114th Congress is in session

Yesterday, the 114th Congress was sworn in, and what seems to be the impending battle of GOP vs Obama is already starting to play out.

First up, it looks like we’ll have to do the whole Keystone XL pipeline thing.  Honestly, I don’t see the impending need for the pipeline at the moment.  Crude oil prices are dropping, rail and truck shipments have handled the movement of the oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast refineries, and the bottom leg of the pipeline has opened, relieving the bottleneck of crude oil in Cushing, OK.

Then, as part of the new rules passed, the Republicans added language to reauthorize the Select Committee on Benghazi.  I think this is committee number 9 or so to investigate this one incident.  I’m not completely naive to investigations, and I like the idea of thoroughly investigating security issues to see what went wrong to ensure we don’t make the same mistake twice.  However, when you get to the 7th, 8th, or 9th investigation of a single incident, it ceases to look like a hunt for the truth and takes on the appearance of a witch hunt.  Furthermore, the GOP erodes their own credibility in my viewpoint because they appear to not believe, agree, or accept their own previous investigative results.  If you don’t believe your own investigation, why continue after several attempts that came to the same results?

We also have the Democrats now playing complete minority party.  It will be interesting to see how things go in the Senate where they just lost their majority status.  Will they become the party of NO?  Or, will they simply sit back and let Obama veto everything that Republicans try to undo?

No matter what, I don’t see this Congress making any improvements over the previous one.  If that one was called the “Do Nothing Congress”, I don’t know what we have in store for us.  My only solace is knowing that America has survived this long, going through so many different disasters.  Two more years can’t destroy us if the previous ones didn’t.


8 thoughts on “114th Congress is in session

  1. Nothing to get excited about, in my opinion; just another pendulum swing. The one thing you can count on is that anytime a party wins an election, they’ll view at as some sort of profound mandate, overreach, and send the pendulum back the other way. It gets downright comical to me that people on either side, take it so seriously. 😉


      • I think things are going to continue to speed up, i.e., the pendulum swings are going to come more often and swing harder. I think most people are completely sick of the whole process (and both parties) and will continue to vent their anger on whomever is in at the time they get to vote.

        I think the 2016 Presidential race will go exactly like they all do; 1/3 will vote Democratic no matter what, 1/3 will vote Republican no matter what, and the remaining 1/3 will vote for whomever has the most charisma. That’s pretty much how every Presidential election in my lifetime has gone and probably holds true back in to the late 1800’s. The more party machines lost their grip on things (which I think was a great thing), the more charisma played into it (which isn’t always a good thing). It is what it is.


        • Yeah, I see 2016 going the same way. I only wish they’d wait until 2015 got started pretty good before they launched 2016 campaigns. I’m gonna be tired of hearing about these people before spring this year.


  2. Ummm…. Brosephus… that’s the Select Committee to Keep Hillary from Becoming President.

    I’ll be watching the next week or to to see what the extremists in the House do after they had their laughable ‘oust Boehner” moment. I can’t see them getting on board with the moderates who want to get things done. It’ll be interesting to see how Boehner handles them and whether or not the extremist monied interests keep the conflict going. If they can’t get their act together to advance legislation – more than a couple of things initially, then a bog-down, it really won’t bode well for them for 2016.


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