Stuart Scott, you will be missed by many

This is the speech from the 2014 ESPY’s where Stuart Scott accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.  I can think of no better tribute to post to the guy who made “boo yah” and “cool as the other side of the pillow” part of our daily dialect.

Rest in peace, brother.  You no longer have to feel any pain or suffering.


4 thoughts on “Stuart Scott, you will be missed by many

    • No problem. Based on what’s been said about him from his colleagues, I don’t really think anyone could do any tribute of him that would reflect his effect on others. That speech is one that I will always remember.


  1. I haven’t watched ESPN in years. They brought us the “smart ass” sportscaster. To his credit, Scott always stayed above that and did the job with class. If they’d had more like him, they’d have been a lot better off.

    I also liked his line about fighting, “if you get tired, lay down and let somebody else fight for you” is how I believe he said it. Wise advice and coming from a man who’d been there, it was more than just words.


    • He was one of the few that I actually enjoyed watching as he was just as informative as he was funny. He seemed to genuinely love what he did for a living, and that shows in the quality of work he did.

      That is one of my favorite lines as well. I couldn’t really pick out one specific part that I would say was the best as I think the entire address is worth listening to repeatedly. It’s not often that you can get wisdom without all the political mumbo jumbo nowadays.


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