And so the cleanup begins

Breaking news today that Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson is stepping down…

DEVELOPING: The chief of the Ferguson, Mo., police department, which was cleared in a racially-charged shooting but accused of years of racial profiling in a subsequent Justice Department probe, will resign, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation would come one day after the Ferguson City Council unanimously approved a resolution to part ways with City Manager John Shaw following the probe that alleged racial bias at the department and courts.

I can’t say that I’m surprised at all.  I still haven’t completed the Department of Justice’s report on Ferguson, but from what I’ve read thus far, I am honestly surprised that the DoJ didn’t just come in and shutter or clean out the entire department.

I haven’t seen anything that would support the notion that most, if not all, of the officers harbored any racist viewpoints, but there is more than enough evidence to show that there was a complete lack of training in constitutional law and/or policing.  It seems as though the decision makers were making up the rules as they went.

The court clerk and two supervisory officers were fired along with the resignation of the judge, the city manager, and now the police chief.  It’s a start to rehabilitating the police and court system there.  I wouldn’t suggest a blanket firing of officers, but based on the reporting, I do believe there is a serious need for use of force and constitutional law training.  Any officers who refuse or cannot adapt to operating within the confines of the Constitution should be relieved of duty.

I’ll still offer my opinion on the report once I finish reading it.


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