The one that got away

From The Grio:

In the clip posted on Twitter, the handcuffed white suspects has been left completely unattended and decides to jump up and run away. Meanwhile, right next to him five police officers are surrounding and tasering the black suspect.

No one even pays attention to the white suspect for the most part, and he’s already across the street by the time we see just one of the cops finally going after him.

I’m not convinced it’s all about race in this one.  I think it’s more of a matter of sloppy police teamwork.  Take from it what you wish though.

You can’t take your eyes off perceived threats, even if they are handcuffed.  With five officers in close proximity, there’s no reason why that guy should have been able to abscond like that, even if he was eventually apprehended.





4 thoughts on “The one that got away

    • You’re right about that for the most part. As long as the leg irons don’t have too much slack in them, all you can do is shuffle like a penguin.

      If there’s a need to put someone in handcuffs, then there’s a need to never take your eyes completely off them. I’m sure these officers learned that lesson quite well in this instance.


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