RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown

I never met you, but I did have the pleasure of speaking with your mother years ago.  If your spirit was anything like hers, I know you were an angel in spite of your fights with inner demons.  I don’t like to see prolonged suffering, so I hope your family can find peace with your passing.

Hopefully, you and your mother can reunite and be happy together away from the evils of this world.

My condolences go out to the Houston and Brown families.


2 thoughts on “RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown

  1. I suspect letting her linger for these months may have given the family time to come to terms with their loss. I hope so, anyway.

    Now I’d like to know what happened. She was a healthy young woman, and initial reports said she didn’t have alcohol or drugs in her system. So how did she drown in a bathtub?


    • I’m wondering what happened myself. When my grandmother passed away, she spent 11 days in a coma before we took her off life support.

      It did give us time to prepare for the loss, but it still hurt anyway. I hope that her family can find comfort and solace in knowing she’s no longer suffering. I would love for the family to get closure as to what happened. I don’t think the public really needs to know unless it’s something criminal.


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