America’s Biggest Companies React To SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

These are tributes from companies from all walks of life paying tribute to the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage today.

As someone with friends and family who are in committed same sex relationships, I tip my hat to these companies today. Even as some people see it as sin, that is their right as we all have the freedom to exercise our religious beliefs. It’s all a part of the give and take of living in America.

Click “view original” to see the list of companies and their tributes.


One thought on “America’s Biggest Companies React To SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

  1. Your human rights, sponsored by…

    But if big business hadn’t gotten the message that inclusiveness is a good marketing tool, we wouldn’t have a cultural climate that would have allowed Obergefell v. Hodges to be heard by the Supreme Court, let alone get the result it did.

    OT, two pictures of Pres. Obama this week have really endeared him to me. One was the still of him reacting when he heard the result of King v. Burwell. After all this, you could forgive the man a little smugness, a little triumphalism, I think. But the look of his face was sheer relief. The other was the video of him singing “Amazing Grace” at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa Pinkney and then calling out the names of each of the victims. telling the mourners that each of the dead had found that grace and shared it with others. No other president could have been as genuine in that moment.

    Obama was not my man when he first ran. The cons insist he didn’t have experience, but that wasn’t true; he had more than a decade of experience with elective politics and legislation. What he didn’t have was a record of achievement. He had never really championed a cause and seen it through. I didn’t think he would fight for what’s right; I thought he would look for backroom compromises. And if the Republicans had ever met him halfway, maybe he would have; maybe we’re lucky his opponents decided never to cooperate but always to beat him or die trying. In any event, he has achieved as much as any president in my lifetime and has been a lot pleasanter about it than, say, LBJ. I think history will record him as one of the best. The country was lucky to have had him. I don’t know that I care to say all of this at Jay’s place and listen to all the venom from the cons, so thank you for giving me a safe forum.


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