She drives men wild, literally

Ford shot an ad using a blind date setup for their new Mustang.  Using a very attractive stunt driver, the reactions of the males in their “Speed Dating” commercial are priceless.

I already like the new 2015 Ford Mustang even though I’m a Chevy Impala guy.  This is just another reason why.


10 thoughts on “She drives men wild, literally

    • I’ll admit that I probably would have been a bit petrified at first myself. Once I realized that she was really handling things, I probably would have enjoyed the ride. You can see by the look on her face that she’s totally in control. The initial terror would block you from noticing that though.


  1. Back in the day I was one to terrorize the highways. Fact is though, there was only one or two people that I would ever ride with doing that. Didn’t care how fast as long as I was the one driving; didn’t trust anybody else enough to be the passenger, though.


    • The only time I’ve done driving like this is when I taught myself how to drive on snow and ice. I got out in an empty parking lot like that and learned to turn into slides and try to regain control of the car. I haven’t owned anything with enough horses to shred tires though. I purposefully try to avoid getting behind the wheels of something that may inspire me to do that.


  2. I am a dually kind of guy. Heavy but can haul heavy stuff. For speed and slickness I prefer a F-22. I can just dream of sitting in one but not flying (afraid of height.)


    • I understand the flying issue. I had a bit of help in getting over that, although I still prefer to drive instead of fly whenever it’s possible. I’m kind of a control freak about travel, and not being in control or know what’s going on up front of the airplane bothers me more than the heights or anything else.

      If I could hitch a ride in anything, I’d love to ride shotgun in a SR-71. I’ve talked with air traffic controllers, and it’s always interesting to hear them talk about seeing one come across their scopes. The entire ordeal lasts seconds, and there’s no mistaking what they’re looking at when it hits their screen.


  3. The only sexier than a woman driving a fast car, I a woman riding her own motorcycle.

    As for speed, check this out. One of my favorite cars.


  4. Somehow, I don’t think any of them would have scored a second date with her.

    Never, ever judge a book by its cover, no matter how much ‘little old me?” is used.


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