On the subject of religion

This is Holy Week.  Palm Sunday has passed, and Easter is coming up.  Know what that means??  It’s time for the annual showing of the epic classic movie The Ten Commandments.  I will be in front of the TV on Sunday night at 7pm EST as I am every year.  It doesn’t matter that I have the movie on DVD.  There’s just something captivating about the performances of Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner that makes me not want to miss it.

Also, if you’re ever on vacation during Holy Week and happen to find yourself in Spain, you should check out the Holy Week processions known as Semana Santa.  Those who are from the Southern US might do a double take as they watch the procession as they will see something that conjures up imagery that just doesn’t mesh with Easter.

These robes have been worn during those processions going as far back as the Middle Ages.  I remember reading about this long ago when I was in high school.  I could never remember the name of the processions, but I happened to come across an article that talked about them.  If you had never heard of this before, it is quite interesting and you should read up on it.  Enjoy!!


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