Where there’s smoke…

Anger from Disney’s Inside Out

A while back, probably a year ago as I haven’t written much this year, a reader told me that they were no longer reading my blog because I sounded angry all the time.  It didn’t bother me then, but now I wonder why I sounded angry to that person while no one else seemed to make the same observation.  Recently, I’ve been watching the going ons of the political turmoil that we refer to as campaigning, and I better understand one avenue where that comment may have come from.

It’s all about perspectives, and we Americans have perspectives as differing as our skin tones, hair colors, and choice of smartphones among other things.  For example, Donald Trump has led GOP polls since announcing his candidacy.  Even after uttering completely unconstitutional policies that he would enact, even after people at his campaign rallies yell “Light that motherf***er on fire!” to what sounds like applause in response, he is still the presumptive GOP nominee for president at this time.  He says he wants to ban all Muslims from entering America, and he’s complimented for speaking the truth.

I had heard people talk bad about Trump before, and I pretty much ignored it.  After all, mudslinging is as much American politics as water is wet.  I had heard the comparisons of him to Hitler and fascism, and I kinda shrugged it off because I didn’t really listen to what Trump was saying.  However, I actually stopped to think about what he was suggesting for a minute, and I played a bit of a mind game with myself.

Let’s take everything that Donald Trump has said and switch things up a little and credit someone else with those sayings.  Instead of Trump wanting to ban all Muslims, what would America’s response be if Louis Farrakhan said that he wanted to ban all Jews?  Instead of Trump disparaging Mexicans, what if it was Al Sharpton saying those things about White people?  Would Farrakhan and Sharpton be lauded as telling the truth, or would they receive the “race baiter” label that’s usually applied to them whenever they open their mouths?

That’s why I think I was coming off as angry to some people while not to others.  It’s not what I said more than where it’s coming from.  I could be wrong, and that’s probably true.  Different people respond to me in different ways just as people respond to others in varied responses.  It’s no different with our political candidates.  Some see Trump as telling the truth that no one else has the courage to speak while others see him as nothing more than a political embarrassment waiting to be unleashed upon the rest of the free world.

I guess I may be angry then.  That’s okay because I still think that Trump is a idiot buffoon.  🙂



22 thoughts on “Where there’s smoke…

  1. Personally, I don’t think Trump is an idiot. I think he says idiotic things, but the idiots are those who believe him when he says them.
    I saw an article the other day titled something like “How should the media report on Trump?”
    My first thought: only report when he says something sensible. He’ll drop off the news like a rock off a cliff!


    • True. I guess idiot wouldn’t be the correct term there, but he’s making a mockery of our electoral system.

      He doesn’t need to spend money on campaign ads as the media is very graciously doing that for him. I honestly think that is a part of his strategy. Say something totally ridiculous so that the media stops what they’re doing to cover him. If there’s one person who is reaping the windfall from Trumpmania, it’s Hillary Clinton. When’s the last time you heard anything about her emails in the news?


  2. I can barely type the name of that excuse for a human! Yes, I am angry & hugely disappointed that so many of my fellow Americans find him even somewhat credible.


  3. I don’t know how one can not be angry about a large percentage of Americans falling prey to an alarming strain of religious bigotry. Nor should one be neutral over the sick, exploitative role that our media have played in all this.


    • The media is very culpable in this, and any harm that falls on American Muslims is a stain on their hands.

      If we truly had this supposed liberal media, they would have destroyed his campaign long ago. Instead, our corporate owned media is sitting in the driver’s seat of his campaign.


  4. Trump is a slick operator and he knows his constituents. He knows what his customer wants and he gives it to them. Getting mad at him is pointless and all it does reduce your life expectancy.


  5. My biggest fear is that we have to choose between Hillary and Trump. The way things are looking now, I’ll probably sit this one out, as I can’t any reason to vote for any of them, at this point. Not a one of them has anywhere near the same world view that I do.


    • My guess is that it’s the fear of the unknown that’s driving his popularity. Like the increased gun sales because everyone was afraid that Obama was going to get everyone’s guns after both elections.

      Our society is predicated on openness and that same openness leaves us quite vulnerable to opportunistic terrorist attacks. There’s just no way to guard 100% of the country 100% of the time without giving up substantial freedom. If we go that route, the terrorists win without doing anything. If they succeed in a single attack, then they’ve succeeded in stoking even more fear.

      I honestly wish I knew what the proper course of action was. I only know that defeating an idea isn’t going to happen from a barrage of bullets and bombs.


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