Our political system is severely damaged

Deez Nuts??? Seriously at almost double digits…

I haven’t written for a while as life has been busy, but that has not kept me from keeping up with things.

First thing to tackle is the message from that image above.  Our political system is in disarray.  It is damaged goods.  Seriously.

I know it’s a long running joke since Dr. Dre’s debut solo release The Chronic was unleashed on the world on December 12, 1992.  Since that date, track #6 Deeez Nuuuts has become part of the urban slang in America and crossed over into the general lexicon.

While a good running joke, it makes for a good laugh during this campaign season.  At the same time, it shows the absurdity of a 2-3 year campaign season and how the fickle mind will easily tire of the incessant droning of campaigns.

When I have to seriously contemplate voting for Deez Nuts, it shows that I have very little to no confidence in either party or their current crop of candidates.  I don’t really trust politicians much, and this election is no exception.

I guess this could also be a good thing depending on how you look at it.  I may be able to finally write in Deez Nuts for an office and it may actually count as a legitimate vote.


8 thoughts on “Our political system is severely damaged

    • It is a joke. The actual person who registered is a 15 year old kid, and he wouldn’t be eligible to run because of his age.

      There’s loopholes in the registration process that he used to get registered, and he can remain a candidate without having to file additional paperwork as long as he’s not raising funds and a few other things.


  1. Unless something unforeseen happens between now and Nov 2016, I imagine I’ll just sit this one out. There’s really only one or two people I could consider voting for, of the current crop, and neither of them have a snow ball’s chance in Hell. There’s better than a half dozen that I wouldn’t vote for no matter how bad their opponent might be. Basically, I’m about to the point, I just don’t give a shit, no more. (Just telling the truth)


    • I made a promise to some people that participated in the Selma to Montgomery march back in 1965 that I would never miss an election. That was 20 years ago this year, and I haven’t missed one yet.

      This one is going to really test my resolve because I don’t really see anyone to vote for. I may end up with a write in vote in November 2016 myself


  2. This the hand we are dealt. Not every body has a child with 150 IQ. Some of the unfortunate one have to deal with it.
    The combined IQ of all the running for to get to WH is hovering around 100. We the citizen, like the parents of challenged kids, have to put up with it and deal with it to. So go vote in 2016.


  3. Not only is it hard to find a good candidate, it is hard to be sure what you actually get when a particular candidate gets elected.

    One strategy is not to worry about getting good results this time, but instead try to send a message that may make things better in the future. For me, that probably means voting Libertarian.

    Educating voters is the real key to getting good results in the future. IMO, educating them about politics first is putting the cart before the horse. We have to start on a more fundamental level, at least as fundamental as “What is government”, and actually at least as fundamental as “What are values and why do we need them?”


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