Karma bites hard

I strongly believe in the right to free speech and having the ability to exercise that right.  As with anything else, with great power comes great responsibility.  When used for good, the right to free speech can uplift the downtrodden or energize those who are down and out.  When you use it to antagonize others, then karma has a way of doing a 180 on you and biting you on the ass.

Exercising the right to free speech does not exempt you from having to face the repercussions of that exercise, as Holly Fisher has found out.  If you don’t remember who she is, she is the Tea Party conservative that “made liberal heads explode” by posting photos on Twitter.

She then followed that photo up with another one that showed her holding a gun and Bible that led to comparisons of her to an Islamic terrorist.  The conservatives quickly rallied around her and lashed out over the comparison, and she was well on her way into making headway into the conservative movement in America.

Now, the antagonist has become the antagonized.  Recent revelations of infidelity has put her personal life into the public arena, and even some conservatives are speaking out against her actions.  Not to mention that those whose heads she made explode are wreaking havoc of their own, some of which can be seen following the hashtag #istandwithholly.

I kinda feel bad for her and her family as her personal affairs have become public fodder for ridicule.  At the same time, I don’t feel bad as I think she brought this on herself.  When you jump out to antagonize people or cause some kind of uproar, you invite all kinds of bad things to come back on you.  I wholeheartedly believe that, and had she not decided to make liberal heads explode, she would likely not have been such a public place where her infidelity would become a running internet joke.

It’s fun when you’re the protagonist.  You get to have all the fun of making fun at others.  When the tables turn, however, you get to feel the emotional pain as people kick you when your down at your lowest.  I hope that she truly grows from this experience.  I don’t follow her on Twitter, and I just happened to come across the story and saw some of the Twitter responses.

Lost in all the ridicule is that there are little children involved, and there is no deleting the internet.  Somewhere down the road, her children will probably be able to read everything from start to finish.  That’s one of many reasons why I limit my social media presence on the Internet.  I know that parents can be embarrassing by themselves to kids.  I don’t need to add any additional fuel to that impending fire.


6 thoughts on “Karma bites hard

    • I only remember her because of the people comparing her photo to that of the terrorist woman. I think that woman is known as the “White Widow” or something to that effect. The resemblance between the two photos were striking, and I was more awestruck than amused when they were placed side-by-side.


  1. Most of the time people with low self esteem are very arrogant. They cannot see past their nose. I taught my kid when was little that what goes around usually comes around. I taught him to be humble and respect other no matter how stupid the other party is. This way he will make a friend and not an enemy. He is a senior in HS and is glad I drilled that into him.


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