Pro-Life = Pro-Criminalization?

Donald Trump did something that very few others have done this past week.  He actually told the truth about the repercussions of making abortion illegal in this country.

“There has to be some form of punishment.”

“For the woman?” Matthews pushed.

“Yeah,” Trump replied.

If you wish to make abortion illegal by legislative act, constitutional amendment, or any other legal method, you are criminalizing the act.  That doesn’t make you pro-life as much as it makes you pro-criminalization.

Anyone who commits or participates in a criminal act in this country gets some form of punishment.  Period.  If a person steals something, you can and will get arrested for receiving stolen goods if you end up with any of it in your possession.  If you buy drugs from a drug dealer and get caught with drugs in your possession, you will get arrested for drug possession even if it’s for personal use.

Therefore, there is no reason anyone with cursory knowledge of our legal system will deny that Trump spoke the truth.  If you make abortions illegal, you will turn women who have abortions into criminals for the mere fact they’re participating in a criminal act.  AND, they will face some form of punishment.  There is no way around it.

If you call yourself pro-life and prefer to cut down on abortions by educating people on contraception/pregnancy avoidance, advocating adoption, or any other method outside of the legal system, then you are probably not going to be labeled pro-criminalization.

Personally, I would be called pro-choice by today’s standards, but I prefer to call myself pro-freedom.  I understand the right to privacy, and I respect people making their life decisions within that right to privacy.  I wouldn’t personally consider abortion as an option for me, but I also know I have no right to interfere in the private affairs of my neighbor, my friends, or even a total stranger if they have not granted me the permission to get involved.

It takes serious chutzpah to think so highly of yourself that you know what’s better for someone else than they do for themselves.  There may be some exceptions where that is true, but if you’re not a legal guardian, parent, or otherwise legally obligated or designated to make choices for someone, what right do you have to get into their business without being asked?

One last thing that perplexes me about the pro-life crowd.  Why not try to educate people to make “better decisions” as you see it instead of forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do?  Seems that making contraceptive readily available along with sex education to cover EVERYTHING and not just abstinence would do more to prevent unwanted pregnancies than anything else.  Instead of making abortions illegal, why not make sex education legal.  I’d bet you would get the results you’re looking for without having to yell or scream at people.  That would probably keep people from getting threatened or even killed for providing a safe, legal medical procedure that people do have the right to seek out in this country.



3 thoughts on “Pro-Life = Pro-Criminalization?

  1. Yep. Generally, “pro-life” equals “pro-criminalization,” even though that’s not what the “pro-life” side really want you to think about.


    • That’s why they’re pushing the walk back so hard in the media. I’ve never laughed so hard before listening to the Trumpsplainin’ on the cable news outlets.

      He pretty much threw the pro-life movement under the bus.


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