Teflon Clinton

Director Comey says that no reasonable prosecutor would charge Hillary Clinton.  Here is my shocked face.

If anyone had asked me, I could have let you know the results when Republicans started this latest campaign to convict a Clinton.  Anytime I hear a Republican talking about any Clinton scandal, I immediately hear “Yakkety Sax” and picture a classic Benny Hill chase scene.

I guess we’ll have a scandal reset and something new will pop up next week.  Until then my friends.


6 thoughts on “Teflon Clinton

  1. I heard a story on this on TV a little while ago…if I heard correctly, the person said what she did would not have been any different from using the .gov servers…because those aren’t secure EITHER.


    • That’s completely true. People forget that the OPM, Office of Personnel Management, got hacked and lots of data may have been compromised.

      Unless she was explicitly giving intel that she knew was classified to someone else that did not have a need to know as well as the clearance level to receive it, she’s not guilty of divulging classified information.


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