Who didn’t see this one coming

From the New York Daily News:

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ethan Couch, the Texas teen involved in the infamous “affluenza” DUI crash.

Couch, who prompted outrage after receiving no more than probation following a deadly drunken driving accident two years ago that killed four people, missed a meeting with his probation officer earlier this month, according to KVUE.com.

Now, lawyers for Couch, 19, have confirmed police have been ordered to detain the teenager after authorities were unable to reach either him or his mother.

A kid who got let off punishment for killing four people because his “affluenza” kept him from having any sense of responsibility is now lacking responsibility in checking in with his probation officer.  Why not give ALL kids the same opportunity then, including the ones that have the sense of responsibility to serve out their terms in jail, probation, or whatever is meted out?  Are we not all one and the same?


10 thoughts on “Who didn’t see this one coming

  1. I was sitting in a fast food place one day and overheard a conversation between two people, early twenties I would guess and they were discussing the “injustice” because one of them had been late for a drug court mandated session and gotten their probation revoked. They were only 30 minutes late they said. (I know one guy who went thru the drug court thing and actually got himself straightened out. He was smart enough to see an opportunity that they didn’t, I guess. He actually still attends the sessions, even though he long ago fulfilled his requirements, to keep himself on the right path and serve as a model for the others, with the courts blessing by the way).
    Things like that and this guy who killed the 4 people just make me shake my damn head………….and I spend a lot of time shaking my damn head, lately.

    I know, I ramble more and more as I get older. 😆


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