Senate CIA torture report released

The Senate released a declassified report on their investigation into the enhanced interrogations done by the CIA.

I haven’t read the report, don’t intend to read the report, and I don’t have much interest in what’s contained within that report.  Why?

I have no desire to read about what we’ve done to others.  Remember, some people have claimed that we were right to remove Saddam Hussein from power because he tortured people.  We’re supposed to be better than this as a country, and it really sucks when people with very well-known human rights issues can call you out for such stuff.

I think I could have gone through my entire life without ever hearing of rectal feeding or any of the other stuff that’s been talked about on TV.  I shake my head at those who defend this stuff being done in the name of America as well.  We’re quick to point a finger at the “barbaric” treatment of others, but those same people who decry the acts of others appear to be defending the same done by their folks.  If it’s wrong when someone else does it, then it’s wrong when we do it as well.

I don’t hang my head in shame over this because I don’t have anything to be ashamed of.  I’m glad that someone finally has the cojones to come clean, that’s if everything has been aired, about what we did to others.  We can’t claim to be defenders of freedom while we do dirt in the dark.  As the old saying goes, things done in darkness will be brought to light at some point.

I wouldn’t doubt that this stuff goes on and has been going on much longer than what’s being said now.  As for Americans being targeted by terrorists by the release of this report, I don’t buy that line of thought.  If we were targeted last week for being America, we’re targeted this week for being America.  That report won’t change a thing for those already determined to attack.


6 thoughts on “Senate CIA torture report released

  1. Well said.
    I think this bs was going on before 9/11 and probably still does to some degree or another. 9/11 and the ensuing wars in Afganistan and Iraq just put a spotlight on theses tactics. It not only put a spotlight on the tactics themselves but also a spotlight on how much our government will contort and play semantic and legal games to do things that are “legal”.
    I’d bet the report that was made public doesn’t tell the whole story but it tells more than enough to say that the US (our government & country) does not always walk the talk we talk,

    We can do better and should be demanding better.


    • I believe the same. We’ve funded and propped up dictators, and I wouldn’t discount the notion that those dictators had duties to uphold as a token of appreciation for the support.

      I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth about what our government does, and I think it’s probably best that the public doesn’t know. If they’ve done this to others, what’s going to stop them from doing it to us? I’m not going all Alex Jones, but I think it’s something to consider.

      If a person can purposefully harm someone else without just cause, that makes me wonder about their psyche.


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