RIP Dusty Rhodes

From Yahoo News:

The WWE announced on Thursday afternoon that professional wrestling legend Virgil Runnels, a.k.a. Dusty Rhodes, died earlier in the day. He was 69.

Rhodes is a WWE Hall of Famer and a three-time NWA Champion. Always one of the most distinctive and fascinating wrestlers, the man nicknamed The American Dream never failed to entertain and/or enrage every time he stepped into the ring. His career began in the 1970s and continued into the 90s.

Working at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport does have its benefits.  One that I like is that I’ve had the opportunity to meet many professional wrestlers, both old and new school.  One of the most humble and down to earth wrestlers that I ever crossed paths with is Mr. Runnels.

As great of a career and as big a superstar he is/was, he was one of the coolest people to talk with.  I got to meet him when he was traveling to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2007.  We talked about his career and such as I was pretty awestruck just to be in his company.  He told a few stories about things as well.

At no time did he give off an “I’m better than you” or “You’re beneath me” type vibe that you hear being attributed to famous people.  As a fact, most of the old school wrestlers are all pretty mellow.  I guess it’s because of the nature of the business and how they all had to bust their asses to get to the top.

He’ll be missed here on Earth, and he will join the Pantheon of great wrestlers in the beyond.  Godspeed Dusty Rhodes, and my condolences and prayers are extended to your family.  Thanks for taking the time to make a fan’s day just by engaging in idle chit-chat.


9 thoughts on “RIP Dusty Rhodes

  1. I was really surprised to hear this awhile ago. If I remember correctly, he was a plumber’s son and came from working people. Charisma is something you’re born with or not and Dusty had tons of it. Remember his line from his Hall of Fame acceptance speech,
    “I have wined and dined with kings and queens, and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans.”


    • I was shocked when I heard it, and he was truly a working man’s champ in all aspects. I enjoyed him while he was here, and I think there are many people who are saddened to hear of his passing away.

      IMHO, he’s the walking, talking definition of charisma.


      • Spot on with the charisma comment.
        You can learn to speak and communicate better with practice but you still may not have “it” when it comes to commanding attention when speaking. Dusty had “it” (charisma).
        Very witty dude.


    • Spot on with the charisma comment.
      You can learn to speak and communicate better with practice but you still may not have “it” when it comes to commanding attention when speaking. Dusty had “it” (charisma).
      Very witty dude.


  2. Hi, Brosephus. Am glad you are finding a little time to blog. As to this topic: I don’t follow any sports so never heard of this fellow, but if you admire him, he must have been okay.


    • LOL!!! I grew up watching rassling, and it’s still something I look back on fondly. Watching Georgia Championship Wrestling on Saturday mornings was one of the greatest joys of my childhood.


  3. “Elvis is on the line……………. ”
    “Man of the hour, too sweet to be sour, jack……..”


    I saw the Dream several times in the late 70s and early 80s growing up in Columbus. They had rastlin pretty much every Wednesday night at the Columbus Municipal Auditorium. Along with Dusty I’ve seen Flair, Tony Atlas, Andre the Giant, Big Cat Ernie Lad, Mr Wrestling 1 and 2, Anderson Brothers, Super Star, Great Kabuki, Thunderbolt Patterson, Tully Blanchard, Bob Armstrong, Dicky Slater and others that I don’t recall their name at this time……………

    RIP American Dream


    • Whooo wee!! You threw out some names there. We didn’t have many of the main eventers come to Gadsden when I was growing up. We did, however, have them perform in our high school gym one year. They set the ring up during school hours, and 7th period was a mini Wrestlemania in the gym. They let a few of us in the ring to see what it felt like, and they take a beating in that ring.

      I’ve come across too many to name at the airport, but Rhodes and Diamond Dallas Page are probably two of the most memorable that I’ve encountered.

      Thanks for the video. I’ll be watching his interviews all weekend.


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