WTF America

I haven’t been posting much because real life has been keeping me busy.  Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve had tons of stuff going through my brain just itching to get out.  First and foremost, I have to ask, “WTF America?”

How in the hell did we end up with the impending election we have?  In a country of more than 300 million people, we couldn’t find or convince people to run who would actually be desirable to vote for president?  In 2015, I decided that I didn’t want another Bush or Clinton in office because I loathe political dynasties.  I prefer to have different people from different backgrounds as candidates to give us something different to consider or other viewpoints to ponder.  I guess I should have been more specific about different, because I ended up with Trump as the “different” choice, and boy is he ever different.

From the numerous verbal gaffes to the number of unconstitutional policy positions, Trump’s campaign jumped the shark long ago.  I gave up on considering him as a serious candidate long ago, and as his numerous “sarcasm” statements show, he’s not serious either *(except for when he’s serious).  I can’t find any point of agreement with him, and his own advisers appear to be having similar issues.  Given the choices of advisers he’s made, I find his judgment skills to be completely lacking and not capable of making the serious type of selections needed to run this country.

On the opposite side, there’s the “scandal plagued” candidate in Hillary Clinton.  Thing is, most of the scandals are nothing more than hot air that amount to nothing.  The major problem that I have with Clinton is that she appears to have judgment issues herself considering that she’s been living in a fishbowl under the microscope for the last 30 years plus.  I would think that she would be far more discerning and disciplined in the decisions she makes given the scrutiny she’s subject to for the most minute of things.

I have two months plus to make up my mind, although there only appears to be one plausible choice in this race.  Those who appear to gain the most financially are those who keep trying to give semblance of a close, two person race.  Trump is not what America needs, not at all.  Between the unconstitutional policy and inability to admit when he’s wrong, he would likely get us into far more issues than he’d solve in my view.  With a Clinton presidency, I see nothing more than the continued grandstanding that we’ve seen under Obama.  In addition, there would be the constant scandals and other what nots to keep the media making money for the next four years.

Either way, America is going to be the ones to suffer.  That’s why I have to ask again, “WTF America?  Of all the possible choices, this is what we decided upon?”


2 thoughts on “WTF America

  1. Bro…I had to think about this for a while: “In 2015, I decided that I didn’t want another Bush or Clinton in office because I loathe political dynasties.”

    And I’ve decided I can’t agree. I think you are leaving too little room for people to be themselves. For instance, one of the many complaints about Clinton is that she will be “Obama 2.0)”…not “Bill Clinton 2.0”

    I think she will be her OWN president, if she is elected. She will not be either a continued “dynasty” of Obama OR Bill.


    • That’s a fair point. I guess I should clarify that I didn’t want to see members of the same families taking turns in office. She could very well turn out to be better than any previous president. At that time, I was hoping for a different set of candidates that would offer us different ideas for the future of our country.


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