WWB – Walking While Black?

When I first read this story, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the video posted to Facebook by Brandon B. Waxx McKean shows that you can now get stopped for Walking While Black.  Although, he was really stopped because he was walking with his hands in his pocket.

From Raw Story:

In the video the officer can be seen radioing in, asking dispatch to close out a contact file, before explaining to McKean that he was stopped because he was “making people nervous.”

“Well, you were making people nervous,” the officer explained as he took out his own cellphone and began filming the encounter.

“By walking by?” McKean asked.

“Yeah they said you had your hands in your pockets,” the officer replied.

“Wow,” McKean said. “Walking by, having your hands in your pockets makes people nervous and call the police when it’s snowing outside?” to which the officer admits, “It is.”

Asked by the officer, “What are you up to today?” McKean replied, “Walking, with my hands in my pockets. Walking.”

“Is it an inconvenience talking to me right now?” the officer asked.

“Hell yes. Just because of the whole police situation going on across the country,” an animated McKean replied. “This is outrageous that you would let somebody tell you ‘Oh, there’s somebody walking down the street with their hands in their pockets.’ There’s ten thousand people in Pontiac right now with their hands in their pockets, so how many —”

Now, I can understand people being nervous about strange people walking through their neighborhood and all.  If I see someone walking through my neighborhood that I don’t recognize, I’ll even take a second look at them.  I’m not going to call the police though, just because they have their hands in their pockets.

Geez, it’s cold as hell in Pontiac, Michigan this time of year.  As Brandon states, there’s probably thousands of people walking around with their hands in their pockets.

This crap has to stop.  If we’re the exceptional nation of freedom, you couldn’t get me to believe it.  People are acting like a bunch of scared little kids.  All Black people are not criminals.  All cops are not out to get you.  I swear we need a national dose of Prozac right about now.

I can honestly say that I have seen it all.  If not for the video and the officer’s admission, I would have never believed someone could have the cops called on them and stopped simply for having their hands in their pockets.  Way to go America…


6 thoughts on “WWB – Walking While Black?

  1. We’re not an exceptional nation. The people who claim that are spouting pure foolishness. Just like any individual person, we’re good at some things, bad at others.

    Lately we’ve proved conclusively that we’re not all that good when it comes to human rights or the rule of law, while we’re absolutely fabulous at gun violence.


  2. I think the one thing we need more than anything is body cams on all law enforcement, or at least as many as feasible. If that were done, I think it would ratchet down some of the tension, with everybody knowing everything is on film. I think it would especially help law enforcement. They’d know if they act unprofessionally there’s a record and if they are in the right, they know that’s on record, too.

    I actually think both parties handled this pretty well. I understand the guy being pissed, I would have too, if I were in his shoes. The officer had a call, and so he had to check it out. I do think he should be commended for not copping an attitude and escalating the situation. We all know that happens, regardless of who the person is being questioned. (Again, I think the body cams would curtail that). Both of these guys showed levelheadedness, which seems to be rare these days.

    In this particular instance, I think the real culprit is the neighborhood busy body. If people could only mind their own business. It’s fine to call if you need to but be sure you have a reason before you do.


    • Excellent summation. We were talking about this at work, and I think the officer basically did what he had to.

      They get calls where they know it’s not a real issue, but they have to respond anyway.

      There was a White House petition for requiring body cameras not too long ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become standard issue equipment in the future.


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