I don’t like this change

I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to my WordPress dashboard while I wasn’t posting.  I know they keep changing things, in the line of making them better.  However, I liked being able to use add-ons to help me find like articles as well as point readers to different takes on what I’ve written.

For some reason, I’ve lost the ability to do so with the app that I was using.  Somehow, the app has disappeared.  WordPress dropped Zemanta long ago.  I then added it to my Firefox browser.  Now, it’s no longer working through Firefox.

I’ll get back to posting soon as family and work requirements took away my posting time.  At the same time, I’ve got to figure what was undone so that I can re-do it again.  I really hate technology at times!!


4 thoughts on “I don’t like this change

  1. I have a dumb phone so all the app stuff is over my head. Just a tip to pass along though, I normally use Google Chrome for a browser. It works pretty well for me but a while back, I loaded Opera as a back up browser. Haven’t used it a lot but it seems to do okay whenever Chrome is acting up.

    I think it’s in the website by-laws that anytime something is working, they have to screw it up. Over on the baseball blogs, they’ve change formats several times over the years, each time getting progressively worse. The new format is so bad that most of us have kept alive a thread from 6 months ago because it’s still on the old format. IT folks never can seem to leave well enough alone.


    • This thing is so out of whack. Every time I try to do something, it looks completely different.

      Now, I know that I’m not an “old dog”, but I’m tired of having to learn new tricks to get the same old response. I haven’t tried Google Chrome yet, but I may have to give it a spin.


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