Am I racist


On one of the blogs where I participate in conversation, I had an exchange with another blog regular last night.  Normally, I wouldn’t mention things from other areas, but I really want to know if I appear racist to anyone who reads my blog?

I’m serious in asking this question because I don’t know how others perceive my words or statements without someone telling me.  I don’t harbor any ill feelings towards any groups no matter what their makeup consists of.  As a Black American, I can honestly say that I harbor no ill feelings or thoughts towards KKK members, and that’s after being verbally threatened by people when I was much, much younger.

Here’s the dialogue that transpired, and I want your honest opinion.  Do I appear racist in my response to the statement addressed at me?

Brosephus:  First, it was the immigration declaration.  Then, there is the Cuba announcement today.  Now this…

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is cutting short prison time for eight drug convicts under a new policy designed to reduce harsh sentences under outdated guidelines.

The eight commutations are the first under a new administration policy designed to reduce the nation’s bulging prison population and grant leniency to nonviolent drug offenders sentenced to double-digit terms.

The president also is pardoning 12 other convicts for a variety of offenses.

Administration officials say they expect Obama to grant more clemency petitions in his final two years in office under the changed policy. The changes aren’t limited to drug offenders, but they are the main target.”

Seems like he’s said Eff it since there’s no more elections.  Balls to the walls…  There’s going to be a lot of screeching and caterwauling over the next two years.

Respondent:  And so his presidential legacy spirals down the toilet for historians to record. Sad for Black America but then he was only half Black. There’s far better full blooded Black people out there.

(B)“Sad for Black America but then he was only half Black.”

And what exactly is that supposed to mean?  All Blacks are judged by the actions of one person?  Seriously??

I’ll believe that just as soon as I hear you suggest that Charles Manson is sad for White America.

Obama’s true legacy won’t be known until we’re all worm feed.  Anything else is pure speculation, but thanks for the laugh.  I’ll give you credit for being consistent with the doom and gloom report.

[R]:  Man you sure are into distortions…How did your first paragraph and next sentence in anyway relate to what I posted? I’ll give you a C- minus grade in propaganda as I’ve been through escape and evasion school circa 1965 Pickle Meadow at Bridgeport CA.

(B):  I was asking a question for clarification on your part.  You appear to be trying to lay guilt on Black America for your perceived opinion of one Black man.  If that’s not what you were trying to convey, then forgive me.  However that’s exactly what your words read like….

“And so his presidential legacy spirals down the toilet for historians to record. Sad for Black America but then he was only half Black.”

How is that supposed to be interpreted then, if I distorted it?

[R]:  And so his presidential legacy spirals down the toilet for historians to record. Sad for Black America but then he was only half Black. There’s far better full blooded Black people out there. And so you must not have read my full post. Capish?

(B):  I read your full post.  I’m trying to figure out how his presidential legacy has anything to do with Black America.  He’s not the president of Black America any more than Bush, Clinton, Reagan, or any previous president was the president for White America.

No, I don’t capich why you’re trying to tie his presidential term to Black America.

[R]:  I didn’t try to to tie his presidential term to Black America. If you didn’t read my entire post and still make your stand than you can stand there because I have no further patience with you. I’m beginning to believe that you’re a racist and that’s troubling when you’re depicting yourself as a federal law enforcement officer.

(B):  Believe what you want to believe.  You’re going to do that anyway, and you’ve more than proven that several times.  I asked a question for clarification.  I even said to forgive me if that was not what you were trying to convey.  Obviously, that part of my post blew straight over your head.

The way you phrased your post made it sound as though Black America should be sad because you think Obama is a failure.  You’ve never explained why Black America should be sad for your perceived failure of Obama.

It doesn’t matter whether he’s half Black or there’s far better “full blooded Black people” (your exact words) out there.  THAT sounds like some racist type thinking, but keep on projecting.

Have a good evening, and I’ll be sure to work extra hard to protect America, you included.

Now, I’ve tried to keep my employment away from what I write here, and that’s for good reason.  In my line of work, I’m never off the clock.  Anything I say or do reflects upon my character and judgement 24/7/365, and that can have grave implications to my employment.

I try to avoid getting into heated debates online strictly to avoid ever saying anything that could be misinterpreted or misconstrued as something that I didn’t intend to say or suggest.  My career is that important to me that I try to protect my image and project a good image no matter what situation I’m involved with.

After reading that, could you come to the conclusion that I’m racist or appear to be racist?  Is there anything that I said that could show me to be harboring hatred towards anyone?  Let me know your honest opinion.  I seriously want to know.


14 thoughts on “Am I racist

  1. A few thoughts:
    1. It’s spelled “capiche”.
    2. This man who is “troubled” that you might be racist, has gone on record as saying that liberals are “vermin” who “need to be exterminated.” When asked about it, he’s refused to apologize or walk back any of his words. Thus I don’t believe he’d be a terribly sound judge of other folks’ online rhetoric, and certainly isn’t in a position to complain about what you’ve said even if it were harshly bigoted.
    3. Nothing you posted about Obama was remotely insensitive, and anyone who thinks it was ought to seek medical help.


    • Thanks for your honest opinion. I didn’t think that I crossed any line, but I have to worry about how things may appear to others.

      I recall that post, and the minimum respect I had for that person dissolved into thin air.


  2. It ain’t you, Brosephus. That guy’s got a serious, serious perception problem. Frankly, I doubt he could tell his ass from a hole in the ground.


  3. I don’t know who that other poster is – must have missed your exchange with it. That said, no, dear Brosephus, you are NOT a racist! And the other poster, whoever it be, …. Well, I’ll just leave it at that.


  4. You know it has become fashionable in conservative circles to accuse anyone who doesn’t spout their party line on any matter involving race of being racist or “raciest.” It goes right along with “liberal fascism.” They figure once they’ve said it, they can cease logical argument and chalk up another point on their scoreboard. It’s their way of disengaging, declaring victory, and going home.


    • I’ve seen that across the board on the different sites I frequent. If I were to harbor any racist views, I would have to be angry at my own flesh and blood. My family tree has several branches with mixed families, and I love them all.

      I’ve had people of different races as house guests for multiple day stays. I hang out with a diverse group of people as well.

      I know the person that I was talking with wouldn’t be the best judge of someone being racist. Still, I wanted outside opinion on whether anything I said could be misconstrued as racist or even bigoted.


      • Yeah, the other day on Jay’s, I asked LBB a question about Hispanics, and he immediately shot back that I must be a racist.

        My Hispanic wife was amused to hear about that.


  5. You already knew but that just reinforces why that place and most of the others (from either slant) are just a waste of time. Everybody either wants to play gotcha, demean anybody who disagrees with them, or play Billy Badass while remaining anonymous. One side is as guilty as the other and there’s not one in 100 people worth even reading their comments.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t give a second thought to what that guy (I don’t even know who he is, as I long since quit going to those places) or anybody else thought about me.

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    • I can’t and won’t argue with your analysis. I don’t give a care as to what that person thinks of me. I’m more concerned as to whether I’m giving off some kind of vibe that I don’t see.

      I try to ensure that things I say can’t be twisted to mean something harmful. I try to not say anything online that I wouldn’t say in front of my mother or my employer.

      Thanks for your analysis. It’s appreciated as much as the input from everyone else.


  6. I’m not sure any of us knows anymore as the term is tossed around so much, generally in anger, as to distort the meaning. Having known you a bit from interchanges at another site, while I find you quick to get defensive when the issue surfaces, I don’t think you are a racist. I have a very difficult time always being honest with myself and have to call myself out at times. You suggesting you harbor no ill will toward the KKK may fall into that category, may not.

    I enjoy engaging in conversations many refuse to have. Namely challenging blacks on the whole notion that any war exists on black men, that family life matters, and that the incidents in St Louis, Staten Island and others have nothing to do with racism. As such, I accept the fact that many will simply label me as such. I enjoy such conversations not as an attack but a challenge and I usually learn more times than not, more than with other topics.

    What happens on line is one thing. How we treat people in the real world is another. The term racist is no longer just an individual, it is a bucket to toss any who challenge minorities on sensitive issues.

    Just my opinion. I could be wrong. As Lincoln said, I’m sorry about the length of this as I had not the time to shorten it…haha


    • So, is being defensive a bad thing? In a debate, should I not defend my point of view?

      I had someone else say that I sound angry, and I chalk that up to the perception of that individual. Contrary to what people may assume, I’m usually laughing when I’m going back and forth with people. If I know that I can get them rankled, I will sometimes say things intentionally to get the desired effect.

      I appreciate the candor and honesty because I had not given serious thought as to how others perceived what I say until that exchange.

      I’ll disagree with you on the issue of Black interactions with police and others. I think prejudice and perception plays more into things than people want to say. It’s not racism per se, but preconceptions play a primary role in how these incidents play out.

      That’s a different discussion for a different topic though.


  7. No, you do not come across as racist.

    That respondent should clarify what he is trying to say, even if he thinks you’re stupid or bigoted in your reaction. (I don’t think you are.) I could try to guess what he is trying to say, but it would be better if he would just clarify.

    Hatred does not have to be present for someone or something to be racist. Racism is thinking of someone or treating them as a member of a racial collective rather than as an individual.


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