Questions about the Religious Freedom bill

Whew, after an impromptu vacation from blogging, seems like everything’s all about Indiana and their Religious Freedom law.  So, I may as well jump on the bandwagon as well.

The major criticism about this bill is that it would give people an out to discriminate against the LGBT community.  I think that there’s been quite a bit said about that, but I see other implications that people are not discussing that could be used to discriminate against people (although I seriously doubt that we’ll see such a thing as I will explain).

The “reasoning” behind the law is the claim that people shouldn’t have to be burdened in their expression of their religious beliefs.  Ergo, if my religion says same sex marriage is a sin, then I should not have to serve you in my business.  If you’re going to justify your actions in that manner, then you’re setting yourself up for being proven a fraud and/or openly displaying your intent to discriminate against a particular segment of society.

In using the moral assessment of sin being a reason to not serve people, how many of these businesses will deny service to the following people based upon their Christian beliefs as these are all listed as prohibited acts according to the Bible?  *Source: rationalwiki

If you want to own a restaurant and express your religious freedoms, then here’s a list of no-no’s…

And just for everyday GP….

Based on that list, there’s going to be a lot of going out of business signs going up in Indiana, that is, if the entire issue is truly about expressions of religion.  Given how Americans love their cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, and working seven days of the week, this push for this law is as based in religion as I am the King of Siam.  Do you think Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, or any other adulterer is going to be refused service by anyone there, even though all their transgressions are public news?  Will the state of Indiana shut down on the Sabbath as their religious freedom would allow them to?  Can Muslims handle their affairs under the auspices of Sharia without nary a peep from the anti-Islamists or Sharia fear mongers?  It’s perfectly legal for all those things to happen now.

If you haven’t been circumcised men, I’d not try to do business in Indiana anymore.  You can be refused service now.  Given how Gov. Pence avoided answering questions about being able to discriminate against people when interviewed on ABC this past Sunday, I’d say it’s open season on any and all sinners.




8 thoughts on “Questions about the Religious Freedom bill

  1. I watched the interview with Gov. Pence. PATHETIC! One possible good outcome: GA leg. seems to be stepping back from passing the same thing here.


  2. “You can be refused service now” — now, let’s not exaggerate. I’m sure that only a few dozen truly devout restauranteurs will expect you to show proof of circumcision.


  3. I enjoyed watching the interview. The more Pence tried not to answer whether this law would legalize discrimination, the clearer his answer became.

    Only one more day in this session for the Georgia legislature to make mischief, but it’s the day when a lot of mischief gets made. If they tack on abhorrent stuff to a benign bill at the last minute, there’s less time for anyone to do anything about it.

    We’ll just have to hope Volvo looks more important to them.


    • I missed the interview, but there was more than ample press on how miserable his performance was. GLAAD put out a photo of him signing the bill with a few ardent anti-LGBT people surrounding him. He wouldn’t even acknowledge who they were to the local press in Indianapolis.

      I pray daily for common sense to reign supreme here again. I refuse to accept defeat when it doesn’t appear, and I double down on the prayer.


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