Election fatigue

I know that I’m not the only one suffering from this.  I don’t need a poll or survey to validate the results either.  There has to be an easier way to conduct an election without all the crap we have to deal with.

One could say that this particular election has been debated for almost 30 years.  That’s taking into consideration the never-ending assault on Hillary Clinton from those on the Right who are obsessed with finding some conspiracy or scandal to take her down.  Those attacks started on her from her time in Little Rock, AR as First Lady of Arkansas and they continue today.

I understand that people are angry, and this is an angry election.  That said, don’t expect the change you want to come from someone (anyone) who is campaigning to run that very system you want changed.  If there’s one thing we’ve seen, it’s that people are not going to willingly give up power once they’ve received it.  Donald Trump isn’t going to change it, and neither is Hillary Clinton.  Instead of trying to change the system, Americans need to learn how to manipulate the system in the same manner that politicians have.

We have elections every two years.  If you don’t like the way things are going, then quit voting for incumbents regardless of the party.  When Congress has an approval rating that hovers near single digits while also having a historical rate that hovers between 80% and 90%, then there appears to be a serious disconnect between the attitudes people have towards the politicians and system vs their actions on actually trying to change things up.

Quit complaining about the system and put forth an effort to change it.  Otherwise, we’re going to be subjected to continued election seasons like this one.  I, for one, am really tired of this crap and will do what I can to bring it to an end.


8 thoughts on “Election fatigue

  1. I don’t have election fatigue, but I DO have campaign fatigue. And I don’t agree about change just to change. As was pointed out on another blog, if you elect a lot of newbies to things like Congress, then you leave those bodies with no history and the only people who DO know how to “run” things are people like lobbyists…pretty much the LAST people you want telling politicians what they should be doing.

    And at this point, I don’t even care about “changing” Washington. Ain’t gonna happen anyway. What *I* want is someone who knows how to USE Washington as it is to get things done. And no matter which direction you come from Trump knows no more about how to use Washington against itself than either Jimmy Carter or, for that matter, Barack Obama did.


    • I can agree with you on the downside of changing all of Congress. I don’t think all need to be removed. I would settle for a complete change in how districts are drawn up. Instead of having countless “safe” districts for either party, I think every district should be as close to a 50/50 split as possible. Doing that would curb the inclination for a politician to ignore the opposing ideology outright. Having to represent all sides of issues would require the person to actually listen to viewpoints outside of those he/she agrees with if they want to remain in office.

      I don’t have a problem with incumbency point blank. My issue is with incumbents who don’t have to answer or acknowledge viewpoints other than their own. There’s no onus to find compromise if my district is 90% in line with my views. On the other hand, if it’s almost 50/50, then I have to find a way to account for everyone if I wish to remain in office.


      • Yes, I agree about the drawing of district lines. Every election I remember something someone said about a district in NC: If you drove down I95 with your car doors open you’d kill every voter in the district. It’s WAY past time to use computer algorithms to do as you said: make every district as 50/50 as possible.

        And it wouldn’t break my heart if the parties would have ALL of their primaries/caucuses on the same day, either.


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