No s**t headline of the day

FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'Detectives suspected inside job in North Carolina gold heist - sketches released I abc11_com' - abc11_com_news_detectives-suspected-inside-job-in-gold-heist---sketches-released_543

Search warrants obtained by ABC11 show that detectives suspected an inside job in the robbery of $4.8 million worth of gold from a truck along I-95 Sunday.

It was originally reported that guards working for Transvalue Inc. of Miami said they pulled off to the side of the interstate about 6:30 p.m. after their vehicle began having mechanical problems.

However, the warrants made public Wednesday show a passenger in the truck said he was feeling sick and requested the truck pull over so he could vomit.

At a news conference Wednesday, Sheriff Calvin Woodard Jr. said the guards had just filled up the truck with fuel, and reported a strong gasoline smell that made them feel ill.

When the truck stopped, three men pulled up in a white van and robbed the guards of five 5-gallon buckets filled with 275 pounds of gold bars.

The warrants show detectives were suspicious because of the robbery immediately at the time of the unannounced stop, the fact that the truck was unmarked, and the suspects knew to go immediately to the trailer to get the unmarked buckets. — Courtesy of ABC11 Eyewitness News Raleigh, NC

I didn’t know that much about the story until I read it, and I had already surmised it was likely an inside job.  How many people would know and expect a truck to pull off on the side of the road and be equipped to rob it of over $4 million in gold?  That stuff doesn’t even happen in the movies without some inside knowledge.  With all the truck traffic going up and down I-95, who knows what’s inside those trucks?

I’m glad that I’m not a detective assigned to that case as I would have likely started off with the thought of it being an inside job.  There are many questions, obvious questions, which point primarily to at least one insider with knowledge to be able to pull this off.

  • Who rolls off with that much in gold and leaves eyewitnesses behind?
  • How does anyone know gold is being carried in an unmarked truck, 18-wheeler at that given the vast numbers of trucks on the road?
  • Who would know exactly what packages to go for to get the gold without prior knowledge?

If I were one of the employees, I’d be working with an attorney to get a deal with some kind of immunity to roll over on the rest of them.  Somebody’s going to tell all, and it’s going to be the first one that makes a deal or the first one with a deal they can’t refuse.

I’ll give them credit though as they’ve probably given someone a blockbuster movie in the making, or at least a good TV movie of the week.


6 thoughts on “No s**t headline of the day

  1. Reminds me of old movie that I haven’t seen in years, “Rancho Deluxe”. Slim Pickens plays Henry Beige, an old cattle rustler hired to track down modern day cattle thieves. At the end, after he’s caught them, Slim aka Beige gives us this immortal line, “I’m gonna give you a rule of thumb. You foller it and you just might hold on to this ranch of yours. All large-scale crime is an inside job. Takin’ fingerprints and sendin’ trash off to the lab just don’t get her done. If you’re dealin’ with people, you gotta be human.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken.


    • I’ll have to look for that one as I haven’t seen it yet. I thought I had seen every western there was growing up watching them with my granddad, but I guess we missed a few.

      Those are some wise words indeed.


  2. The “no sh*t” headline a couple of weeks aggo was the one about how finally, several weeks later, police were looking into the idea that what happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown might not have been an accident. Hello. Healthy young adults don’t drown in the bathtub without some kind of help. It’s like trying to kill yourself by holding your breath. You can’t do it. The help could have been chemical, in which case there’s the possibility that she or someone else didn’t mean to do it, or the help could have been mechanical, in which case it’s hard to see how someone could have accidentally held her under water. Either way, I would have thought the police would have been looking intto the help from the moment they arrived on the scene.

    I was relieved Boehner finally got enough Republicans to be adults to pass your funding. I’m surprised the airlines and other monied intersts let the problem loom as large as it did.


    • I scratched my head at that one myself. I didn’t want to delve into it out of respect that I have/had for her mom. Believe it or not, I actually met Whitney years ago, and we had a nice conversation with each other. She was really a beautiful woman inside and out.

      I was talking with one of her sisters about Richmond, VA, and we were chatting about the local hangouts. She was shocked that I knew Richmond that well, but I used to work for Circuit City, and we all partied after training was done. She asked if I minded if she called her sister over, and I was like, “cool”. I had no idea her sister was Whitney Houston though. That’s one of my life memories that I’ll cherish forever. I hope and pray that her daughter can surround herself with people who will help her get better instead of helping her self-destruct.


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