts on “Two more days

  1. “Once again, another Clinton “scandal” dissolves into a pile of nothingness.”
    And yet…10 years from now there will STILL be people who think she should be in jail for that nothing. And that includes WAY too many people currently in Congress..who can’t take “not guilty” for an answer, even in the face of THEIR OWN conclusions.


    • I know. Shows the double standard for people in this country.

      BLM and others who protest police violence against unarmed people are constantly told the justice system works and they should accept the findings in the cases and move on. Yet, the Clintons will be guilty 50 years after their grandchildren are dead even though there has been no convictions at all.


  2. He should have just asked my opinion, and I would have said to remain silent until after November 8th.////////
    IMO Comey did HRC a favor. Because of his action he stopped the action of the rogue FBI agents from leaking the contents sometimes on the fourth of Nov. That would have been disastrous to the Clinton campaign.


    • It may seem like he did Clinton a favor in that aspect, but what did he do to the reputation of the FBI, DOJ, and other federal government workers overall?

      If it were me, I would have set the trap for those rogue agents and let them fall right into it. It’s far easier to explain the actions and terminations of rogue agents as opposed to the director doing something like he did. By position of authority, the director’s words will be taken much more seriously than field level agents.

      Most people, by now, should realize that a) law enforcement personnel are usually right-leaning, b) the NY FBI office has it out for Clinton for a long time, and c) they’ve been actively working trying to kill her chances at winning the election since her nomination.

      There’s this thing called the Hatch Act that would have helped Comey clean house in that office had they leaked information to throw the election. Given how Rudy Giuliani and others have claimed information based on speaking with agents, I’d suggest there’s probably enough information for a DoJ investigation for that office to include current and former agents. I doubt they’ll do that because of the political atmosphere, but by nature, we’re supposed to be apolitical in our actions. That’s law. That’s why you don’t see me write anything regarding immigration policy or procedures. I’m not about to lose my job over something stupid that I write here.


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