8 thoughts on “I’m a 42 percenter

  1. I thought I was one of the last people to join FB when I succumbed back in 2010. I’m a pretty spotty participant, and find myself posting there less and less these days. It’s mainly to maintain some semblance of contact with far-flung pals from way-back, and family.
    As for the percentages, I do wonder how many of that 42% are simply off FB now because it’s well past its cool new thing phase, and use other popular platforms instead.


  2. I didn’t have any online presence until fairly recently. I worked for a very political, very conservative company. I’m very political but very liberal. I was afraid that if I blogged or used Facebook, it would be only a matter of time before my employers discovered how much my views clashed with theirs. A couple of years ago I began contributing to the discussions on Jay’s blog because I could be pretty confident my voice wouldn’t rise above the din there. Last year, knowing I planned to retire before long, I finally went on Facebook.

    I’ve enjoyed Facebook and I’m glad I no longer have anything to lose by being there. But for someone like you, Bro, who needs to be mindful of security, it’s not worth the risk. You’ve made the right decision. You wouldn’t get nearly enough fun out of cartoons and quizzes and the occasional photos of extended family to outweigh the danger to yourself and your wife and kids.


  3. I look at the glass being half full.

    Not too long in the past we minorities were the majority where minority were in the social media.

    Like colored folks (combine black & brown) are a minority now but to distant future they will majority in America. Nothing is permanent.


    • That’s true. I can honestly say that this is one minority that I have no qualms about belonging to. I know how some people use Facebook, and it benefits them well. In my case, I could potentially put a lot of people into harm’s way unnecessarily. It’s more of a liability for me.


      • Agree. I like to keep my life simple and leave out the drama. On the other hand my better half like to complicate her life with the social media. Hahaha.


  4. As most of you probably already suspect, I too am a proud member of this 42%. There’s too damn many people that know how to find me already.

    I’m sort of like the old Groucho line, “I don’t want to belong to any group that would have me as a member”. I never have been much of a “joiner” and pretty much all I want out of life is to be left alone.


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