Three questions

If the Republicans thought Eric Holder was such an incompetent and complete failure as Attorney General, why did it take 5 months to replace him?

Loretta Lynch confirmed by Senate as attorney general

Washington Post

If a test administrator or teacher deserves harsh prison time for changing answers on tests in a racketeering case, what does a judge, court clerk, police chief, and others deserve for charging outrageous fees, suspending licenses, or even jailing people for simple traffic or other municipal infractions?

Jail Terms Handed To Most Atlanta Teachers Convicted In Cheating Scandal


Why in the hell is it headline news about what Bruce Jenner wants to do in his personal life, or the personal affairs of any other celebrity for that matter?  I would add “Who gives a f**k?” but then that would require me to change this to four questions…  😉

Diane Sawyer reveals little about upcoming interview with Bruce Jenner

NY Daily News



5 thoughts on “Three questions

  1. And traitor Petraius gets off with a fine. Had to google Bruce Jenner…. And it is about d—ed time to confirm Ms. Lynch (even tho she is pro death penalty – not a plus in my book).


    • I just read that about the sentence handed to Petraeus. Erasing answers on a standardized test gets prison time, but giving away classified intel doesn’t? Only in America.


  2. The Attorney General confirmation is just politics as usual and the same game that’s been getting played for the last 40 or so years. It goes back at least to G Harold Carswell and probably before that, but my memory gets fuzzy further back than that.

    I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for those in the APS cheating scandal. Evidently, there were a whole lot of people who didn’t go along with the cheating, which was all to keep the dog and pony show going and get bonuses. They managed to do what was right, so others don’t have much of an excuse. I’ve known many a person in my time who built time in state and federal prison and I’ve never seen a one get offered a deal AFTER a conviction. Anybody who didn’t have the judgement to see what was coming deserved what they got. (The sentences are going to be reduced on appeal, anyway, but that’s a different game.) Too bad for the kids in the system, who lost those years and can’t get them back. You can always take different trials and say this person got X and this person got Y, but as my uncle used to tell me, “There’s the caught and the uncaught, and when you’re caught you’re just caught. Build your time and don’t whine about it.”

    As to Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer, I couldn’t care less about either one of them.


    • I’m with you on the APS scandal with one caveat. Those who actually orchestrated it got away with little to no time behind bars while the foot soldiers are paying the price.

      Yeah, they had a chance to take that deal, but when they were convicted with some of the testimony coming from those who orchestrated the whole thing and copped a deal, that testimony has to be suspect in my view. Unless there’s other evidence that validates the testimony, I’m not one to put a whale of faith in testimony from someone who’s tattling to save their own ass. That’s just me though.


  3. Regarding the sentencing of the teacher in the cheating scandal saw the piece done by Jon Stewart. That judge needs to be impeached and thrown in a jail. What got me was the comparison of the WS crooks and the teachers.
    Erik Holder was a very AG. IMO he single handedly defused a big problem in Fergusion. After watching AG like Alberto Gonzales Holder looks like Einstein.


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