Thanks Geico… seriously

If there was ever a way to sum up my opinion of the American political landscape and mindset, Geico just hit a grand slam.

If you listen to the political yammering from the yapping nutsacks, that commercial deftly explains our penchant for hunting for a scapegoat instead of actually looking to see how/if we’re contributing to the problem ourselves.

Kansas has a budget deficit, it’s Obama’s fault for not creating jobs.  The budget shortfall has nothing to do with huge cuts to taxes, you know, the taxes that make up the funding of the budget in Kansas.  Likewise, the same thing plays out everywhere else.

Thank you Geico, for both the nonstop laughter in my house as well as shining a light on political discourse in America even though I don’t think the latter was your intent.


6 thoughts on “Thanks Geico… seriously

    • Most definitely. Look at who’s using the filibuster in the Senate now. Just a few months ago, the roles were reversed.

      They all do the same thing, which is why I understand voter apathy. I wish the apathy would turn to anger and get rid of them all though. That may end up making things worse though as the replacement could be even worse than the current.


      • Regarding the filibuster, I remember just a few short months ago you and I predicting what is happening now. The worm may turn but it’s still a worm. 😆


        • Sadly, there’s not a good way to get rid of anyone in Congress. All but a few seats have been gerrymandered to belong to one party or the other. The seat can only change hands within that party, and that seldom results in a better lawmaker. Usually it just means a more extremist lawmaker.

          Hope something can be worked out so your pay isn’t disrupted, Bro. I’ve been following the current antics with more concern for you than anything else. All politics is local.


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