The “sweetest” Christmas gift given this year


William “Skip” Garrett III knew the perfect gift to make his father’s Christmas dreams come true. What he might not have been ready for was the outpouring of emotion that was to follow.

Garrett, a Huntsville native who now lives in Los Angeles, California, shares a “die-hard” love of Alabama football with his father, William D. Garrett Jr. He came to his father’s Madison home for Christmas to give him the very thing any Crimson Tide fan would love. His father’s response was so powerful, he decided to share it with the world.

The video below shows Williams Garrett’s surprise when he opens his gift to find Sugar Bowl 2015 tickets. Shock quickly turns into tears of joy as he is overcome with emotion. Now the lifelong fan will get to see the Tide take on the Ohio State Buckeyes with his son in person.

What better gift is there to give an Alabama alumnus/fan this year other than tickets to the 2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl?  Seeing the father’s reaction brought a tear to my eye.

Garrett’s trip with his father will come 22 years to the day that they watched their first Alabama game together.  That game was the 1993 Sugar Bowl when Alabama beat the University of Miami for the national championship that year under Gene Stallings.

I remember watching that game, as well as they hype before the game.  Alabama had just won the first SEC Championship Game at Legion Field that year.  Miami was supposed to be so loaded with speed players that Bama wasn’t going to have a chance to match up with them.  Well, not only did Bama match up with them, we took them to the woodshed.

If there’s two names that ring synonymous with that particular game, it’s George Teague and Lamar Thomas.  Together, they gave us the play that’s known as “The Strip”.  Ask any Alabama fan old enough to remember that game, and they can tell you exactly what “The Strip” is as well as who pulled it off.  The play was nullified by a penalty against Alabama, but if you ask any diehard fan, that is one of the greatest plays in Alabama football history.

Here’s to hoping that the two of you get to witness something this awesome in person on Thursday.  Enjoy your trip, enjoy the game, and hopefully all will end with a win for Bama.  ROLL TIDE!!!



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