Bah humbug!!

I’m really beginning to hate springtime.  I miss being able to be outside without being miserable or full of drugs.  Nowadays, I can’t go outside without looking like I’m crying over a lost pet or my nose running like a child with a serious cold.

I played baseball, ran track, was in the band, and did all other kinds of outdoor sports and events with no problems growing up.  Now, as soon as winter moves out, my eyes turn as red as a traffic light until the summer gets here.  Please hurry up and get here summer.


8 thoughts on “Bah humbug!!

  1. It’s worse this year in Texas. Much worse. I take meds 24/7 yet had to get additional this year, plus a bottle of liquid antacid because of the burning in my chest. Have had the a/c fan running and had to change the filters way before I thought I’d have to.

    Just another reason I wasn’t born a hundred years ago, before drugs, fans or filters.


  2. Too funny! No worries, every year I have to buy the local honey in order to fight allergies. Is it working? I dunno; but I FEEL, so therefore I AM! 🙂


      • btw – family member, was about 19. Brought in by small-city (Texas) cops, interrogation room. Wanted him to admit to a drug charge. Had paperwork all filled out. He refused. Cop unholstered his gun, put the barrel up against family member’s head and said “sign it.”

        He signed it.

        Been a few years ago. Timewise, that is. Some of those attitude are still alive and well in these parts.


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