Pure, unbridled hatred

It’s that time of year for friendships and family relationships to be tossed out the window.  It’s Iron Bowl time.

The state of Alabama has shut down for the evening.  There are brothers sitting beside each other ready to razz each other at the first possible moment.  Somewhere, a mother has temporarily disowned her child.  Even Joe Willie Namath has groomed the fur coat just a bit to give it a shine.

Enjoy the evening.  I’ve got my snacks ready to go, and I’m waiting for the kickoff.

Roll Tide Roll!!!


4 thoughts on “Pure, unbridled hatred

  1. I had an uncle who was from Foley, Alabama. Never graduated from high school but that didn’t stop him from being a die hard Tide fan. My aunt (who was from here) loved Shug Jordan and the War Eagles. They’ve both gone on to their reward but to this day, I’m still convinced she loved Auburn just because she knew it chapped his ass. 😆


    • LOL!!!! I think that’s why half the family splits occur. I had a cousin who recently played at Auburn. I have a replica of his first pro team jersey, but there’s no way an Auburn jersey will be allowed inside my house. There’s just some bridges I refuse to cross. 🙂


  2. Great game. Bama was lights out in the second half.
    Bama is certainly good enough to win it all but in my opinion the SEC is down or it could be that other conferences (at least several teams) are catching up. I think to a certain degree the hype about the SEC west (I myself bought into for a few weeks) was just that hype. Except Bama I don’t see any of those teams just running all over the Pac 12, Big 10 or Big 12. They would be more than competitive but I don’t see them just dominating. No doubt it is better top to bottom than the weak SEC east but that goes to my point that I think the SEC is down overall.

    Will be interesting to see how the SEC overall does in the bowl games. I wish the Pac 12 (which I think is the best overall conference this year even if they may not have the best team) would be matched up against some SEC teams but I doubt it.


    • Bama didn’t look like themselves in the first half, even though the redzone defense was lights out.

      They can’t afford to play like that anymore though. They’re going to have a target on their back from now until January.

      I think the SEC was hurting from the talent drained by the NFL. It’s going to happen again when you have juniors declaring early for the draft. It’s just the nature of the game. Can’t fault the guys for shooting for the money.


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